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Artbooks and drawings

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(Time lapse, 2 months)

I sat in the garden, my hoodie covering my stitched arms and the hood covered my greenish face. I had climbed up the tree that stood outside my bedroom window. I stuck the low branches where no pesky nieghbours could see me.
Gerard and his brother had gone to school so there was no risk of sweet, angelic Gerard seeing the hidioue monster that fancied him.

It was October now and fourteen days from my birthday, I'd be seventeen this year. The cold breeze bit at me, clawing at my mismatched flesh. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around myself.

Suddenly, a piece of paper was blown into the garden, landing in a pile of red leaves. I frowned and dropped down from the branch I was perched upon.
I picked up the paper before it had chance to fly away again. I held it gently in my gloved hands as I studied the drawing etched into it.
It was amazing. The picture portrayed a zombified boy, all stitched together like me, the zombie was feasting upon the heart of a dead girl. It was flawless, all the way down to the very fine detail. Who had drawn it?

My thought was answered when I heard a voice on the other side of the wall,
"Stupid wind! Where is it?"
I peered through the iron gates, pulling my scarf over my mouth so the person wouldn't see my face.
"Excuse me, is this yours?" I asked, my voice muffled by the fabric. The boy jumped and turned around.

Shit. It was Gerard.

He spotted the drawing in my hand,
"Thankyou! Thankyou so much!" I passed the paper over to him and he smiled, delighted at the return of his artwork. His smile suddenly dropped when he saw where I was,
"Dude! What are you doing! That's the Monster House!"
"I...uhh...I l-live h-here...." I stammered. My heart was doing somersaults in my chest and I looked at my feet, shuffling them awkwardly.
Gerard's eyes widened.
"Really? You live HERE?!"

I nodded bashfully, I could feel a blush forming on my cheeks.
"M-my name's Frank." I whispered shyly.
Gerard smiled and I swore my heart melted like hot butter,
"I'm Gerard. Gerard Way. How come I've never seen you at school?" he asked. I couldn't tell him, I couldn't,
"I...uhhh....I gotta go." I ruefully pulled away from his hazel eyes and ran inside the house.
"FRANK! WAIT!" Gerard called but I shot inside and slammed the door shut.

I leaned against the wall and began to cry; that was too close, far too close.

Gerard's POV.

What a perculiar boy, I thought as he ran back inside. I tried to call him back but he ignored me. I swore I saw his face was green under that hood and scarf; he had missed a piece on his jawline out and I know I saw green. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to come round mine so I could get to know him better. I didn't have many friends at school only Ray Toro and my brother, Mikey.

I sighed and held my artbook close to my chest to stop more paper blowing away. I looked back one last time and saw Frank's sillhouette in the window upstairs.

Poor kid. He seemed so lonely and isolated. I'm gonna drag him round my house tomorrow if I have to.
He was rather handsome from the small amount I could see of his greenish face. Yeah, I'm bi. Practically everyone knew which is why I flunked school today, I was pissed off with the constant taunting of the jocks and slaggy girls. Practically everyone at my school is a homophobic apart from Ray and Mikey.

I walked down to the basement and slumped on my bed, kicking my Converse into the far corner of the room. I looked at my calender; Crap. Got voulenteer work tomorrow and I still had no clue what to do.

A few hours passed by and all I could do was think of Frank. Mysterious, cute, little Frank.The front door slammed shut and my mum came into the house,
"Gerard? I know you flunked school today!"
"I love you too mum!" I called back and I heard her laugh. She came down to the basement.
"I found you something to do for your voulenteer work, sweetie." She smiled and I sat up.
"Cool. What is it?"
"Professor Jones is looking for someone to tutor his foster kid."
"Where's it at?"
"Just over the road actually, he wanted me to ask you if you would be interested at all."
I smiled at her,
"I'm interested. Anything I should know about Professor Jone's kid?"
My mum fell silent wracking her brain,
"Um he is seventeen soon, his name is Frank." My heart lit up at the mention of Frank. "And he is sensetive about his looks, so be nice, okay?" I nodded and she kissed my head gently. "Good."
She left the room and I fell back into the pillows, my mind filled with thoughts of Frank and I smiled broadly as I drifted off to sleep.
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