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195...196...190...197? Counting sheep might help, but counting stars just hurts my eyes. And it might help if there were stars... I'm mainly counting how many times a I see the air planes lights flicker. See those numbers? Yeah. I'm bored.

"Hey hey hey." I hear Ron say through the nushes. I shoot up immediately.

"Where have you been?! YOU LEFT ME!" I say. I'm needy...

Ron blushes a bit. "I-uh- needed to take care of something."

"And that would be?!" I ask, putting my hands on my hips. NOTE WORTHY! First time I have even done that in my whole life.

His face burned. "Uh, nothing. HEY! Don't you want to know what happend?!" He smiles through his red face.

My mad thoughts washed away as I smiled. "Yes! I must know everything!" He smiled aswell, sitting me down on the ground, telling me everything. Damn boy! He's getting more action then me!

"I can't believe it! DANTE!" I say in my high voice.

"What did Dante do?" Oh shit! I spin around to Aiden. Damnit! I hate past lovers.

"I-uh-RON!" I say loudly, we tag team here.

Ron stat there, stunded, socked, and has the same oh shit feeling as I did.

As if to save us fom the moment (Sorta, not really) Dante walks by, smirking. He moves over Ron. Taking him by the ass, pulling him up towards him into a hard, passionate kiss. I 100% heard mine and Aidens jaw drop.

My eyes are as big as fricken globes. No problamo with the whole guy on guy, but this is like R times 1,500. Dante needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. I didn't sign up for gay porn when I joined this pack.

That's right, you signed up for hotties and your life
For once I agree.
You know it

They finally parted. Ron's eyes were as wide as mine. He was staring up at Dante, who was holding them close together by Ron's lower back/butt. Whats his obsession with his ass?!

Dante looks at Aiden. "Sup?"

Now that wasn't planed at all. Aiden just stares at the small red head and the buff brunett. Ron didn't look at Aiden, but Dante did. Dante fricken stared Aiden down, a smirk on his face the whole time.

Dante leaned over and whispered something into Ron's ear. He noded. Dante kissed his neck gently and let go. He left without saying a word.

"I-I'm sorry." Ron whispered to Aiden.

"It's not your fault." Aiden pats him on the shoulder. "Can I talk to Dylan please?" Ron noded again and went in the complete opposite direction of Dante.

He sits down besides me. "Dylan? Did you know anything about that?! Where did it come from?! Dylan!" He demands.

"Well, they flirted abit last night. Dante said he was going to make Ron wait-"

"Obviously not that long..." He muttered.

"Yeah... And then that just happend. Why? Jealous?" I ask, I hope not.

His head drags down. "I don't know any more. I was so sure, then I wasn't, then I was, and now I'm not again. I want two people a-and I have not idea which one to go for." He puts his head in his hands and lets out a sob.

"Just go with it. Whoever you want more, just take them for your own and hope they feel the same." I say rubbing his back.

He looks up at me, the tear in his eye catching the light. He closes his eyes and kisses me. Just a simple lip lock until I fell into it. I sling my arms around his neck as he wraps his around my waist.
I think I'll stop it there >:) Anyway, HOW'D YA LIKE IT?!?!?!?!?!:D I personally love it and kinda dreading going into detail. My friend doesn't want to read it any more from the action XD Tell me how I did! Thanks!
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