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A beatdown.

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I KNOW for a fact somebody went through this story, and rated every chapter "trainwreck" , which ruined the good rating for the story. I feel that everybody has a right to an opinion, but whoever it was, I feel like they attacked my story indivdually, and quite honestly- from the reviews I've been getting, the chapters do not deserve to be rated like that. If it were one chapter, I'd understand, but it's ALL of them, so I feel whoever did this didn't rate it honestly. I have a VERY good idea of who went through the chapters and rated them like this, just letting whoever did this know that.

The description for "trainwreck" is as follows:

"It's unspeakably, indescribably awful, but you just can't look away."

Now I've encouraged CONSTRUCTIVE critism before (by leaving so on a review), so the LEAST you could do is tell me so by leaving a review, instead of anonymously rating down my story. So whoever you are, from now on, I'd apprieciate if you'd just tell me what you dislike about my story by leaving a review.

Another chapter, and I'm sorry if it's not good, I'm still a tad bit upset about the issue above.


Gerard P.O.V.

I'm not sure how I managed to pull myself out of bed the next morning. I'd been awake most of

the night, worrying about Bob, and even though he assured me he was fine, I still promised to

visit him after school today. He agreed. Of course, I was to smuggle in a case of Redbull for


When I wasn't awake, I kept having the Mikey-being-buried nightmare. What he'd told me

yesterday made me mad, but today- today something was going to happen that would make us even.

After Bob's parents had found out about the ordeal, after booking a flight back, decided to sue

the guys who'd attacked Bob and Mikey. They were sueing for FULL payment of Bob's hospital

bill. After all- he only ended up in there because of them, and Bob's a pretty tough guy.

So, the police were being sent today to prove that the jocks, were in fact the people

responsible for Bob's beating. Yesterday they came into Bob's hospital room and questioned both

Bob and Mikey. Sure, I was looking forward for them to behind bars... even if it were for only

a week, but I was more excited about "accidentally" bumping into them after play croquet in gym


In all honesty- it was Bob's idea- we just went along with it.

I went through the morning classes uneventfully, and I have to admit it was weird without Bob

to talk to, or play hangman with during boring classes.

After third period ended, I walked out of the classroom normally. I spotted Ray and Mikey in

the hallway, and I nodded knowingly to them.

Stage 1.) Piss off Kyle's Girlfriend

"Frank!" I whispered when I spotted him, putting his books in his locker. He turned around to

look at me. "You ready?"

He dropped the rest of the books in his locker. "Let's do this," he said determindly. He pulled

a paper clip from his pocket and slammed the door shut.

We started walking down the hallway. "Why do you have a paperclip?" I asked him.

"How do you suppose we get the locker open?" Frank said simply.

I raised my eyebrow. "Who taught you to do that?"

"Bob did, a while ago. How do you suppose your color pencils went missing and Bob and I were

nowhere to be found?" Frank inquired.

"I knew it!" I exclaimed.

We finally stopped at the right locker. Frank expertly picked the lock in roughly a minute.

"Nice time, Iero," I complimented.

"Yeah, yeah," he said as he opened the locker. "Help me in, will ya?"

I assisted Frank into the locker, "You good?" I asked, because he face clearly read he was

uncomfortable in the tight space.

He nodded slowly. "I'll last for 5 minutes."

I shut the locker carefully. "Okay, don't forget to tell her to get the Hockey team to meet us

after gym. Most of all- remembered the terrified look on her face so you can describe it to me

later," I said to him quietly.

"Will do," Frank said laughing.

"We'll be waiting for you in gym," I said, walking away to my locker, trying to dodge students.

I approached my locker silently, hurring to put my books in it before slamming it shut.

Down the hall, I heard Frank's scream, followed by a shrill high pitched one.

I laughed to myself as I pushed the door open to head to gym.


Mikey P.O.V.

Gym class was ueventfull, we were all (mostly) silently, plans and ideas running through our


About halfway through, the police, who had evidentally been at our school all day, confirmed

that they would be taking the Hockey team in custody for a short while, at the request of Bob's

parents. They told us to inform us if we saw them today. Oh, we'll tell 'em- atfer we get our

shot at revenge.

Gym class had ended, and Frank, Gerard, Ray and I exchanged a look with each other. We managed

to sneak out of gym class with the croquet mallots.

Once we entered the building, Gerard turned to us. "Now," he said slowly, "I don't want to

sound like we're gonna die, but if you need help- yell, I'll help you out. I'm sure Ray will

too." Ray nodded in agreement.

We walked down the hallway slowly, eyeig the opposing 5 members of the hockey team, each

carrying hockey gear in their hands. We paused merely 3 yards apart.

"Way," Kyle said.

Simoutaniously, Mikey and I said, "Evans."

After and akward pause, the tension could possibly be felt in the air. "The police are coming

for you," I said coldly.

Kyle's eyes grew wide. "Let 'em..." he shook the threat off. After a minute of silence-

"Now!" Gerard shouted.

Abandoning all my common sense, I leapt forward, mallot in hand, for one reason. The one

reason, you ask? For my injured best friend lying alone in the hospital.


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