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I miss you so much

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Frank is missed by a certain someone...

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James' POV.


"James, babe, it isn't as bad as it looks. In fact, it doesn't even hurt anymore." Frank spoke hurriedly as we walked through the park, hand in hand. Those jocks had got to him again; they had left him with a scarlet cheek and a purple and black ring forming around his left eye.

"It looks pretty bad to me Frankie." I said, eyeing him skeptically. He sighed,
"Honest, it's nothing. I can take care of myself."

That was a downright lie then and there. Frank was far too soft at heart and let anyone walk all over him, that's what made him such an easy target.

We sit down on a bench, him on my lap with my arms looped round him. We get a few passing people throw us distasteful looks, but who cares? Love is love right? No matter if your the same sex or not.

Frank and I are both thirteen now; my birthday was yesterday, the third of November and Frank's is on Halloween. The bitter November wind nipped at my skin playfully, carressing my cheeks with icy, gnarled fingers that made me shiver every now and then. Frank looks up at the dismal sky, grey snowclouds settling in on the indigo blanket which was the evening sky.
We sat there silently, just watching the world go by in the peaceful serenity of the park, completely oblivious to anything else.
White begins to tumble and we both smile.


It fluttered down in thick quantities that danced and swirled in the wind before finally coming to a rest on the ground.
Within two minutes, the snow is about three centimeters high. Frank hops off my lap, laughing, the crisp white flakes sticking to his ebony hair and he began to catch snowflakes on his pink tongue.

I giggle and get to my feet, snow dusting onto my eyelashes.
"Do you wanna come round mine?" I asked. We lived next door from eachother, over the road from the crumbling old mansion owned by some freaky man called Professor Jones. Frank smiles broadly at this,
"Okay! Last one there has to eat yellow snow!" He cried and shot off down the block.
"Hey! No fair!" I chuckled and bolted off after him, feet crunching on the white blanket beneath my feet. The snow is thicker now, swirling in enormous clouds like a blizzard. I just about make out Frank who is waiting at our street for me.

For such a little guy, he is fast.

"Come on!" He shouted and shot off into the road, not looking. I make to go after him when there's a squeal of brakes and Frank screams, a loud, blood jolting, heartwrenching inhuman noise that could only be described as a mixture of shock and pain.

The snow begins to thin out now. I can see what's happening.

Everything moves in slow motion.

The truck catches the black ice on the road and swerves, trying to veer away from Frank who is too paralysed with fear to move.

But the truck hits my boyfriend dead on, slamming into his gut at a terrifying speed. Frank screams that awful, awful scream as he falls back and disapears under the huge wheels. The truck finds grip as it hits his tiny frame and manages to halt.

I run across screaming his name as the driver gets out, his face greyer than the sky above. He's screaming too.

I run to Frank.

"Frank?!" I bellowed, I desperately want a reply but he doesn't move, not even a twitch of his bloodied lips. His limbs are all in funny shapes and I know that they aren't supposed to be like that. He's bleeding from the corner of his mouth and his eye and his ribcage is all caved in.

He's not breathing. He has no pulse.

He's dead.

I cling him to my chest, ignoring the grinding and cruching of his broken bones. His head lolls back, his misted eyes partly open, reflecting my sobbing, tearful face. I kiss his coppery lips as his blood drips to the floor, staining the once white snow black.

(Flashback end)

I jolted awake in a cold sweat once more, gasping for breath as I tried to calm my pounding heart. That nightmare had occured for four years now, but only once every year, on a certain date.

I snatched up my cell phone and read the tiny lettering on the screen.
October the thirty first, Halloween and my dead ex-boyfriends birthday.
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