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The walls aren't coming down

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Bell thinks she's breaking through Gerards hard shell but he keeps blocking her out

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The band came round at seven and headed for the basement with beer and pizza in their arms. I should really stop them drinking but I’m already in Gerard’s bad books, I didn’t need to dig a deeper hole for myself. So instead I sat in the office sketching away whilst eating the slices Mikey had handed me when the pizza’s had arrived and drinking a ice cold can of root beer I had found in the fridge. This was perfection for me. Except my designs weren’t working the way I’d have hoped, my mind was on other things. Mainly what was brewing in the basement. But I’d deal with that later. Midnight came calling and the band left; Frank, Ray and James climbing in a van and driving off. This wasn’t entirely safe but it’s not like anything I’d say would stop them. I closed the blinds and turned the light off in the study, closing the door behind me with a soft click listening to Gerard and Mikey talking about their latest practice session downstairs in the hallway. “I think that went amazing. You lyrics are really coming along well bro” Mikey said whilst locking the front door. Gerard didn’t answer merely hmm’d at his brothers comment.
“They’re a little dry at the minute” he said quietly
“Well I think they amazing, so are your vocals”
“Thanks Mik’s but you have to say that .. So do the guys. What we need is an outsides opinion”
“How about Bell?” the sip of beer Gerard had just taken showered Mikey and the halls wooden flooring “you best clean that up .. I’m going to bed. Think about it at least”
“It won’t change my answer” Gerard mumbled whilst heading into the kitchen to get a mop. I walked into my bedroom before Mikey caught me eavesdropping and climbed into bed. Gosh, it was so hot in this room. I climbed out of bed and tried turning the radiator off but failing and burning my hand in the process. Well done B, that would really help your designs I cursed myself stripping off and climbing into bed. I’d wash the sheets before I left, I hated the idea of sleeping naked in someone else’s bed but this room was like a sauna especially since that air outside was lifeless. Not even a breeze to help cool me down, just more warm stuffy air. I drifted off wincing when ever my hand brushed against the cover, it was going to be a mess in the morning I could just tell. My mind was replaying all of today’s events for me like the trailers before the real film starts when you go to the cinema’s when I felt something graze my arm softly and slowly working it’s way up to my elbow then back down to my wrist. I opened my eyes slowly, puzzled at what could be causing this weird stroking feeling on my arm. I rolled over slowly onto my side where my eyes met a bright hazel pair. I felt a scream caught in the back of my throat as his hand quickly shot onto my lips. “Don’t” he whispered and I nodded slowly scared to make any sudden movements in case he didn’t like that either. “What are you doing in here?” he said softly as he climbed onto the part of the bed next to me. I looked at him and then he clicked and moved his hand.
“Your mum told me to stay in here” I whispered not wanting to bring attention to Mikey that Gerard was in my room in case he thought to inform Mrs. Way.
“Well my mum was wrong in doing that. Now where do you suppose I sleep?” I looked up at him looking confused and slowly sat up so I was at the same level as him. Holding the cover firmly around me but letting my back cool down a little. Even when naked this room was a nightmare.
“Your basement?”
“There’s no bed …. Are you naked in my bed?” he said slowly eyeing up how I was holding the cover.
“Erm … no”
“You so are. Your naked in my bed” he smirked then realised and frowned quickly. I smiled slowly, I was breaking through I could tell.
“I burnt my hand on your radiator as well” holding it up so he could see making Gerard move back very quickly. “I don’t have germs”
“The cover. I don’t want you flashing me” I put both hands on it firmly biting my lip and blushing softly “I’ll sleep on the couch”
“You can stay in here, I’ll put my pyjamas on if you give me two seconds” he thought about it for a minute then shook his head and walked over to the radiator turning it off then he left shutting the door behind him. I lay in the darkness for a while then rolled over and welcomed sleep to take me away.

I woke up the next morning to the sounds of slamming doors. I dressed quickly and ran downstairs to see what all the fuss was about when I saw Gerard slamming all the draws closed in the kitchen. “Are you looking for something?” he didn’t turn around just tensed at the sound of my voice. “Don’t worry I’m wearing clothes today” I smiled hoping he’d at least turn around to look at me.
“Key’s, I’m late” he mumbled.
“Car keys?”
“No magic carpet keys” he snapped causing my eyes to meet the floor in a sort of defence mechanism.
“There here” I mumbled holding them up.
“Oh …” he took them and looked at me slowly moving a little closer “…I’m sorry” he said so quietly I almost missed it then stormed out of the front door.
“That’s Gerard when he’s late for his date with his lover” I looked up to see Mikey smiling down at me. “Starbucks”. Mikey left later on to go to school, leaving the keys to the other car on the side in case I fancied going out myself later. He was so lovely and genuine. Unlike his weird brother who was scared of koodies still.

I’d designed my heart out, the kitchen was covering in sheets of paper full of detailed drawing and designs. I’d even had to resort to making a washing line that zig zagged across the kitchen ceiling so I could pin up the rest of them because there were no other surfaces left. I left the kitchen feeling mightily pleased with my self, heading upstairs to my room where I had set up my mannequin to create a mock up of a few of my gowns. I was just pinning the bust of my gown when I heard a angry cry from downstairs causing me to stab my model in the chest with the pin; I’d best not do that when working for Mrs. Way. I’d got so carried away that I hadn’t even heard anyone come in. I slowly walked downstairs to see what all the commotion was about, Mikey shouldn’t even be home by now … but Gerard could be. I quickened my pace and walked into the kitchen to find Gerard looking intently at one of my designs. “Hi .. Sorry I didn’t know that you were back” I said collecting my designs up off the sides and taking down my make shift washing line. When I went to pick up the designs closest to Gerard he stood in my way. “What’s wrong?”
“Just wait” he said picking up the rest of them and giving them the same intense look “these are yours?”
“Yeah … just some sketches for your mum”
“And you could make these?”
“Well yes, I hope too” he stood quietly giving each design another once over. This was more intense than my interview with his mum! Finally he gave them me back and started unpacking the shopping. I stood looking at him waiting for the explanation to come, but after a few minutes I could see it wasn’t coming. I moved the designs onto the hall table in a neat little pile then walked back into the kitchen sitting at the breakfast table opposite him watching him unpack.
“What do you want?” he said after a long silence not bothering to look at me but to continue putting his shopping away.
“Nothing” this caused him to finally look up but I just smiled. I wasn’t going to give in to him if he didn’t give in to me once in a while. But instead he just shook his head. “Talk to me”
“And say what exactly?”
“I don’t know .. Tell me about your day”
“I’d rather not” I frowned slowly. Yesterday I was sure I’d broken through his walls at least a tiny bit but now they were up stronger than ever.
“Fine. I’m going out” I stood up and grabbed the car keys off the side where Mikey had left them.
“Where are you going?” he looked kind of startled and as though he was wondering whether he should follow me.
“I’d rather not say” I said mocking his tone he used to speak to me in and walked out and to the car. I hated how he treated me. I know his mum warned me he was a little strange with girls but I figured he’d be ok realising I was going to be staying there. I searched around for the key hole when there was a slight tap on the window. I shrugged and mouthed that I couldn’t slide the window down so he walked around and climbed in the other side.
“It’s behind there” he said taking my hand and guiding it to the key hole. I nodded and put it in biting my lip.
“Thank you” I blushed
“So where are we going?” I stared at him and he just stared back
“I’ve just been shopping”
“Well you didn’t ask if I needed anything so I need to go”
“Fine” I stared at him waiting for him to get out but instead he smirked and put his seat belt on. Oh this was going to be fun. I reversed off the drive and sped to the shop. Gerard didn’t even flinch at my driving whereas my friends screamed at me because I speeded and basically treated the road like a race track; but I couldn’t help it, it was in my blood. Both my dad and Grandad were racers and I’ve always drove like one too. I kept glancing over at him waiting for some kind of outburst or flinch or tensed muscle but nothing; he was totally at ease. I pulled up, climbed out and walked into the shop collecting a basket. Gerard slowly followed observing everything I looked at along the way.
“We’ve got them at home” I looked up at him glaring at him. “Well we do, I’m just warning you” I threw blueberry muffins into my basket. “Do you know how many calories there are in one of those?” I span on my heel to look at him.
“Are you calling me fat?” his face glowed red.
“No.. I didn’t”
“You think I’m fat?”
“No .. no your taking it the wrong way”
“What was the right way?” his mouth opened and closed a further three times then he gave up stalking off down the next aisle. I was walking down the cereal aisle when a pair of hands slid around my waist. “Gerard what are you doing?” I span round to see the huge grin that didn’t belong to Gerard; it belonged to my ex Liam.
“Who’s Gerard?” he smiled leaning down so his face was almost touching mine.
“Nobody” I said looking away to see Gerard looking at the floor and walking away with what looked like a rose in his hand. I looked confused and looked back up at Liam who was still grinning and holding me tightly against him. “Will you let go?”
“Oh come on babes, you can’t tell me your not pleased to see me .. Little Liam’s pleased to see you” I pushed him off me grabbing a box of cereal and walked away. Liam always used to treat me like a sex object. Not a person. Not a girlfriend. I walked out of the shop to find Gerard sat on the bonnet of the car, my eyes must have been playing tricks he wasn’t holding a rose. When I walked past the bin to get to the car door though, there it was sticking out. He had bought me a rose.
“Gerard” he didn’t answer just climbed into the car. The first flower anyone had ever bought me had been thrown away before even being given to me. I frowned and climbed in and slowly drove home. I pulled up outside the house where Gerard climbed out and slammed the door and headed off to the front door. “Wait! Will you give me a hand?” he nodded without turning around and walked back. I placed one of the brown paper bags into his hands then stood on my tiptoes and kissed his forehead. “Thank you for the rose” I grabbed the other bag and walked inside before he could protest about the kiss.
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