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Well this sucks.

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Great. I'm trapped in my locker and ten minutes late to registration...could my day get any better?

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I would love to say congrats to:
- lolhai, who will be playing Chelsi [Mikey's girlfriend]
- missfunghoul57, who will be playing Eva [Gerard's bestfriend]
- kill_the_mainstream, who will be playing Maria Hamill [Frank's soon to be bestfriend]
- delaireaivy, who will be playing Ivy [Ray's Girlfriend]

I hope you all enjoy the chapter! xoxo

Frank's POV.

"Promise me you'll stay safe baby?" Gerard whispered, his fingers laced with mine as I looked up at the building. The walls were a bleak, depressing grey and the paths and driveway were littered with crimson, amber and golden leaves: six more days till my birthday, I can't wait!

The makeup on my face was water proof and rub resistant and- since we didn't have to do physical education anymore- I didn't need a note as to way I could not do exercise.

"I promise Gee." I smiled, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.
"Do you know where your locker is?"
"Do you know where your homeroom is?"
Gerard sighed,
"You don't know where your homeroom is do you?"
"I do!...Kind of..."
"Where is it then?" he questioned, a crooked smile playing on his lips and a perfectly arched eyebrow raised.
"Ummm...Near music block isn't it?" I guessed. The truth was I had no idea where my homeroom was; I just didn't want to look stupid in front of Gee.

Gerard harrumphed, his smile getting broader.
"Good guess Frankie. You were lucky....Anyway, I gotta get to art and pick up my canvas before the jocks decide to play frisbee with it again...I'll see you in chemistry?"
"That's if I manage to find it." I mumbled and he laughed before planting a quick kiss on my cheek before trotting off to rescue his work. I grinned madly and sauntered off to the main building. I pushed the crimson doors aside and gripped my bag's strap tightly, anxiety starting to eat away at me. I made my way through clusters of people to get to my locker. I could feel millions of eyes staring at me, either that or it was just me being paronoid.

I came to my locker, jet black with a silver tumbler glittering on the front, obviously one of the school's newer ones. I twisted the dial, entering the code that the receptionist had so kindly given me not ten minutes ago. I pulled my luchbox out of my bag and placed it on the only shelf at the very top of the locker. Satisfied, I closed and relocked the door.

I was about to set off for my homeroom when I was shoved back. My heart jumped and began to pound against my ribs as a jock glared down at me.
He was tall. Fucking huge to be exact.
He towered over me, a sick grin on his face and his eyes glimmered with cruel delight.

This was not good. This was not good.

"Hey fag, saw you kissin' your boyriend. Didn't know you were into Geraldine Way."

Suddenly there was a burst of laughter along the hall, it echoed everywhere and I began to get angry.
"His. Name. Is. Gerard. You dick." I spat, unable to contain the rage. People gasped at my sudden outburst and the jock growled. He slammed me against the locker, the metal smacking hard into my back and I cried out in pain.
"What's your locker code?" he snarled. Not wanting to be beat up on my first day, I told him,
"It's two, zero, nineteen. But honestly, I don't have anything worth taking!"
"Oh," Sneered the jock. "I wasn't gonna take anything."

And with that he flung me into the locker, my head smacking off the solid metal and the world spun furiously, he laughed and slammed the door, locking it again.

Great. I'm trapped in my locker and ten minutes late to registration...could my day get any better?
I tried to move and called weakly for help but a sharp pain shot through the back of my head and everything went black.

Sorry bout the short update, I gotta go out. R&R please! :D xoxo
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