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Chapter Three: Skynet In Our Grasp

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Reese and his group infiltrate Skynet and confirm everything that Connor had predicted, but Terminators discover them! What will happen?

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Feburary 12th, 2018

"Do you think the machine'll work?" suddenly asked Josephine.
"Of course it does!" snapped Dawson. "Why wouldn't it?!"
"Hey, calm down," I said slowly, frowning a bit angrily at Dawson. "She's just curious."
Then, turning to Josephine, I said, trying to reassure her, "It probably will. If it wasn't going to, Connor wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place." She nodded slowly, deep in thought.
After a long pause, she sighed and replied, "Yeah, you're probably right." She smiled, her eyes still brimming with doubt. I sighed and let it go, grinning crookedly at her.
"Y'all ready?" I heard Barnes say.
"Yeah. Is the bomb set?" asked Worthington. Barnes nodded as the other began to pack up. Suddenly, a scream was heard.
Dawson cussed as a Resistance fighter yelled out, "Skinjobs and endos!"
"Awww shit!" yelled Worthington.
"Time to go!" I exclaimed, taking a China Lake, aiming for the skinjobs. Two down. Three more to go. Four more endos.
"Fall back! It's time to blow these motherfuckers up," yelled Barnes.
"O'Connell! Call for air support!" Josephine shouted. Nodding, I grabbed my walkie, pressing the button.
"This is O'Connell, we need air support for evac!"
"This is McCloud granting your request. How many helicopters?" said the familiar husky voice.
John..., I thought, remembering the look he had on his face. I pushed the thought out of my head.
"About five," I replied. "Thank you, John..."
"Errr... N-No problem, Reese! Be safe coming home..." I could tell he was smiling. I knew him too well. He was my friend!
"Helicopters approaching your location. Hold your positions," said John through the metal box.
"Positions held!" I responded.
"SHIT!" exclaimed Dawson. More endos were approaching. The skinjobs had been terminated, but thanks to the bomb signal, endos knew we were here.
"Only two minutes left! Hold 'em off 'till the bomb explodes and evac arrives!" yelled Barnes, shooting away with his machine gun. We fought back fiercely, but more and more endos seemed to be approaching.
"Where's that evac?!" I yelled into the box.
"Coming you're way!" John replied.
"Here they come!" announced Josephine. "Board the helicopters! C'mon people, let's move! Let's go, go, go! YOU! Move it! Go, go, go!"
"Fuck!" yelled Dawson.
"James!" exclaimed Worthington as he saw his friend fall to the ground, blood seeping out of his wound. An endo began to approach James. Suddenly, Worthington jumped out of the now taking-off helicopter.
"Soldier! Get back here NOW!" yelled Rivers. Ignoring Josephine, Worthington jogged over to James as the other crawled towards him, his leg bleeding.
"Caleb," whimpered James, blood beginning to trickle out of his mouth.
"I'm coming, James!" exclaimed Caleb. James suddenly became still.
"JAMES!" yelled Caleb as he watched his friend get shot multiple times by an endo. Running to James, Caleb shot down the endo as more approached slowly.
"Worthington! Get back in the damn helicopter!" I shouted.
"No!" replied Caleb, cradling James' body. "I won't leave him! I... Love him..." I gasped a bit and frowned, feeling sorry for the man.
"Preparing for take off... Taking off," announced the pilot.
"Ten seconds!" said Barnes.
"Worthington!" I shouted as we took off. Caleb just cradled his friend's body, sobbing. We were about 25-feet in the air when the base exploded.
"Caleb..." I whispered. We flew off, heads bowed. A few others and I removed our caps.
"An hour and fifteen minutes 'till arriving back at base..." mumbled the co-pilot. Barnes nodded slowly and sat down with his head bowed. A Resistance fighter patted his shoulder and smiled softly.
"Let's go home. Y'all can rest a bit. Wake y'all up when we arrive..." announced Barnes.
I sat beside Josephine, leaning slightly against her. She smiled at me. Smiling back warily, I let my eyes droop, slipping slowly into unconsciousness. Before drifting off to sleep, I felt Josephine's plush, warm lips against my forehead.
She whispered into my ear, "Sweet dreams, Reese... Dream peacefully. We have Skynet in our grasp..."
Everything went black and I began to breathe shallowly.
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