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Too Much Time

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chapter 1 I hope you enjoy :3

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Frank's P.O.V
I laid on my bunk. All the guys were asleep and Gee was tired so I didn't want to wake him tonight. Something was playing on my mind. We were going to England to play our first show in a few years. It wasn't just that though.

We were on our way to the airport at the moment. I knew we'd be there soon. I could sort out my head there. Maybe i'd tragically die in a plane crash, that would be better then what I was having to face.

Before you ask no I'm not some whiney emo, I'm the rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance and I was opposite from emo. Well that was when I didn't have time to think. When we were touring we didn't have a lot of time to thingk, it was perform, sleep, eat, perform, sleep, eat. It was the same over and over again. Though it was days like this when we had 3 days between the next show that was hardest. It gave me all the time in the world to think. I didnt have to sleep, I didn't have to eat but I knew the guys would moan at me if I didn't.

I was in love with my best friend. I contemplated this thought in my head a few times I was. His name was Gerard Way. He was the lead singer of MCR. There was also Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Bob Bryar. They were all like brothers to me. Except I wanted more from Gee. His black hair that fell over his eyes, and the way he always wore some eye liner. Or as he said 'guy liner'. I couldn't complain though I did too. At the moment he was going through a phase, and he was painting his nails black. It just made him hotter then before.

I sighed and rolled over in my bunk before getting out and walking to the front of the bus.
"How long Jeff?" Jeff was driving at the moment because our usual driver was sleeping, and we needed to get to the airport tonight.
"Heyy Frank about 5 minutes, so do you want to go wake the guys up?" I nodded and walked off. Another reason I'd never have Gee is because he had a girlfriend. She was from MSI and her name was Lynd-Z. I envied her, she had everything. Well if you had nothing but Gee, that would still be everything to me.

I shook Gee, Mikey and Ray but I decided to have a bit of fun with Bob. I jumped in his bunk and he woke up.
"Fuck you Iero. I know it's you. Short ass." I laughed and I think the whole bus was awake now. This is how Bob's and mine relationship was. I loved to wind him up, he reacted just how I wanted him too.

I decided to get out before I got killed and couldn't help but laugh.
"Guys 5 minutes till we get to the airport." I managed to say while laughing. They all nodded and grabbed their clothes.
"Morning Frankie" Gee oulled me into a hug. This wasn't unusual to us and I returned the hug back. He's never kjnow how much that meant to me. Just his touch left my skin burning. He pulled away and carried his clothes to the bathroom, before anyone else could. They all sighed and went into their bunks to get changed.

I sat down on the couch in the front of the bus. I couldn't believe what I was going to do in England. I had to find her though. She was my daughter after all. I had put her up for adoption though, but she was mine. I remember what I had called here Georgie and I had told social services to not change it. The only reason I done it, was because I was only 16 and I couldn't handle her. Georgie's mother had left her on my doorstep I was nieve and didn't know what to do.

No one in the band knew. Not even Gee and I told him everything about me. This was something I had to keep to myself. I was going to find her when we got to England, I knew where she lived, I had checked it out. It was in the south east of England right by the coast. Maybe on our way to France I could try to find her? I wasn't sure.

"Guys were here, get all the stuff you need, because we won't have this bus for a day." I knew how it worked we refused to change buses so we'd have this one shipped to our next location. I know were diva's. I nodded and grabbed the piece of paper with all of Georgie's information on and picked up the bag I packed the night before. It had been 13 years. Would she like what I do? Would she understand why? A few tears rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them away. As long as she knew I existed that's the main thing. I had told them nothing about me I literally just handed Georgie over and told them her name. I was a monster.

"Frankie what's wrong?" I knew that voice anywhere. It was Gee's
"Oh nothing." I got up and walked away he'd question me later I know he would but right now I just wanted to get out of the bus. I needed too. It was cramped in here and I felt like my brain was over loading.

As soon as the bus doors opened I got out. It was early morning, and our flight was leaving in arounf 45 minutes. We all walked together, with our sunglasses on. It didn't really help hide us, but most people unless they were fans didn't know who we were.

We all went to starbucks(our guilty pleasure) and got 2 coffees each. We loved our coffee. Oh and Gee always smelt like coffee and cigarettes it was such a nice smell, and only he could pull it off. I didn't join in on their conversation I was thinking about Georgiee. Would she be popular or an outcast. I just hoped she wouldn't be so girly and looked like a alut. I hated that.

We sat in the departure lounge for what seemed like forever while I drowned in my own thought. Gee had asked me a couple of times if I was okay I just answered with a yes everytime. Little did he know I was far from okay.

"Your My Chemical Romance!" Oh great just what I needed. Don't get me wrong I love our fans but I didn't need this right now.
"Yes." Gerard answered her, he did most of the talking.
"I'm a big fan do you think I can get a picture with you all?" she blushed a bit and I remember what it was like when I met The Misfits when I was around her age. We all got into the photo and Jeff took it. We all gave her a hug and autographed her shirt before she left us alone. Just as we sat down our flight was boarding. I'd sleep on the plane I always did.

"Frankie are you sitting next to me?" I nodded I always slept with Gee(not in that way) and sat next to him. I was so close to him. We were in first class, I wouldn't of minded being in the standard part of the plane but we always got put in first class I suppose it was for the best. We took off and around 5 minutes later I drifted off into a peaceful sluber, while listening to Gee sing.
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