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Mikey and Ray

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Gerard's POV.

I'm just grateful that I don't have to go to school until my volenteer work is complete, and that isn't for another six months.
It's been two days since I was nearly hit by that truck and two days since I got Frank to be mine. He snuggled into my shoulder as we sat at my house watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. The jocks have kept what they saw to themselves, but I don't know how long it will last, however their parents wouldn't believe them anyway.

"Frank?" I asked.
He didn't hear as he watched the ending of the film, where Sally and Jack sing their love to eachother.
He joined in with the words, his voice so beautifully note perfect,
"As anyone can see-e-e, We're simply meant to be-e-e..."
I turned his face toward mine, our lips meeting exactly the same time as Sally and Jack. His lips curved up at the edges and he smiled into the kiss as did I.

"Frank?" I asked again, as we pulled apart.
"Hmmm?" he replied, pulling at a stitch that connected his wrist and hand. I slapped his fingers away,
"Stop that, I don't know how to sew, and secondly, I want you to meet my brother and Ray, my friend."

He shook his head violently, eyes widening.

"Hey, it's okay... I've got a plan. Now close your eyes."

He giggled and shut his eyes as I left for the bathroom, I grabbed the bag and came back downstairs,
"No peeking." I teased. He chuckled softly.

I emptied the bag of its contents and picked up the face paler and set to work on Frankie's face, neck and hands. I topped the paler with a light foundation and applied nude colored lipstick. I then traced his eyes with red eyeliner and smudged it in and then dusted on blusher where appropriate. Mom's going to kill me for using her expensive make up but oh well.
I told him to open his eyes so he could put on the black and white striped turtle neck sweater to hide the stitching along his neck and throat.

He pulled it on, an uncertain look on his sweet little face,
"Gee Gee?" I giggled at my pet name. "What did you do to me?"

I guided him toward the full length mirror and showed him his reflection. He gasped and fought back the tears that threatened to smudge his make up.

Frank's POV.

I gasped at my reflection. All the blue and green skin had vanished, the foundation and such blending my skin to a fair peach shade. But what struck me most was my face, I looked just like I used to all those years ago.

I held back the tears that threatened to ruin all of Gee's hardwork.

Gerard entwined our hands, lacing our fingers and smiled at my expression. I looked so....normal standing beside him, you couldn't tell I was a monster at all,

"Frank I don't want you to change, but if this makes being around my house easier then I'll understand."

"I-I love you Gee." I whispered as I pulled him into a soft embrace. He sighed happily,

"I love you too Frankie, stitches and all."

I smiled contentedly as he kissed me for the third time that day, soft, sweet and passionate. We just stood there, holding eachother and kissing, completely dead to the world.

That was until Mikey and Ray walked in on us.
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