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Patrick tries to find out what's going on with Robyn through Beth.

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I don't know why Robin is so angry with me lately. I mean, she's usually a bitch towards me, but not like this. She's not even sending me death glares when we pass. I wonder what I did to her this time. I almost don't want to find , but... Yeah, it's one of those things. Don't ask; just go with me on this one.

I haven't seen her around lately. I haven't seen any of them, in fact. They must be buried with their work. I think a big-shot journalist is coming to see them. Beth doesn't seem to bothered about it. She's too busy flirting with William and having a good time.

"Shouldn't you be working?" I asked her one day when I spotted her at the bar with William. She ate the cherry in her drink and smiled.

"Already did my share today," she said. I blinked at her.

"Your share?" I asked.

"Of course," she said. Beth played with the stem between her skinny fingers. "The others are stressing over nothing. They just need to manage the project better and what from there." I tilted my head at her.

"Really now?" I asked.

"Is there really any other way?" she asked. I didn't answer. She did have a point there-in a way. Beth turned back to the bar tender and ordered another drink. My eyes never left her. She's a stranger woman. No wonder William seems interested in her. She seems to know what's going in BRM. Maybe, Beth might know something about Robyn. I began to put my plan into action.

"Hey Beth," I said. She didn't look up from searching for the bar tender.

"Uh-huh?" she asked. I lightly turned her to face me. Wow, she has nice greenish-blue eyes. No, focus, dummy!

"How is Robyn?" I asked.

"Crabby like usual," Beth answered. I nodded at her. Good start.

"I see," I replied. "Has she asked about me?"


Okay, there is one question down. Just keep going. "Has anything happened to her?"

Beth tried to look for her drink. "How do you mean?"

"Well, she had something bad happen to her family or something like that?"


"Did someone piss her off recently?"

"In general or particular?"


"General, no. Particular..." Beth took a moment to think about that one. I waited as I tried not to give myself up. Beth finally looked back at me.

"She was pissed at a certain guy," she replied. I held my attention on her with a tight grip.

"Who?" I asked. There was another moment of silence. Beth gave me a little smile as she tried not to laugh. Now, I was really curious.

"What?" I asked. Beth took another sip of her drink.

"Why do you want to know so much about Robyn?" she asked. I froze as I tried not to give myself away in words.

"Uh..." I was all I could say. Beth shook her head at me.

"If you want to know what's wrong with Robyn, go talk to her yourself," she said. I think my soul is trying to leave my body.

"But she keeps looking like she wants to kill me," I protested. "How would I approach her now?" Beth gave me a shrug as she finished her drink.

"That's your problem, not mine," she replied. Then, she turned back to the bar to order herself another drink. I stared at her still in unfolding panic. That was a waste of my time. But yet, maybe not...

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie All Night Long
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