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Starbucks, a bicycle, and HORRIBLE singing, what more could you ask for?

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Mikey's P.O.V.

"Dooowwwnnnn, even if the sky is falling down, DOWWWNNNN, DOWWNNNN EVEN IF-"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?!?" Bob barked from the passenger seat, instantly stopping Frank and I's


"And why should we? We have lovely voices," Frank giggled.

Ray rolled his eyes next to me. "Just tune it down a notch, or find something else to do. We'll

seriously be there in a minute or two. You can find something to amuse you for that long,

can't you?"

Frank sat up straight, and posed like a solider saluting. "Sir, yes, sir!" he nearly shouted.

"At ease, solider," Gerard warned from the driver's seat.

(Exactly 1.53 Minutes Later...)

Gerard's P.O.V.

Frank and Mikey instantly hopped out of the car, and near sprinted to the door of the new

Starbucks. I seriously pity the worker that takes our order.

Ray, Bob, and I got out of the car quietly, and walked towards the door. Mikey and Frank were

already ordering.

"Okay," Mikey looked at the menu, "I'll take a 12 oz. coffee with 2 shots." Hey, that my

sound like a lot, but for Mikey it’s a normal Starbucks coffee.

"Hm...," Frank was also studying the menu board. "I'll have a 12 oz. coffee with 4 shots."

Oh, $hi+.

After we had all ordered, we all sat down at a table, and started taking about random things.

"My favorite superhero is probably Superman," Bob said.

Frank sighed dramatically. "Come on, you always know what's gonna happen... He gets punched-"

Frank gasped, "Oh no!" he said, in a woman voice, "And he punches the dude back. Every

freakin' time."

"Fine," Bob huffed. "My new favorite superhero is the Hulk." Bob muttered, "Because he'll kill


"Love you too, Bob," Frank said as he got up to order another coffee.


Gerard's P.O.V.

After Mikey and I had dropped everybody off, we headed home.

"Can I tell you something?" Mikey asked.

"Shoot," I nodded.

"I think Frank's crazy," he told me.

I smiled and changed the radio station. "I think EVERYBODY he knows knows that. Now, what were

you really going to tell me?"

Mikey sighed and looked away. "Nevermind..."

I nodded and let it go. I knew he would tell me eventually, but on his own time. That's how it

worked between us. Don't bother anything out of the other, and they won't do that to you.

The rest of the ride home seemed uneventful. "Watch out!" Mikey yelled, and I slammed on the

brakes. So much for that.

I'd barely stopped in time. Had Mikey not seen the cop cars racing down the street ahead, we

would've been toast. And not the kind Mikey insists on getting out of the toaster with a


The cops were chasing a shirtless man on a bicycle.

"Is that..." Mikey started.

"It's the crackhead from school."

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