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"You think the Alfa will mind if I take his sloppy seconds?" Ron asks eyeing Dante as he walks off.

"No! You can't be seirus!" I tell him.

Why? Is he your proprietary now that you jumped him?
Again, though you were gone.
I'll never go! muahahahaha!

"Why not? He's hot." Ron shruged.

"Because! What happend to the dude at the mall?" I ask.

Good save.

"I dumped his sorry ass when I heard he had a boyfriend." Ron said.

"I gottcha. Well, if you want, go for it. Just let him make the first move." I teach him. He waves it away. "Please, I know how to do this, and he's hitting on us both. But I know you wouldn't do that, your all over Aiden. Peace Im gonna go flirt." He winks to me and gets up. Go Ron G- Wait what did he say?!

Me, all over Aiden?! N-No! I am not! If anything he's all over me, right? I've just made a really close friend. T-That's all., right? It's not a chioce, right?

"Dylan!" I jump a foot in thr air. "Are you alright?! I didn't mean to scare you!" Aiden wraps his arms around me. "You okay?" He asks again. He rubs my arm with his hand to calm me. They kept me warm.

"Yeah, you just scared me is all.." I say.

"I didn't mean to though!" He tells me qickly.

"Um, okay. I know you didn't." He let out a sigh. "What's wrong?"

He looks at me, eyes lost. "Dyan I-I Umm... Ihavetogo!" He runs as fast as he could. Where could he possibly go?

And I'm alone. A good thing? No idea.

Your not alone. You always have me!
I'm going to lose my mine.
And now I feel like I'm losing my mind I use to think all the time not thinking hurts and feeling is worse.
Bayside, huh. Okay.
You done talking to me yet? Your lame.
Hate it here.

Ron's P.O.V.

I swat away vines and branches. How does he do this 247? Soon enough, I was in his hidden area. He has his own clearing, being the hobbit that he is. It is a sweet deal, all alone with only people that you want to come visit you. It's Re-

"Hello Ronie." Someone said. It sent shivers down my spine. I look up to Dante. He's like 6 foot. I'm only 5'4! Jeez!

"Hey Dante. Hows it going?" I ask.

He chuckles and smiles. "Don't pull that crap with me ginger. What do you really want?" He starts to stroke my jaw. Just keep doing that, honey. I close my eyes. "Like that Ronie?" He moves his hand down, grabbing my ass. I jump and let out alittle giggle. "Your so cute Ronie, you know that?" He whispers to me. I'm so hard it hurts....

"Oh little Ronie..." He breaths, I can feel hit hot breath on my neck. My heart was beatting 100 times a minute. "I'm going to make you wait." I could just feel his smirk as he kisses my neck.

He draws back. He winks before leaving through the bushed. Great... This hurts and he's gone.
Hey guys.... I AM SO SORRY I'VE IGNORED THIS FOR SO LONG >.< And tell me what you think of Ron and Dantes little scene. Tell me if it's any good... I mainly took it from what I've learned. I blame all the Frerard's! Just tell me what you think:)
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