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Suspicions and school

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Filler chapter :)

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Mikey's POV.

(Time lapse; one week before Frank's eighteenth birthday)

It was wierd seeing my brother with another dude at long last. Not that I'm homophobic or anything, it's just awkward to come home and find your older siblings face latched onto some guy you barely know. I mean, Frank was cool and all but come on, I barely know the guy!

Frank was different, something was wrong with him and neither me nor Ray could place our fingers on it. Frank always wore long sleeved hoodies and was forever pulling at the ends of them with shaky, uncertain hands; like he had something to hide.

"So, Frank..." I asked, sprawled out on the couch as, on the other side of the room, the mute boy looked up with anxious brown eyes. He has seemed scared of me ever since the day Ray and I walked in on him and my brother to find them making out. "What school do you go to, 'cause I ain't seen you at New Jersey High, that's for sure."

I smiled what I hoped was a reassuring one.

"Well...I, uh, ummm.....?" He mumbled, ducking his head down and his face disappeared impossibly deeper into his hood.

"Frank's home schooled." Gerard suddenly stated, making me jump in surprise as he entered the room and flopped down next to Frank. I smiled warmly,

"That's cool."

Frank mumbled something from inside of his hood. Gerard looked at him and swept his hood back causing Frank's chocolate brown locks to fall infront of his face and look up in surprise.

"What was that?" Gerard asked.

"I want to go to the same school as you!" Frank replied.

Gerard gawped at Frank, horror written for some strange reason across his face.

"Frank, no! You can't! If the jocks found out about you they'd kill me and you too! They don't like me as it is! I couldn't bear it if you got hurt!"

Frank's POV.

"Frank, no! You can't! If the jocks found out about you they'd kill me and you too! They don't like me as it is! I couldn't bear it if you got hurt!"

I looked at him.

"They won't hurt me, you know they won't." I whispered. Mikey got up awkwardly and left the room, no longer wanting to be the third wheel of our conversation. Gerard waited until he was out of earshot before continuing.

"Frank, you know you can't go, not with you being what you are it-" I silenced him with a kiss.

"I'm going, Gee. I hate it when you leave me for a day. Before we met, I used to watch you from my window wishing I could go with you, and now that I finally have that chance, I'm not going to let it go."

Gerard sighed and I knew I had won. He wrapped his arms round my neck and pressed his lips against mine softly.

"Just stay safe and keep out of the jocks' way, promise?"

"I promise." I sighed and deepened the kiss, he smiled and laid back, me on top of him.

"I love you, Gee." I mumbled into his mouth and he moaned.

"Love you too, Frankie."

Sorry bout the short chapter, there will be more soon! :D xoxo
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