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Frank's POV. head hurts...
I reached up and rubbed the tender skin at the back of my skull, hissing in agony. All around me was black, it yawned out everywhere and the only light came from three small slits in front of me. The brightness hurt my eyes and there was a certain loose feeling on my arm.
Great. I had split a stitch.

It didn't feel too bad so I guessed it was just one thread that had come loose. Suddenly, there were voices outside and I frowned. Then I remembered.

I'm trapped in my locker.

Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. OH CRAP!

I panicked and began to hyperventalate, my breath coming ragged and it echoed around the metal container I was held captive in.
"Help!" I cried, my eyes burned with stressful tears. "H" gasp "EL" gasp "P!!!" gasp, gasp, gasp.

"Frankie?!?! Oh fuck, Frank is that you?!"
I slammed my fists against the metal, pressing myself against the cold metal door.
"GERARD! HELP! I'M LOCKED IN!" I screeched, and my head began to swhirl erratically from all my gasping. I hit my fists again, weaker this time; I was so terrified. "Let me out! Help me!"

Gerard had pressed himself to the door as well and I could hear him hushing me, trying to calm me down, but my body just wasn't able to. I lashed out repeatedly, over and over again, my mind thinking incoherent thoughts that I didn't even understand anymore.

"Oh Frank, what did they do to your door, man?" Came Ray's voice. Gerard told him to 'shut the fuck up' and asked me for my locker combination.
"I don't remember!" I sniffled, in all my panic I'd completely forgotten. I felt woozy again and slumped back, trying to regain control.

"It's two, zero, nineteen." Piped up a girl's voice outside. Then the tumblers clicked and the latch was released. I stumbled out of the confined space and straight into Gerard and Ray.
"Chelsi, you're the best!" Mikey praised pulling the girl into a hug. She laughed, sounding like tinkling windchimes and she blushed.
"It was nothing." She said and planted a kiss on Mikey's lips.
She looked up,
"You okay?" she asked.

I nodded, my breathing slowing down to normal. She was pretty, her brown hair was choppy and layered and it fell to her shoulders, the tips tinted an auburn shade and her hazel eyes gleamed brilliantly from behind her neon green and black glasses. She had black jeans and a Batman shirt on, followed by green Converse with bright yellow laces; the perfect girl for Mikey.

"Frank, what happened?" Gerard asked, helping me to stand up again.
"A jock called you Geraldine..." I said, noticing the way he cringed at the nickname. "And I called him a dick. He forced me into my locker and I hit my head, then I blacked out. When I woke up, you guys were walking past looking for me."

Gerard sighed,
"Frank, don't try and stick up for yourself here, you'll only get beat shitless."
"I'm sorry, Gee." I whispered and he pulled me into a hug, stroking my hair softly.
"I'm just happy your safe...Now come on guys, let's get lunch. Who's flunking fourth?"
Everybody agreed to flunk next lesson.

I turned to leave when I caught sight of my locker door. I froze.
'Fag, Fran and Geraldine... I didn't even want to read the rest, the words only got worse as they progressed along the now dented and scratched surface.
"It's on my locker too, Frank." Gerard said sympathetically and took my hand, leading us far away from the abused hunk of metal that looked hideous compared to the other rows of lockers.

Chelsi smiled, her fingers entwined with Mikey's,
"Don't worry." she said, "I know the codes to that jock's locker, I'm gonna really fuck up his possessions after school."
I chuckled slightly and she beamed, mischief glinting in her green and brown eyes. "Come on, Frankie boy, let's go meet the rest of the gang! I know we are gonna be great friends!" And with that, she began rambling on about herself and three other girls; Eva, Maria and Ivy.
I looked at Gee and grinned at him, he too had an extremely cute crooked smile on his lips.

Maybe my first day was going to turn out better than I thought.

I hope you guys liked the chapter! I will update later! :)

-Sara xoxo
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