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Thankyouu for all the reviews so far my Frerard loving vampires :) I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it! R&R please xoxo

Gerard's POV.

Tears slid down my face as I turned the corner to my street. My nose was bloodied, but thankfully not broken. The street was quiet, everyone at work and school.
I heard to jocks behind me,
"Run fag, run!" They teased, "It just makes the game more fun!"

I gasped deep breaths as I ran; I really need to quit smoking. My leg muscles ached and I knew I couldn't keep up this pace any longer. My bag slammed into my side with each footfall.

I could hear them getting closer and I sprinted into the road.

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

I saw the truck. I heard the squeal of the brakes. I couldn't move. I was petrified. I couldn't even close my eyes. No. No. I didn't want to die. Not now. Everything moved so slowly. I saw the jocks stop. Their faces that were once contorted with rage were now filled with terror. They shouted out. They told me to move, to watch out, but I couldn't. My body stayed rooted to the spot.

The truck came closer and closer. Now way was it gonna stop before it killed me. I screamed.

This was it. I was gonna die.

Frank's POV.

I heard the snide shouting of adolescent boys as I sat in my tree in the garden. I frowned,
"Run fag, run!" They cried. "It only makes the game more fun!"

I dropped out of the branches and opened the gate slightly.
A boy rounded the corner, his nose bloody and he panted heavily as he ran. My heart pounded.


He shot into the road without looking as he desperately tried to get away from the taunting crowd that were hot on his heels.
I saw the truck.
"NO!!!!" I screamed. The crowd that were following him stopped dead in their tracks.
"Get out of the road! Gerard, fucking MOVE!" The yelled, fear in their eyes.

I didn't think, the truck slammed its brakes but it was still gonna hit I flung myself into the road.

I pushed Gerard aside, knocking him off his feet. He flew to the side, onto the pavement. I tried to dodge the truck, but not before it hit my leg.
I felt the stitches rip and I fell backward, landing on the side of the road. The driver thought he had missed and carried on driving the truck.

"Oh my fucking God! The truck tore his fucking leg off!" One of the kids cried as they formed a massive group around us. I sat up and someone screamed.
I realised everyone could see my stitches, the mismatched skin of fifteen different corpses.

"What the fuck are you?!" One of them shouted. They did not wait for an answer. They all ran, screaming,

I began to cry. The words hurt more than the truck did. I would have ran back indoors but doing that one legged was pretty difficult.
There was movement behind me and someone grabbed my chin, turning my face to them.

"Gerard...I-I'm s-so sorry-y! I wanted to tell you bu-"
He cut me off, crushing his lips to mine. I was shocked, how could he love me?
I melted into the kiss, relaxing at his touch. His bloodied lips clamped to mine.
Fireworks exploded in my mind and I felt all the pain go away.

He pulled back, smiling at my expression,
"I love you, Frank." he whispered, tears of relief in his eyes. I stuttered,
"How? I-I am a monster-r Gee, y-you heard th-e-em. They are r-right. I-I mean, look at me! I'm hideous!" He silenced me with a simple shush.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Frankie. What they saw isn't what I see."
He hugged me and helped me onto my one leg, snatching up the other limb with his free hand, he didn't even cringe; just smiled at me with a beautiful grin.

Maybe a monster like me could find love after all...

Not the last chapter so don't panic! ;) Next chapter up tomorrow hopefully! xoxo
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