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Frank and Gee learn more about each other, but Frank still refuses to show his face...

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Gerard's POV.

I woke up as soon as the sunlight from my tiny basement window hit my face. I stretched and flopped out of bed, tripping over a pair of Converse and grazing my cheek as I fell. Graceful, Gerard, graceful.

Ray was at the front door, tapping his foot impatiently as he watched, unimpressed, as Mikey ran around the house looking for his straightners.
"Mikey," I sighed. "Stop being such a girl and get your fat ass to school!"
"I'm not a girl!" he yelled as he pounced into the bathroom, upon where he found his straightners and squealed with delight.
"Yeah, maybe I'll believe you when you stop straightening your hair and doing girly screams." I retorted, rolling my eyes as Ray giggled.
Mikey came bounding down the stairs three at a time,
"At least I don't fancy my poster of Billie Joe Armstrong." he laughed. I punched him playfully on the arm.
"Agh, fuck you, Mikes." I smiled, poking out my tounge.
I waved them off and went to get ready.

After a much needed shower, I dried my hair, and slipped into my black skinnies, Iron Maiden shirt and my Misfits hoodie. I applied my black eyeliner and smuged it in, picked up my bag, slipped into my hi-tops and set off for Frank's house.

I couldn't wait to see him again.

Frank's POV.

I had not seen Gerard set off for school that morning and that worried me. I thought about yesterday and how close he had been. Beautiful Gerard, with his flawless pale skin that isn't mottled or scarred like mine, his enchanting eyes and the raven black hair that framed it all.
I heard the front door knock and I frowned; we never have visitors.

Curiosity got the better of me and I sat on the middle step of the spiral staircase, watching as the Professor opened the door. He smiled when he saw the guest.
I, on the other hand, froze. Butterflies whirled in my stomach as Gerard stepped through into the hall, a small smile of his soft lips. He scanned the room and his grin became bigger when he spotted me.
I yelped and scarpered, shooting back off upstairs.

What was he doing HERE?!! My heart hammered in my chest as I heard him follow me up,
"Frank?" he called, his voice sweet and melodic. His footsteps came closer to my door. I grabbed a hoodie and slipped it on, covering my arms, I also wrapped my scarf round my lower jaw and I stuffed on my gloves, masking my blue hands.

A knock came at my door and it opened,
"Frank? Hello?" I felt Gerard's gaze fall on me and he entered the room to stand in front of me.
I could smell his delicious scent of coffee, cookies and aftershave.
He was so close to me. So temptingly close. I just wanted to grab him, smother him in kisses and never let go.

"Hey again, Frank. I' be your tutor." He smiled. "Ain't that great?" I found myself smiling too, the fabric loosening around my mouth, I reached up to pull it tight again. It wasn't just great, it was fantastic, wonderful, there are just no words to describe it.

"Frank, why are you wearing a scarf indoors?" he asked, frowning slightly. "And why are you wearing gloves?"
"I'd rather not say..." I whispered and ducked my head down, blushing like crazy. God, he was so cute when he was concerned. There was an awkward silence which only made my cheeks go more scarlet.

"Oh! Frank, I want to give you something!" he beamed and sat down on my bed, rummaging through his bag. He took out a sketchbook and handed me a drawing. I looked at it and gasped; it was breath takingly amazing.

The picture was of me with my hoodie, scarf and gloves on, standing behind the iron gates, my house behind me. It was perfect, just like Gerard.
"Wow! Thankyou Gerard!" I exclaimed. He smiled up at me sheepishly,
"Call me Gee." He mumbled everyone else does.
"Gee." I repeated and now it was his turn to blush, his porcelien face glowing red.

And that made me smile.

Gerard's POV.

So, Frank's birthday is on Halloween, he will be seventeen, he has no brothers or sisters, likes to play guitar, loves practically every band I do and doesn't go to school as he is home taught.

I couldn't help but think he was cute, in fact he is strikingly gorgeous. I am able to see more of his face today; he has these chocolate brown eyes that just make you melt underneath their gaze and brown hair that fell in burgundy locks. His skin was a pale green, but I didn't say anything about it as mum had said he was sensetive about his looks.

He had also said he was bisexual and my heart soared at that moment and I could of kissed him right there.
"What about your real parents?" I asked and immediatly wished I hadn't. Frank began to cry hysterically, enormous sobs shaking his tiny body.
"Oh. Frank, please don't cry...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked."
He fell on his bed next to me and leaned his head on my shoulder, making my hoodie go damp. My heart felt shredded, I felt awfully guilty. I pulled him into a hug and rocked him gently, shushing him.

His hoodie sleeve had shuffled up slightly and my eyes widened as I saw blue and green mismatched skin...Wait...Are those stitches?! I slid my hand down to touch them, my skin brushed against his and a thousand electric sparks jolted through me. Frank tensed, he quickly pulled his sleeve down and looked up at me with watery eyes.
"What?" he sniffled, wondering how much I saw. I shrugged it off.
"Nothing." I forced a smile and he bought it.
"You wanna play some Guitar Hero?" he asked.
"Yeah!" I said enthusiastically. I love Guitar Hero. He looked into my eyes for a minute and I swore he shuffled closer, his face a leaning distance from mine. I wanted to lean forward, to close the gap between our lips.
How would he react? What if he didn't like me the way I liked him? As these questions tumbled through my mind I found myself leaning closer and closer. To my shock, Frank was doing the same, his scarf slid down a bit to sit on his neck. I gasped, seeing the pale blue lips that clashed with his green skin. He winced and pulled away, yanking his scarf back up his face and getting to his feet quickly.

"I'm gonna go set up the Xbox, you coming?" He didn't wait for my reply and left the room as I sat there, my cheeks vividly blushing and my face hot. Frank was more than handsome, there was no word to describe his beauty. He had huge, tawney eyes, a square jaw and soft features. Why was he so ashamed of his looks? I frowned and followed him down the spiral staircase into the living room.
Frank is hiding something from me....

But what is it???
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