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Eva, Maria and Ivy!

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I was gonna post this yesterday alongside Dead Memories but I got my laptop taken off me...But I have it back now! :) Hope ya'll enjoy the chapter!

- Sara xoxo

Frank's POV.

I sat on Gerard's lap as we waited for the three other girls to arrive. We were on the top of the school roof. Mikey was conducting an experiment as to 'How many jelly beans can I get in Ray's afro before he notices?', so far he had resulted in twenty eight and still counting.

Ray still hadn't realised that his afro was now becoming a Gummy Land.

I smiled as Mikey began to take stuff out of his pencil case and fed it into Ray's hair. I bit my lip and I felt Gerard shake underneath me as he fought to control the giggles. Mikey placed a finger to his mouth in a silent shush and started to unlace his Converse with an evil little smile on his face as Ray continued to focus on a guitar magazine.

Leaving Mikey to his devilish schemes, Gerard and I turned our attention to Chelsi who was sat dangerously close to the ledge, her feet dangling over the side as she tore the crusts off her sandwiches and fed a group of nearby pigeons.

"Gerard?" I asked.
"Yeah?" He replied, looping his arms around my stomach.
"I'm sorry."
I felt him tense underneath me.
"Why're you sorry, Frank?"
"It's my fault I got shoved in that locker. If I wasn't so weak then I could've-" He cut me off,
"Frank, stop talking rubbish; everyone gets beaten up on their first day. At least you didn't get it as bad as I did."

I squirmed in his lap slightly to look up at him,
"Whatcha mean?" I questioned.
"I got shoved into a locker and got a flush." He grimaced at the last word.
" What's a 'flush'?" I frowned.

"It's when the jock's grab you by your hair, hold you over the toilet bowl, then they shove your head into the water and flush, pulling you back out before you drown." Chelsi said, finished feeding the birds and chucked the remains of her lunch over the ledge, smacking straight into a plastic girl's face.

We all busted out laughing, except for Ray who was far too engrossed in that magazine to care.
"Yo bitch!" The girl yelled, her orange tan standing out repulsively from her blech blonde hair. A typical Barbie girl. "You gonna apologise for that?!" She screamed as she pulled pieces of salad from out of her hair.

Chelsi grinned down at her,
"Well, no actually...You know, food in your hair is definately the style for you!"
The plastic girl bristled,
"Apologise now or you'll get a taste of my boyfriend's fist!"
Chelsi pulled another sandwich out of her bag,
"Leave us alone or you'll get a taste of my sandwich here!"
"Your boyfriend is so pathetic, he can't even stand up for his girl!"

"THAT. IS. IT!" Mikey suddenly bellowed, "EAT CREAM CHEESE BITCH!" With that, Mikey grabbed the sandwich from Chelsi's hand and lobbed it, smacking the girl straight in the face. Cheese exploded everywhere and even some jocks below us were laughing.

The girl ran off, wiping the cheese off her face and crying her eyes out. Gerard and I were in hysterics, rolling around on the roof and howling with laughter.
Chelsi high fived Mikey and they both hugged, kissing eachother.

Unbelievably, Ray was still reading that magazine. I looked at his afro and it only made my laughing fit worse. Tangled inside his hair were millions of jelly beans, the whole contents of Mikey's pencil case and one, lonely, Converse sneaker.

Ray looked up,
I went to say something when,

A trio of girls came bounding across the rooftop, the one in front wore a large, neon green bow and crashed into Ray's open arms. Her hair was dark brown and curly like Ray's and it cascaded down to her shoulderline, her skin was a pleasant shade of olive and her hazel eyes fixated themselves onto Ray's afro.
Mikey made actions to tell her not to say anything and she kept her mouth shut, her lips curling up slightly at the ends in a secretive smile.
"Hey Ivy!" Ray grinned and leant down to kiss her softly.

"Gee, Chelsi, Mikey, Raaaaay! How's it hangin'?"
The two other girls came to a halt in front of me and Gerard. One had large brown eyes and long black hair with white tips. Glasses were perched on the end of her nose like Mikey's and tons of studs and hoops littered her ears alongside snakebites that glittered silver on her bottom lip. She flashed a smile at me,
"Hey, I'm Maria and-"

"And I'm Eva!" The other whooped, clapping her hands and smiling broadly. Her curly hair bounced around as she jigged on her feet to the music that her iPod was blasting down her left ear. "Are you two together?" She suddenly asked and I blushed.

"Yeah, Eva we are." Said Gee, coming to my rescue. "This is Frank, my huggabl boyfriend."
I giggled, suddenly going shy.
"Frank..." Said Maria, rolling the name around her mouth. "Awsome name, I like it."
"Thanks." I mumbled, my blush getting heavier.

"Yo Mikey! I saw you throw that cheese sandwich! Sweet shot!" Eva praised and Mikey struck a pose,
"Bow before Mikey Way, the cheese sandwich throwing god!"
We all laughed and for once I felt comfortable, I felt wanted.

I felt loved.

We all sat down in a big circle and talked, joking and laughing. Mikey went back to his game of Human Buckaroo and was now clipping bows in Ray's fro from Ivy's endless supply of hairclips, Eva helping to clip them in.

Gerard was lying on his back, his head in my lap as I stroked his ebony hair, making him fall half-asleep. He looked so content, eyes closed and his breathing soft and light. Maria sat next to me.
"I like your snakebites." I said. Now I really wanted my lip pierced too!
"Thank's." She smiled, sipping from a can of Coke she had cracked open. I rubbed a finger along my bottom lip.
"Do you think a lip ring would suit me?" I asked and she smiled.
"You wanna lip piercing, huh? Well, you came to the right girl!"
I laughed and we fell into a heated discussion on which type of stud I should get.

Suddenly Ray screamed.

He shot up, jelly beans, pencils and bows flying everywhere. Gerard jolted awake and fell off me, shrieking from shock and Mikey scrambled to his feet.
"Now Ray, before you chase me and kill me I have one final request."
"Oh yeah? And what's that?" Ray scoffed.
"Can I have my shoe back? It's right at the back of your fro and it's kinda awkward having to run with only one shoe-"
Ray lunged at him and Mikey ran for his life screaming he was sorry and yelping every two seconds as his bare foot trod on a rock.

"HERE'S YOUR GODDAMN SHOE!!!" Ray bellowed, ripping the sneaker from his hair and flinging it, hitting Mikey in the back of the head. Mikey began to shout the word "ABUSE!!" over and over as Ray made continuous death threats.

I don't think I've ever laughed this much in my life!

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