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Going to check on Bob.

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Gerard P.O.V.

The nurse came into the room from the hallway.

"Oh, I see you've found your brother."

I nodded. "He can go home, right?" I asked, and gestured Mikey to "shut up" when he opened his

mouth. He looked at me, clearly confused, but I just looked at the nurse.

"Yes, I'll be calling your mother, along with Mr. Bryar's parents."

"She's out of town. So are Bob's parents."

"How do you get to school?" she exclaimed.

"I can drive?"

"Oh, I suppose you're right. In my opinion, children are given keys and a big piece of metal

way too early in their lives," she chimed. "Well, the day's half over, I guess you may take him

home. But don't expect Mr. Toro and Mr. Iero here to get out of class."

"But what about Bob?" Frank protested.

"I assure you Mr. Iero, from the looks of it, Bob will still be in that hospital when school is

over. You may visit him then. Oh," she said, after seeing Frank's horror filled face, "I'm sure

he'll be fine though. I just saw him off with the paramedics. He'll be in good hands at the


"The ICU?" Frank gasped. "He's too fragile for the ICU," he murmered.

"Yes. Now, Mikey- did you by any chance see who did this to you two?"

Mikey nodded his head up and down. "It was the hockey team."

The nurse raised her eyebrow, almost as if she didn't believe him. "The whole team?"

"No, but most of them."

"Any specifics?" she pressed.

"Yes. Kyle Evans, Tom Pierce, and Jerry Howard. That's all I remember, but I know they're

were at least two more," Mikey finished.

"Now, Mr. Way," she said, her voice slightly raised, "That is a very serious accusation. Those

boys are guite the gentlemen, are you sure you want to accuse them of such nonsense?"

Ray cleared his throat, "Sorry, Ma'am, but does this look like nonsense to you?!?" he

gestured to Mikey, the evidence as obvious as an elephant walking down Wall St.

"Enough, Mr. Toro. Gerard, you may take your brother home," she said. She turned to Frank and

Ray, "As for you two-"

Frank's face had gone sickly green. "I'll be back-" he ran out of the room, and down the hall.

A minute later, he reappeared, clutching his stomach. "I think I need to go home, if you don't

mind. I just emptied the contents of my stomach into a toilet." As if the nurse didn't

already know.

"It was the chemical, wasn't it?" I whispered to Frank. He nodded.

The nurse's face scrunched up, clearly disgusted. "Alright, then. Should I call your parents to

pick you up?"

Frank shook his head. "No- Gerard's my ride home."

"Very well. I'll write the three of you absence excuses, and you're free to go. Mr. Toro, I

believe the tardy bell is about to ring, so I suggest you hurry along."

The four of us walked out of the office. Ray turned to me, "I'll call you when school's over,

then I'll meet up with you guys at the hospital."

I nodded, and he turned and walked down the hall to his next class. "Come on, you two," I said

to Frank and Mikey, as I pulled out the car keys from my pocket.

"We're not going home, are we?" Mikey asked.

I shook my head. "If you can survive for a few hours. We're gonna visit Bob."


Gerard P.O.V.

The hospital was VERY crowded. By the time we had found a receptionist's desk, it had been one


"We'd like to know what room Bob Bryar is in," I said as nicely as I could at the moment.

She smiled and typed into the computer. "Right now, he's in surgery, but he'll be placed in the

ICU after it's over, which should be another half an hour. Only family can visit him."

"We're his brothers," I told her, and she raised a eyebrow. "Half-brothers," I clarified. "With

different mothers... It's a LONG story," I told her and chuckled, and her eyes grew wide, but

she shook her head and smiled.

"Alright, then. Looks like he'll be staying in room A16, and he should be out of surgery in a

little while. You can wait there, if you'd like."

"Okay, we'll do that. Thanks," she nodded. "Oh, and our other brother will be here in about an

hour. His name's Ray."

"Alright, I make a note of that. Have a nice day."

"You too."

(15 Minutes Later...)

"Gee, we've learned every freakin' corner of this hospital," Frank complained. "Surely we're


"Fine," I huffed, faking offense, "You find a map then."

"Fine" he huffed back, "I will."

"Already ahead of you guys," Mikey's voice spoke in a distance. Sure enough, Mikey had already

found a map. "Okay, we need to go straight, take a right, and take the elevator up to the 7th

floor. Can you remember that?"

Frank nodded and walked ahead.

"How can you see that without your glasses on?" I asked.

"I'm near sighted, Gerard."

"Oops. Sorry. Forgot."

"But you did remind me," he pulled his glasses out of his pocket. "I slipped these in my pocket

when I saw the jocks coming down the hallway." What felt like fire burned through my veins.

How could
anybody get a kick out of hurting Mikey? Or even Bob?

Mikey noticed my expression. "I'm alright, Gee. Promise."

"You say that, but I notice the pain flash across your face whenever you walk. What did they do

to you?" I asked, furious.

"Guys!" Frank called. "Hurry, I got the elevator."


Bob looked, for a lack of words, broken.

He was still knocked out (I hope from some medicine they gave him in surgery and not from

damage given to him) when they wheeled him in the room.

"Are you Mr. Bryar's brothers I heard about?" a doctor asked us. We nodded. "Mr. Bryar will be

staying here for a while. He has broken a few bones, lost a fair amount of blood, and has the

nastiest bruise on his head."

"Will he be alright?" Mikey asked.

"We can't know for sure just yet. He's definately going to need more blood. Which is-" he

checked a clip board, "Type A. Do any of you have that blood type as well that would be

willing to donate?"

Frank gulped and laughed nervously. "I do."

"Excellent. Do you mind?"

"Do I mind, well," Frank said, "No. But you have to tell him it wasn't me."

"I'll see what I can do. Now come along, make it fast." The doctor dragged Frank by the arm


"That's why I'm glad to have type O," Mikey smiled.

Nurses came into the room and hooked Bob up into all kinda of needles, and I shivered.

Several minutes later, Frank walked into the room slowly, deathly pale. "I don't think I've

ever felt so... empty." He sat down next to Mikey and I on the chairs and I rubbed his back.

"He owes you, buddy," Mikey said, as we watched them prepare to inject Bob with Frank's blood.

Frank shook his head. "No, he doesn't. I piss him off all the time... what if he doesn't make


"He'll be alright," I said, pulling Frank in for the best hug I could while sitting

down. "Let's get out of here until there done."

We waited out in the hallway paitently. I jumped when my phone vibrated in my pocket. "Ray?"

"Hey. How's Bob?"

"He broke a few bones, no specifics on that yet. He lost ome blood, and needed more. But

Frank," I paused to pat Frank on the back, "Generously donated some of his."

Ray laughed. "So, what room is he in?"


Mikey P.O.V.

When they finsished Bob's bloodwork, Ray had already found us, and we walked back into the room


"Does anybody know what happened?" the doctor asked us.

"We were beat up at school," I told him.

"Do you have any specifics?" the doctor asked me. "His right arm is broken, and two of his

ribs. Based on the damage- there's no way a human could have achieved that great of damage by

punching or kicking.

I looked at Gerard, his face looked like he was about to kill. "They... They beat him with

hockey sticks." Gerard's face redened.

The doctor appeared shocked, but nodded non-the-less. "That would have done it." He checked his

clipboard again. "Well, Mr. Bryar should be alright. He going to be in here for at least a

week, but he should recover smoothly."

Well, Bob's going to miss graduation. "Thank you," Gerard said. The doctor nodded and left

the room.

"Details," Gerard said immediately. "Now."

"Okay," I nodded and tried to recall what had happened. "Well, I went to go get my lunch. I was

at my locker, trying to open the stupid lock, and I heard footsteps behind me. I knew who it

was... It was a regular occurence-"

(Earlier That Day...)

Stupid lock. I hit the locker door angrilly. I heard footsteps behind me, and sighed. I

shoved my glasses into my pocket hastilly.

"Hello, Michael," Jerry greeted me, and shoved me against my locker.

"Hello, Bigfoot," I said, and he pushed me against the locker harder, making it difficult to

breathe. This was a normal occurence, a few times a week. Some were bad, some not so bad, but I

was a master at hiding any evidence from Gee.

Pretty much nobody knows. But today- today feels dfferent. Tom, laughed at me. Kyle, the

captain of the hockey team, approached us with 2 more guys at his side. "Looks like it's your

lucky day, Way. Your big brother ain't here to save you now, and I'm
especially pissed off

today," Kyle said.

I gulped. Nope, today wasn't like any other day.

"Hey!" someone shouted, running down the hallway. It was none other than Bob. "Get off of him!"

"Get him," Kyle said smoothly. The two guys I didn't know instantly pouned on Bob. Jerry pushed

me back against the metal locker so hard, I could feel my arms and legs being cut by the jagged

piece of crap they call a locker.

I could still see Bob, and believe me- he knew what to do when it came it fighting. The two

boys that had just attacked him were both now on the floor.

Kyle and Tom attacked him next, and Jerry punched me square in the face, knocking me out of my

senses. "You're lucky that's all you get today," Jerry snarled, and helped Kyle and Tom beat up

Bob, and I felt my eyes slowly close.

(Back to Present...)

Gerard sat, his fists clenched, and his face pure anger, Ray similar, and assume Frank would've

been as well, but he was still affected by the blood thing.

"Guys-" I started, but was cut off by coughing. We looked to the hospital bed. Bob was finally

coming around.

We all approached him. "Guys- cough - What happened?"


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