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The Last Day of School

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"...Operation get the mascot is in full efect in five minutes, clear?"

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You guys are... (I can't think of another word) awesome. About the trainwreck thing, some people went back and re-rated the story. THANK YOU :) Now, I feel bitchy because I wasn't trying to make you guys do that, in all honesty I wanted the person who down-rated my story to see that I wasn't going to sit there and let them attack my story. THANK YOU FOR THE RATING AND REVIEWS! :)

2nd TO LAST CHAPTER! :'( I'm still set on writing a sequel though, if wanted)


Gerard P.O.V.

"... So who was it that knocked Kyle up so bad?" I asked.

We were laughing, sitting in the nurses office, as she gave us crazed looks by our black

eyes and bruises.

So, maybe we didn't get away from that fight unscarred, but I still consider it a victory.

And the best part is- we told the cops that they were fighting amongst themselves, gave

each other HORRIBLE damage, and they believed us. Well, a few broken bones to make up for

Bob's- that's fair, right?

So, with them sent to the slammer for a few days (after stopping by the infirmery) things

looked like a good outlook for us. Ray was going to some college locally, Bob (as sad as it was)

is moving back to Chigago with his parents and would attend some college there- and I was recently

accepted into an art school in downtown New York.


(The Next Day...)

Mikey P.O.V.

I yawned as Frank started dozing off next to me. The english teacher wouldn't stop going on about

how we shouldn't forget proper english and grammar over the summer.

About a minute later, the innercom came on. "Happy last day of school, students," the principal's

cheery voice nearly-shouted.

Frank shot straight up in his chair, yelling, "I'm awake! Don't shoot!"

The english teacher gave him a death stare as the principal continued. "Over the summer, please

refrain from doing dangerous things. We'd like to see you all, besides the seniors, back here next

year in one piece. Also, I'd like to remind you that the annual end-of-school pep rally is

scheduled to take place 7th period today. That's all, have a good summer."


Gerard P.O.V.

After the bell rang, everyone poured out from the school to outside on the foot ball field, where

the pep rally was to take place.

Ray and I met up with Mikey and Frank quickly.

"Alright," Frank said, "Team huddle. Operation get the mascot is in full affect in 5 minutes,


We nodded and split up. Frank trailed behind me, and Ray and Mikey went the opposite way.

"So... how does it feel to be done with high school?" Frank asked curiously.

I laughed and smiled at him. "You have no idea."

"I'm gonna miss you, buddy," Frank said quitely.

"Same here, but it's not like I'm moving away or anything. I'm just not going to school here."

He fake pouted at me. "Who's gonna be my detention buddy?"

"The crackhead?" I offered.

Frank shook his head firecely. "Not gonna happen. Wait- stop here."

I did as told. "Alright... I go first?"

"Ready? Set? Okay! 12345-" the cheer leaders shouted. To the right was our target- the school


Frank nodded. "Go Way go!"

I stood there for a moment, before finally sprinting at the mascot. The person was caught off

guard and wacked me away, sending me to the ground. Ouch.

Frank sprinted towards him next, jumping for his head, while Ray blind-sided him. Then- BAM! -

... he was down. Sucess!

Then I remembered there literally was no point in us doing this. Oh well.

Mikey finally walked by the fallen mascot, and kicked his head.


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