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Drummer Nutters

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drumming audtions,new friends and neighbours revelation of feelings and meeting the perants

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Chapter 4
Drummer Nutters

Dear diary, It’s now 2:31pm and I’m waiting to be called in for my audition then when I heard “next” then someone whispering to the person who had just said next “it’s sashia reaper, Gerard” I thought to myself as I got ready to walk in thinking about I was gonna play “Crap, Gerard’s in there!” as I walked in and sat at the stool with my black drumsticks in hand Gerard and Frankie looked up surprised I kept my promise to try out for their band a vampire with a afro came over and handed me a sheet of options of rhythms they wanted their drummer to be able to play luckily one of them stood out to me because it was the one I was really good at “samba” I said letting them know what I was going to play then did about sixteen rounds of samba putting my own flare on each round which had them looking at me with their chins resting on the floor I didn’t think I was that good then gerard held his hand up and said “thanks for coming sashia there will be a notice on the board tomorrow at the earliest” I stood up and walked over to them and shook their hands then walked out hearing whispers about how they thought no one would be able to top me, the girl who had gone in before me was waiting for someone I walked over to talk to her “hey” she looked around then spoke “oh, your talking to me, hi” “yeah, sorry I don’t know your name I’ve only been here one day this is my second day here” she laughed “it’s ok my name is sultra, but my friends call me sully, my father is Satan you know the devil, what’s your name” she laughed again at the mention of her father “cool my name is sashia, my friends, well Alice calls me sash my father is the grim reaper you know death” she laughed when she realised we both came from hellzia in the smallest part of darthmore “so who you waiting for sultra” she smiled “please call me sully I think we are gonna be great friends especially since we both know Alice and I’m waiting for robin my boyfriend he went in two minutes ago he’s pretty good he’s a devil child too but from hellria on the other side of town” I laughed at the fact that Alice probably made up her nickname as well “I’m guessing Alice was the first person to call you sully then” she grinned “actually, no my boyfriend was and then Alice” then the door opened revealing a short boy with black horns possibly dyed sticking out of his dyed black hair “speak of the devil child and he shall appear” sully then giggled as she walked over to him then robin knocked sully’s hat off revealing her red horns I told her I was gonna meet her after school to talk more, when we did meet up after school we found out we lived on the same street in hellzia we watched as robin got on the bus home, me and robin had a lot in common besides drumming because all three of us had that in common and all of us liked the same music as well which I found great on the walk home sully and I noticed a red haired slender vampire sitting on a wall looking as if they were gonna cry when we got closer we noticed it was Gerard we walked over to him he must of heard us coming because he got up and started walking so we just carried on walking and we walked right past him without talking to him then whilst walking home we realised that we had someone following then all of a sudden his voice perked up “hey, sashia, sultra wait for me please I’m sorry I was rude back there please wait just hear me out please” we then suddenly stopped and he ended up colliding with us we stopped that suddenly and all three of us ended on the floor he better have not wrecked my new jeggings “sorry, I didn’t mean to be that mean I thought you were frank and mikey, sorry” I was getting annoyed sully put a hand on my shoulder to calm me down remembering what happened to me in biology I spoke through my teeth spitting acid in between each word “you thought we were boys I’m wearing a bloody skirt and she is wearing a hat frank doesn’t wear a skirt or hat and neither does mikey do they” I couldn’t calm down by the way Gerard looked at me my eye’s must have turned black already “see I’ve done it again I told vlad I could never win you over or be your friend at least, and now I realise even if it did take forever I would just spend forever upsetting you and getting you so angry you could actually one day end up killing me I’m so sorry I’ll leave you alone now” in his speech I heard sincerity that made me calm down enough to realise the feelings from the very first time I saw him when he was crossing the biology lab to talk to me politely and I had snapped after finding out his old nickname as he was about to walk away I took sully’s hand off my shoulder nodding at her letting her know I was in control of myself “Gerard wait,” he stopped and turned around to look at me with anticipation on his face of what my face would look like now and wonder if I’d calmed down “yes” I sighed “I accept your apology and by the way why are you still walking in the direction we were, where exactly do you live” he chuckled and said “I live on roach oak avenue in hellzia ever heard of it, sashia” I looked at him wide eyed “what the hell, how in hell do you know where I live have you been spying on me” he looked shocked “no, of course not, wait YOU live on roach oak avenue, what number?” I was gob smacked so he wasn’t spying on me he genuinely lived on my street oh this was just too good to be true it wasn’t me who answered it was sully because she lived on my street as well “well, I live at 666 sashia’s house has a number but she said it has a plaque with the name of the house her dad came up with” she nudged me I wondered why until I realised that she probably couldn’t remember what was written “oh, it’s the palace of the acid tongued reapers the plaque has gone everywhere with us but the number is 657 I’m eleven doors up from sully” then he blushed which I realised was just a trick of the light because vampires can’t blush, could they “erm, sashia,” I was getting so used to being called sash by Alice and my dad that my full first name was starting to annoy me “please call me sash it started to grow on me and sashia is a tiny bit of a mouthful to say all the time, I bet” I just giggled at my own stupidity then he carried on after apologizing again “sash, do u wanna know my house number because I’m a little shell shocked myself at the moment and if you know it you might realise why,” I just nodded intrigued “it’s 656 you’ve lived next door to me the whole time and I thought it was your dad that came round last night to say hello to my folks,” just then I remembered going round to number 656 to greet the new Neighbours, Donna and Donald did say they had two sons but never mentioned their names or for that matter their last name maybe gerard had told them about me and they had heard his description of me hopefully not the same one he gave Frank and what had happened in biology, then I cleared my throat remembering I hadn’t spoken in a little while and said “I was round as well your parents seemed really nice to me maybe my dad had already been to see them or they probably saw him killing weeds in our front yard with his bare hands and didn’t want us to get angry” then sarcastically giggled and wiggled my fingers the same way I did yesterday and he just chuckled and asked “do you and sultra want come round for tea, by the way my family are veggie vampires so we eat normal food before you ask and we could study together and we could get to know each other a bit better, what do you think or we could just study together tonight and have tea tomorrow it’s up to you two really” he smiled crookedly it made me smile widely like a idiot I guessed because sultra just started laughing at us acting like idiots but she forgets I don’t act I am a idiot then even after I’d snapped out of it I still couldn’t speak whilst looking straight at his lovely crooked smile and his gorgeous Greeny-hazel eyes so sultra spoke “I guess I speak for both of us now don’t I sash,” I limply gave her a single nod not looking away from him “that we’d love to have tea and study with you Gerard” then he pulled his smile in to a full smile which nearly had my knees buckling so sultra put her arm under my shoulder sensing I was about to fall then he spoke “ok, that’s great shall we go before sash faints even more” then chuckled and walked in front of us as sully hoisted me up slightly so I could stand on my own two feet properly as I blushed slightly “sorry about that sully, I told you how I thought I had those sort of feeling but they were buried deep by the hate of what happened between us yesterday” as we caught up to him his lips were moving but nothing was coming out and he had a pad in his hands he was sketching something or someone then when he noticed we were beside him he put it away and said “sash, sully, you guys shouldn’t sneak up on me like that when I’m singing and sketching” I was surprised I knew he was sketching but I didn’t hear him singing “Gerard, you weren’t singing we could only see your lips moving but nothing was coming out” he chuckled “I was singing the words to one of my bands songs but too fast for you guys to hear any of it and sashia seen as I’m aloud to call you sash and also aloud to call sultra sully you two can call me Gee only my good friends and family call me it but I think we’re gonna be great friends what do you guys think” we just giggled and said “yeah, sounds good to us Gee” then we rounded the corner of weeds Ville cove and there it was roach oak avenue we walked sultra down to her house and there on the plaque on the wall beside the door read the number “666” the number of the devil in human myths was truly real how funny so funny that what the humans feared was real is actually real that I let out a small giggle and sully noticed and asked me what was funny and I explained and she also found it slightly funny as did Gee when we went inside the wallpaper was hellish red with dark grey ascents we waited in the hall as sully ran in the living room which was also had red wallpaper to ask her dad if she could go round to Gerard’s and luckily her dad said yes because otherwise I would have had the worst night of my life putting up with Gerard trying to make amends for yesterday and me gawking like a love sick demon “now there is only the lord of the underworld to deal with” gerard chuckled “don’t start thinking he’s a nice guy just because he tried to help to save your life” we all just laughed as we left and walked back up the street until we reached ‘the palace of the acid tongued reapers’, or to anyone who wants to get here using a batnav, number 657 and I warned Gee and Sully before we went inside “I’m warning you now I designed the house so be nice or get killed, only joking but be nice please I am only 15 after all” then just laughed and walked towards the large black painted door with sliver barbed wire painted on which to the others looked real “careful sash, why on earth did you or your parents put barbed wire on the door this is a nice neighbourhood after all even if it is filled with vampires, devils, werewolves, zombies and various other creatures” sully asked I just laughed and put my hand on one of the barbs sully cringed before I had chance to explain and I started laughing and said “there not real sully I just painted it on to give it a feeling of well who I am and who my family is we’re dangerous just like barbed wire, or worse” then I giggled as I opened the door to reveal a hallway worthy of a graveyard rather than a house it was black with purple ascents and white skeletons and bones and red fire and table next to the door on the inside had 10 different gem stones on it in a circle with a bowl in the middle of the circle made of onyx filled with candy bones which all of us would take one of as a sign that we were home then we would singe our name into the middle and put it in our personal sign in box and after I’d done mine and before I let Gee and sully into the house I ran through to the kitchen shouting “stay put where you are my mum has OCD and if someone comes into the house without putting a bone in the visitors sign in box she sort of… well let’s just say she’d flip out” quieting down as I got closer to them whilst explaining the importance of the bowl of candy bones and I handed the acid ink pens to them and hung the two visitor sign in and sign out boxes next to my ones sign in on one side and sign out on the other like the rest of them my dad’s were dark blue, my mum’s were blood red, mine were dark purple and the visitor ones were black with the word visitor painted on in white when both of them had wrote their names on the bones and placed them in the visitor box I realised that only my mum’s box as well as mine and now the visitor one had a bone signed in my dad was still signed out we went through to the dark grey living room they stood in the door way until it told them to sit on the lilac velvet sofa then grabbed the phone they then looked at each other and then they saw what I was doing I was making a internal call I pressed the number I needed it rang four times then “hello, Sash love you home then” “hello mum yeah, for the moment is dad still out” “yes, love he is why” “oh it’s just I know how you get when someone comes in and doesn’t sign in” “yes love, I know is that the only reason you needed your father or was there something else sweetheart” “actually mum there was something else, can I go over to the ways house to study and have tea, please” “of course you can where so they live so I can pick you up later” “mum they live next door” “well that is convenient isn’t it which of their son’s are you gonna be with love” “one sec mum” I put my hand over the phone and asked gerard whether he was the youngest or the eldest or if he and mikey were twins “sash I’m the eldest I’m 17” I nodded and took my hand off the phone and answered my mother “he’s the eldest mum” “wait he’s here” “yes, why mum your not gonna embarrass me are you” “no I just wanna say hello I never got to see Donna and Donald’s sons yesterday because they were listening to the same loud god awful music as you” “mum my music isn’t that bad you said you liked green day” “yes because they weren’t as overpowering as the other bands you listen to anyway I’m on my way down” “mum my other friend I made today sultra is here as well so please don’t scared her to much, ok because you can be pretty scary sometimes” “oi, I’m only scary when you don’t tidy you room missy” then my mum hung up and I then heard her coming down stairs “the good news is I’m aloud to come over yours Gee,” I paused as Gee started to get up to leave then I continued “yeah, and the bad news is my mum is coming down to meet you two now, sorry” then I turned to see my mum in the doorway “oi missy I’m not that bad” I just sighed she had obviously only just got out of bed her hair was in a messy ponytail “Gerard way, sultra…erm…sorry sully you didn’t tell me your last name,” she sighed “it’s demon” hers was better that mine not fair oh well “ok , where was I oh yeah Gerard Way, Sultra Demon this is my mum Ingrid water gem reaper, mum this is Gerard Way and that is Sultra Demon they are my friends ok you’ve met the Way’s eldest and you can meet Mikey Way anytime, so we’re gonna get off now” I said matter ‘o’ factly “oh, ok but don’t forget to sign out and if your staying out tonight remember to come home first and tell me where your staying and where abouts your staying and if not home by 11:30pm, ok love you bye” I groaned with embarrassment that my mother thought Gerard way a 17 year old Vampire was gonna ask a 15 year old Grim reaper to stay at his house after only knowing very little about her even if he did apparently fancy me and if she meant sultra then ok then but if she did mean Gerard I don’t think I could ever look at her in the same way ever again then I thought ‘oh my god sashia you spoke way to bloody soon’ because I swear my own mother had just winked at me then looked over at the fore mentioned 17 year old Vampire I was sure I had just died but I would never know because I was already in hell and there was no point in deluding myself into thinking I could go to heaven only Angels went up to heaveneria in the south bloody goodie two shoes Angels but earth to Sashia was needed as I stood there staring at my own mother with my bright violet eyes bugging out my head till I thought I felt them fall out but realised that they couldn’t have because I could still my mother’s eyes they was saying ‘I always get my revenge honey don’t you worry’ and ‘I can see the way you look at him’ “ok we are definitely going now bye mum, come on guys we are leaving right now” after we signed out we quickly ran out of my house and out my gate well me and sully went through the gate Gerard jumped over the 2 foot wall and was already waiting with the door open and a wide welcoming smile which would even make a person who hated him twice as much as I used to, just melt on the inside, sully had to hold me up.
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