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"So gather 'round piggies and kiss this goodbye. I'd encourage your smiles, I'll expect you won't cry."

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. GERARD WAY!!!! Can't beilive he's 34 today. He seriously looks like he's in his 20s again.

Yes, this is the last chapter. :'( I PROMISE a sequel, okay? :)


Mikey P.O.V.

The crowd was cheering. The sound would be deafening to someone who hadn't been used to it. The

crowd, however, could care less. Some had seen them before. Others, this was the very first time.

Their heroes were on that stage. 5 people, each distinctly different, but were also similiar. 5

personalities, they should've surely clashed by now. But, they hadn't. 5 different styles,

different backgrounds, that shouldn't have worked, but they pulled it off.

The one in the middle of the stage regonzied the crowd and smiled. "New Jersey!" he yelled. Like

the other four, his face was blurred, most likely by the lighting and smoke. "We," he yelled,

pausing, "Are," the crowd grew louder, "My. Chemical.-"

He stopped. The crowd stopped. Time seemed to have frozen right there. As if something were about

to happen, but it never did.
My Chemical? My Chemical what?

The ground started shaking, the crowd remained still in place-

"Mikey!" Gerard shook me awake and my eyes shot open.

I sat up. "What now?"

He was jumping up and down on my bed near my feet. "Today. Is the day. I. Graduate."

I sighed. "That's why you're waking me up?

"Nope," he said, "I'm waking. You. Up. Because. We are. Running. Late."


"Hey," he warned, as he landed in a sitting position. "If you want me to get out of this place,

you're coming.

I sat straight up. "Well," I said, getting out of bed, "What're we waiting for?"

I scrambled over to my dresser and pulled out some clothes. "Gee," I turned to him, "Have you seen

my straightener?"

He sighed dramtatically and got up off the bed as well. "Why do you assume I took it?" I raised an

eyebrow at him. "Okay, okay, I used it earlier. I'll go get it."

He started towards the door. "Hey," I called after him, "Can I borrow your eyeliner too while your

at it? I ran out."

He nodded. "Who's graduating here?" he rolled his eyes at me.

I shooed him away with my hand as he left the room. A second later he popped his head in and

said, "Just keep in mind that it's just a graduation. Not like you're gonna find a romance or

something," he laughed.

I nodded and he left. ... Romance. Chemical. My... My Chemical Romance? I laughed to myself.

Sounds like a kick-ass band name.


Gerard P.O.V.

(2 hours later...)

After I'd given Bob his diploma after school when I visited him yesterday, he merely laughed and

moved on. However, I can't shake it off like he did.

I'm excited. Excited to be leaving this hell-hole, leaving behind the assholes, everything. I'm

excited to be leaving home for a while, moving out and starting a life of my own.

I'm also sad. Sad to be leaving Mikey behind. Sad to not see Frank and Ray everyday. Sad to be

saying goodbye to Bob for who knows how long.

But most of all, I'm nervous.

No, I'll probably never openly admit that to anyone, but it's true. But, hey, cut me some slack.

I'm going out into the world by myself (even if it's only to the state next door). I gulped. I

silently prayed that if I could make it through this without triping or something, I could handle

anything the man upstairs threw at me.

The gym was freakin' ridiculously hot. Crowded, too. The whole senior class (well, maybe a few

exceptions), the teachers, and the parents taking pictures didn't make the temperature cool down

anymore. And having a last name at the end of the alphabet didn't help either.

When the last V was called, I sighed happily.

"Gerard Way," the principal spoke into the microphone on the stage. I stood up and walked onto the

stage, semi-fast to get it over with, and gratefully accepted my diploma.


(1 hour later...)

Because my parents are (most of the time) awesome, they (along with Ray's parents) threw a

surprise graduation party for us at my house.

Frank and Mikey were on a never-ending mission to find where Ray's mom had stashed the cake.

Ray and I were forced to stand in the living room greeting relatives as they entered,

like "gentlemen" should. Both of us, after half an hour, had devised a plan to knock each other out

so we wouldn't have to suffer.

Ray and I both slowly lifted our arms to "itch our ears".

"... One..." Ray murmured.

I yawned. "... Two..."



Maybe they had found the cake.

The doorbell rang, and Ray went to go anwser it. It was none other than Bob, casts and all.

Frank ran into the room, Mikey by his side.

"Bobbert!" Frank squealed, tackling Bob with a hug and knocking him down the front steps.

Mikey ran over to me, breathing hard. "How long has Bob been here?"

"Just got here." I told him. Bob's cursing could be heard outside, along with Frank's giggles.

"Ah," Mikey beamed. "Happy ending."

I snickered at him.

"What?" Mikey asked. "Everything's okay now."

I shook my head. "Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. I'd say it's a happy ending, but there's one flaw to that

theory." Ray struggled to help Bob up as Frank was near tears in laughter on the front lawn.

"Oh yeah?" Mikey raised an eyebrow at me.

Bob had stood up now, and was angrilly chasing Frank around (the best he could with a few

casts) and Ray was chasing him trying to calm him down, while Frank was running for his life. I

laughed shortly, nodded to Mikey, and smiled to myself.

"We're not okay."

The End.......(For Now)


Awww, I HAD to have a happy ending. Could'nt bring myself to write a bad one. :)


I PROMISE, no, I GUARENTEE a sequel. :D

And, once again, Happy Birthday Gerard. :D

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