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Living with the enemy

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Bell is an up and coming fashion designer seeking a job in the career she loves

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(Something new I'm trying out, please read and let me know what you think. It will pick up in the next couple of chapters)

“And these are some designs I created a couple of weeks ago … they’re inspired by Chinese imagery. Chinese new year and all that” I smiled a little, my nerves were getting the better of me. Get a grip B. I frowned a myself.
“These a very good miss Smith. But I have to point out there are only a few here and I leave for Chicago tomorrow. I was quite looking forward to approaching my staff with your portfolio but I have doubts that they would appreciate such little amounts”. She stared at me I glanced down at my sketchbook, it was bursting. Why wasn’t this enough? “Now …” she was throwing me a life ring, my heart rose. “I do need someone to stay here, with my two boys, just to make sure things run smoothly whilst I’m away … if you would be interested you could stay here for the week and sketch away without interruptions and when I return I will gladly give your sketches to my team to decide whether there is a place for you in my company” my smile grew. Babysitting? She was asking me to babysit? I could do that no problem. This might also get me in her good books. I really wanted this job.
“Of course Mrs. Way. That sounds wonderful and I’d work my socks off on my designs while you were away”
“I’m glad to hear it. I’ll just go tell my sons … actually I’ll bring them down to meet you” she left the room, the sounds of her heels tapping down the wooden flooring of the hallway slowly faded letting the smile on my face grow and my heart dance in my chest.

When Mrs. Way returned she was followed by a small, young, blonde haired boy who wore big framed glasses and a cute shy smile. I was informed this was Mikey her youngest son. He was 15 years old. Then Mrs. Way turned to her oldest son, Gerard, who was leaning on the door frame of the front room with a sulky glare plastered on his face. He clearly didn’t care for the news his mum had just told him. Gerard was 18 and as Mrs. Way informed me, when he had left our company, didn’t care much for the presents of girls. Or for anyone for that matter. Apparently “he’d much rather sit in his cellar drawing”. I got the distinct impression Mrs. Way didn’t agree with her sons behaviour but I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to step on any toes. I thanked Mrs. Way and left to go and tell my parents about the prepossession Mrs. Way had offered me. Hopefully they wouldn’t be too mad that I had already accepted without their permission.

I knocked on the front door slowly holding my sketchbooks under one arm and my suitcase under the other. I had an old fashioned one so it made it difficult to carry everything I needed back to the Way’s house. But I’d managed. Mrs. Way let me in, she’d told me to call her Donna but I still insisted on Mrs. Way; maybe when she’s my boss I would call her Donna. I smiled at this thought. This week of babysitting, well boysitting, could really influence Mrs. Way’s decision on whether I get the job or not. So I was going to work my little cotton socks off.
“Ok, so here are your keys .. If you need anything just ask one of the boys and they will help you out” with this she gave each of them a sharp look which made them both nod in unison “and if there are any problems just give me a call. I have left all the numbers on the fridge” the taxi patiently waiting outside beeped his horn, apparently he’d waited long enough. Mrs. Way hugged both of her boys telling each of them to be good and not to be too much trouble for me. Then gave me a swift smile and a thank you then was off and out the door shutting it softly behind her. I turned smiling to the boys noticing only one of them was still there. Gerard had left slamming the cellar door behind him.
“Don’t mind him” Mikey smiled slowly “he doesn’t like girls much. He doesn’t really like anyone much. The band are coming over later but I’ll tell them not to be too loud .. Wouldn’t want to disturb mums next best thing” he smiled again.
“Erm thank you”
“It’s ok … well I’ll let you get on” and with that he walked upstairs leaving me in the hallway of a completely new environment. My mum had thought it a bit strange me babysitting two people I’d never met in my life and living with them for a week but the new environment could inspire new designs and new ideas. I slowly followed the hallway down carefully tip toeing past Gerard’s cellar door not wanting to make a noise and headed for the kitchen. It was gorgeous. Old fashioned and mahogany. Two things that work perfectly in my books. I looked through the cupboards and fridge when the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention. I was being watched. I turned slowly to see Gerard stood leaning against the door frame; maybe he thinks without his support this whole house would come crashing down around him … maybe it would, I haven’t seen any signs of a father figure living here.
“Hi” I smiled but he didn’t return my smile or a welcome for that matter. Instead he flicked his dark hair back and stalked out of the room and down the hallway, stamping up each one of the stairs as though they were his worst enemy. Maybe I’d be cooking for just me tonight. I walked upstairs slowly, I had to at least ask if they wanted anything for tea. I couldn’t just ignore them.
“And then she said hi to me! To me!”
“Calm down .. She’s nice”
“Nice. Sure. Sorry I forgot you know about these sorts of things don’t you Mik’s” I stood behind the door watching him through the reflection in the mirror that was hung on the wall. “She’s the sort that break guys hearts. Guys like us. Just for fun”
“I think your getting worked up over nothing, she seems nice trust me”
“Urgh. Listen to yourself” Mikey rolled his eyes and carried on tuning his bass “you fancy pizza for tea? I’m going to order take out when the guys get here” Gerard continued messing with the back of his hair.
“Ok … make sure you ask Bell, I’m sure she’d want some”
“She can order her own then can’t she” I shook my head and walked into the room at the end of the hall where Mrs. Way said I could stay for the week. Whoever the girl was who messed Gerard up had done a brilliant job, he thought we were all monsters now. This week was going to be fun by the sounds of things.
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