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The kiss

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Their first kiss

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To avoid confusion, Bell is the same age as Gerard and isn’t really babysitting him she’s helping mind Mikey and living there to do her designs for their mum. Sorry for confusing you all :’) I get a little carried away at times.

The kiss had been a bad move on my part. He’d locked himself up in the basement all day not even letting Mikey down. When his friend Frank showed up at six me and Mikey had given up trying to get in and were happily eating our tea at the breakfast bar.
“Hey” Frank smiled, Mikey introduced us and explained that Frank was Gerard’s best friend. I nodded smiling and warned him about Gerard not letting anyone down.
“Oh thanks for the warning but he rang me to come over” I frowned a little wondering why he hadn’t shown his face all day “don’t worry he’s probably been playing with Gerard junior all day” Frank giggled and walked downstairs into the basement.

“If she didn’t walk around like she was auditioning for a porno all the time we wouldn’t be in this mess” I growled after Frank had tried saying Bell seemed nice “I mean have you seen what she’s wearing, some skimpy shorts and a vest top? What kind of attention is she expecting to get dressing like that?” Frank just sat smirking on my bed. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Your like a love struck puppy”
“I am not!”
“Oh come off it, you well want a piece of her” I glared at him feeling my body tense. He was mad. Why would I want her? She … she repulsed me. All girls did. “Gerard ..” I looked up trying to shake the thoughts of her out of my head “you can trust me … I’m your best friend and I know that you like her and I think she likes you. She must do to put up with your crap” I looked at him biting my lip.
“She’s … she’s just so pretty. But she’s out of my league. I’m some weird kid who hides away in the basement and she’s this …. This girl who can do so many amazing things. She can cook, draw amazingly, her designs are wonderful and ….. She was naked in my bed” I could feel my cheeks burn as I watched Franks smile grow. The knock on my door made both our heads spin. “Come in” I shouted wondering why Mikey was knocking but when the feet appeared at the bottom of the stairs they didn’t belong to my brother.
“Hi Bell” Franks smile had grown even bigger.
“Show him Bell” I heard Mikey shout from the top of the stairs but instead of doing what he said she just blushed.
“Show me what?” I questioned slowly and she quickly handed me a folded up black t-shirt. I looked at frank looking a little confused then unfolded it to see it was a t-shirt for our band! She’d made a t-shirt for our band! I showed it frank my smile nearly as big as his.
“She’s made loads!” Mikey shouted and I stared at her, she simply nodded and walked upstairs. Frank was right, I had to admit she was something else.
“This is brilliant .. We can sell them at the show” I nodded then stood up and followed her upstairs.
“You didn’t have to do that” I said leaning on her bedroom door staring into her eyes. I loved the way they sparkled and flashed as her thoughts ran through her mind.
“I know .. I just … I wanted to help you” she blushed slowly
“Mikey said there’s more?” she nodded and opened a big cardboard box that say on the floor it was full of different coloured t-shirts all with our band logo and sketches on the front. “Wow” she smiled. “Their brilliant” I said slowly walking over to get a better look.
“Liam’s not my boyfriend”
“I meant … Liam, the guy from the shop, he … he’s my ex. He’s a muppet” she blushed “I meant to say it a little more smoothly than that” I smiled Frank was right I did like her, I’ve never bought a flower for a girl before but for her it felt like the right thing to do. She was just so easy to be around, even if I did flinch away from her. The truth was there was nothing more I wanted than just to sit and talk to her … well there was something but I wasn’t going to admit that to Frank anytime soon. But it was those legs; they did something to me. She coughed a little bringing me back to reality.
“So your coming to our show?” she looked at me looking a little shocked “that’s if you want to”
“I do .. I really do” she smiled “I could sell the merch?”
“Yeah! That would be really useful actually … then you can see how well your designs sell for as well” she smiled a little “and I’m positive they will sell really well … don’t worry” she nodded and I slowly started to walk to the door. “And don’t worry, I’ll let my mum know how helpful you’ve been to us. She’ll be really impressed that you spent your time helping the band as well” and with that I walked out shutting the door on her huge grin. Let’s hope the band play good on Friday, I need to impress her now.

“Stop staring at her” Frank mumbled setting up my microphone.
“I’m not, I’m merely watching her set up the merchandise .. I’m aloud, she’s my staff”
“And your not aloud to dip your pen in the company ink remember” Frank smirked and ducked from the hand that was about to hit him around the head.
“Will you stop already! I don’t want to sleep with her!”
“You don’t want to sleep with who?” I turned around slowly to look at her, her smile was very big.
“Erm …”
“He doesn’t want to sleep with Natalie Portman … I said that’s madness”
“Yes it is, she’s a babe” she smiled and walked off.
“Oh god”
“Calm down” Frank giggled “why don’t you just take a drink over to her, talk to her and ask her on a proper date? Because I don’t think she’s realised that you think this is a date”.
“I didn’t say this was a date …. I just … she wanted to help with the merch!” I said jumping off the little stage grabbing a bottle of water and walking over to her. “Bell?” she slowly turned around and smiled.
“Oh hi” I slowly held out the water to her my hand shaking a little “oh thanks” she said taking it smiling.
“I was just wondering …. If …..” I couldn’t carry on, she was just too beautiful.
“Gerard … are you ok?” I nodded slowly trying to come up with a sentence that would actually come out of my mouth. “Are you sure? You’ve gone very pale … Is it stage fright?” She was so caring … god I wish I could go back to hating her; that was so much more easier. I slowly stepped closer to her forcing her to move back against the wall. “Gerard?” a confused look had now appeared on her face. I was now shaking a lot more but then her eyes sparkled and I knew I had to do this. My lips met hers and a smile slowly grew on both of our lips.
“I’m sorry” I blushed slowly pulling away messing with the back of my hair.
“Don’t be … you have lipgloss” she just broke off staring at me then slide her hands around my neck slowly and pulled me closer kissing me so passionately the breath escaped my lungs. “Yeah” she blushed and walked away; clicking her heels. Leaving me stood bewildered slowly whipping the gloss off my lips.
“Wow” I whispered.
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