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Bob and Mikey

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Right when everything was going so well...

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OKAY, so since a LOT of people wanted an update, I SHALL GIVE YOU ONE!!!!! :D

P.S. If I act like I'm high or something, I recently found out I made it into honor classes.

This chapter is where I tap into the "drama" genre. ;)


And I'm sorry it's so short, but I'll update soon, promise :) R+R?

Well, my friends, we're near the end of this story... But I'm still set on writing a sequel :)


Gerard P.O.V.

The next 8 months past in a blur, I can honestly say so.

I suppose it was because I was the happiest I had ever been in my life lately. Frank, Ray, Bob,

Mikey, and I had become unseperable. We hung out a lot (mostly at my house), and Frank ONLY

broke 5 pieces of furniture in those months. That's GOT to be a new record for that kid.

Speaking of Frank- nothing happened between us after our little Truth or Dare game. Did I want

something to happen to our relationship? Well... my opinion doesn't really matter, anyways.

Bob had become my partner in crime. (I feel that's enough said.)

Ray and I were always talking about some band, or some song, or pretty much music in general.

And finally, Mikey- whom mostly I'd been worrieing a lot lately. He hadn't told me what he was

about to months ago. And on top of that- he's been acting strange. He keeps "looking over his

shoulder" (metaphorically AND literally). I know something is up, but I can't figure out how to

get it out of him. He won't tell me, believe me, I've tried- and lately I've been considering

tying him up like he and Frank did to me, JUST to get the information outa him. JUST that. PFT,

not for like revenge or something. (INSERT WINK HERE)

Anyways, back to school- it was our last week. Mikey and Frank were normally begging us not to

leave, but seriously- I've paid 4 years of my life here, AT LEAST give me taste of college. And

when they weren't doing that, that were begging Bob, Ray, I to do something crazy with them,

something that would most likely get us suspended, or worse- expelled. With only 3 days to go,


At this current moment, I'm enjoying some sandwhich I'd thrown together earlier, outside the

school, underneath some tree for shade. It was getting really hot out recently, but today there

was a nice breeze that made it a little more bearable. Ray and Frank sat next to me, and Bob

and Mikey hadn't shown up yet.

"I'm afraid to go to Chemistry..." Frank said randomly.

"Why? 'Cuz you're afraid you might blow it up again?" I asked. Yes, Mikey and Frank had to

repay the damage done to the charred lab.

"Not exactly," Frank said, "I kinda... drank whatever we had made yesterday... and I'm afraid

it had some deathly chemical in it..."

"What? Why would you drink that?" I asked fratically.

"Well... I was really, REALLY thirsty."

I scoffed as Ray said, "You'll live. I ate a crayon I found on the floor in that class."

"You two are crazy," I told them, returning to my sandwhich. "I got an F in that class anyways."

"...And?" Frank pressed.

"And what?"

"Something else had to have happened. Everybody gets an F in Chemistry."

I sighed dramtically. "Fine, some dude punched me in the face."

Frank and Ray laughed at me.

"Dude where are mini-Way and Bryar?" Frank asked.

Ray added, "It's been ten minutes. This school's not that big."

A girl I regonized from my Math class came up to us. "Gerard Way?" she asked, and I

nodded. "The nurse wants to see you." She walked away.

I sighed and stood up. Frank and Ray followed suit. "You guys coming with me? We've got another

10 minutes to kill," I told them.

"Sure," they both nodded.

The nurse's office door was open. We walked in everything seemed normal-

"Mikey!" I exclaimed, and ran over to him. He was sitting in a chair, and he looked like

someone had just beaten the $hi+ out of him. He was cut in several places, his hair was a mess,

and his glasses were no where to be seen. "What happened?"

Mikey looked away from me. "Some kids from the hockey team."

"You've got to go home-"

"No!" Mikey said, facing me again. "I'm fine."

"Where's Bob?" Frank asked.

Mikey looked at us with sad eyes. "They got him too. Worse. There were too many, we were easily


"Where's he now?" Ray asked.

"The hospital."

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