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I enjoyed it never the less

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Gerard cooks a meal for Bell and all ends well (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) read please i'm rubbish at these xx

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“You asked her out yet?” Frank said lay on my couch staring at the ceiling. The gig had gone brilliantly, the club had offered us a weekly placement which we said we’d think about. The merch had sold really well and we’d never played better.
“Actually no .. I keep going to but it just doesn’t work”
“Just ask her if she fancies going out for something to eat”
“I do! Then she asks Mikey if he wants to come too!” Frank just laughed “fine if your not going to be helpful just shut up about it” I mumbled.
“Actually. I have an idea” Frank said sitting up slowly. “How about I have Mikey stop at mine for the night, you can cook and woo her” he smirked but that was actually a really good idea. I could make her tea, give her a couple glasses of wine .. Or whatever she drank and get to know her.
“Would you really?” I looked at him slowly trying not to seem to excited by the idea in case it was another on of his nasty jokes.
“Of course. Maybe if you got laid you’d be a little more chilled” he started giggling but stopped when the pillow I threw hit him in the face. “See, it’s behaviour like that that makes me not want to help you”.

I walked downstairs after my shower feeling a lot better, I’d been hiding in my room since the gig because of mine and Gerard’s kiss. I’d basically threw myself at him. I’d rang my best friend and explained everything to her and she’d told me just to act like nothing had happened, see if he brings it up. I could do this. I walked into the kitchen where he was busy cooking away he didn’t even notice I’d entered the room. “Wow, something smells great” his shoulders tensed and he didn’t turn around. Back to the old Gerard then. “I’ll go get Mikey then”
“Mikey isn’t here”
“Oh … oh ok, I’ll leave you to it then”
“No don’t, it’s nearly ready now”
“You’ve cooked for me?” I said looking confused and slowly sitting at the breakfast bar.
“Yeah of course, can’t leave you hungry can I?” He turned and smiled at me sending tingles throughout my body.
“Well … you didn’t have too. I would have just cooked something up later” he slid the plate in front of me.
“No onion. Because you don’t like them”
“How do you know?”
“I’ve seen how you pick them out of everything” I blushed, I hated onion.
“Oh .. Thank you” I smiled slowly as he sat opposite me and started eating his. It was really good and I’m one of the fussiest eaters alive. “The gig went really well the other day” I was treading on thin ice here but I just wanted him to at least mention how he’d felt when I’d kissed him; I mean he did kiss me first! He asked for it in my books .. Well he sort of did anyway.
“Yeah, thank you .. You were a really big help .. Selling the merchandise” I frowned when he went back to eating, he obviously didn’t feel anything about the kiss.
“It was no big deal” I mumbled “so, why’s Mikey not joining us tonight?”
“He’s stopping at a mates .. Franks”
“Oh, well I could go stop out if you want some alone time I don’t mind”
“No no that’s ok, I wanted to get to know you a bit better .. Mikey and you always seem to be talking and I realised that I never made the effort to get to know you and I should have done”. I smiled slowly and started to explain about me: family, friends, hobbies. When I mentioned I was single a small smile flashed upon his face but was quickly hidden by him having a drink. In turn he told me about his life. How he is very close to his family and Frank, how it takes him a while to trust new people because he’s afraid of getting hurt and how he is so passionate about the things he loves like art and music. We talked long into the night but neither of us seemed to mind, when we’d finished eating we went into the front room sitting on the floor in front of the fire it was a lot more comfortable that sitting in the cold kitchen.

“Frank .. Will you come in here a sec?” Mikeys voice floated through my dreams making me screw up my face, scrunching my eyes tighter closed; I didn’t want to wake up yet.
“Why? What’s up?” Franks voice steadily became louder as though he was coming closer to me but I couldn’t see him in my dream. I could only see her. “Oh …” Frank mumbled but I could hear the laugh in his voice. I wished they’d leave me alone, me and Bell were quite happy in my dreams. I slowly opened one of my eyes to see what they wanted. I was met by two broad smiles, both of them trying to keep their laughter inside. “Morning sleeping beauty, have fun last night did we?”
“What do you want?”
“Oh, nothing bro .. just wondering why you were sleeping in the front room that’s all” I rubbed my eyes looking confused. It was true I was lay on the floor of the front room with a sheet over me.
“And why your clothes are around the room”
“They’re no…” yes they were, I was naked under this thing. “I must of got hot in the night that’s all”
“And why B just ran upstairs in your shirt looking as confused as you”. It all came flooding back. We’d started laughing at each other and play fighting and I’d ended up on top of her .. She was just lay looking up at me giggling so cutely and I couldn’t take it any longer; I kissed her like never before, I just wanted her so badly I couldn’t help myself. But she hadn’t pushed me away, she kissed me back. She liked it too.
“Oh” I mumbled remembering her kissing down my neck sending shivers down my spine whilst undoing my shirt. I remembered taking her t-shirt off and just smiling to myself because her eyes had sparkled. “Oh”. Frank and Mikey just stood there smiling, I wrapped the sheet around me and ran down into the basement and got dressed.
“Hi” I turned round slowly to see her standing on the bottom step in my shirt blushing slightly. She looked so pretty, so perfect. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her waist, it was all coming back now. God, it had been perfect. My first time was on my front room floor and I wasn’t even bothered. She smiled and kissed me softly “I’m sorry about last night”
“Don’t say that please”
“No I don’t regret it, I’m just sorry I pounced on you like that .. I mean you was uncomfortable with me anyway you didn’t need me doing that as well”
“I started it though, I kissed you”
“That didn’t give me the right to start tearing your clothes off” I laughed and kissed her pulling her as close to me as I could. She just felt right in my arms.
“Maybe not but I enjoyed it never the less”
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