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Ian tries to kill Jenna...

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My body stiffened as the man pushed my hips up farther and continued scrutinizing my private parts. He leaned up and gave a long lick over my slit, pushing my folds open with his tongue. He drew back as I whimpered and tried to move away. The man yanked my warm folds apart and pushed his finger around all the parts that were meant to be hidden except from a loved one.

The man continued to push around in there as he said, "You're so ugly down here, bitch. How many times have you been fucked? Your body is a mess. Your ass and tits are too small and you're a fucking piece of shit. At least your vagina should be tight since you're so small." The man said as he slapped my tender places and climbed on top of me.

His comments made tears run town my face and made me sniffle. No wonder Cutler had wanted to marry. Hell, he probably had just wanted to get rid of me. He had used me for my body and when it was no longer beautiful, he just wanted to throw me away and get married. Why hadn't I seen this before? Why had I been so damn stupid?

"Shut up," the man yelled at me. He wiped his finger across my entrance and waved it in my face. Smirking, he ordered, "Look, you want me. It's obvious you do. Now shut up and quit it with all that whining." The man got on top of me and yanked my hips up once more to get a good position of entrance. Without preparation or anything, he ripped right into me.

I screamed at the lack of care and buried my face in the pillow. The man laughed evilly and pushed himself as far into me as he possibly could, saying, "You are fucking tight despite the fact that you're so ugly." The pillow beneath me was wet from the puddles of tears dripping from my eyes. I wanted help. I wanted love. I wanted someone to hold me and stroke me and tell me I was valuable.

Of course, I knew this wasn't true and was just a fantasy. Most likely, I would be dead within a week. That was what I wanted, right? I figured it was. The man smashed down into me over and over, stretching the tender tunnel within me. I bit down on the pillow as he picked up pace and racked my body. The tears fell harder and faster.

Finally, the man reached a peak and exploded inside me. I didn't want his liquids within me. He was cruel and vile, but I couldn't stop him from doing anything to me. He had all the control and I was just the little puppet. The man buckled his pants back up and slipped off the bed. I thought he was going to leave me, but no, he had more in store for me. Shit.

He circled the bed and started talking, "You look just like my wife, you know. She left me." He started mumbling to himself as he wandered around the bed. My body tensed and I waited to see what he would do. Abruptly, he was by my side. He raised a palm and slapped my ass as hard as he could. That wasn't enough to get his anger out. He slapped me over and over again.

Hoping maybe this would be enough to send me down the black tunnel to oblivion, I did my best not to scream, however, the pain got to be too much and before I knew it, I was screaming my heart out. Eventually, the door open and Ian stepped in. He took the man by the arm and said, "Now, now, Frank, I need her to live for the party tomorrow. Come along."

The two slipped out the door and shut it tightly behind me. Ian turned the lock for no good reason. I mean, there was no way I could possibly get out of this bed if I wanted to. Even though the man was gone, his words still revolved around in my head. I remembered the way he had called my body and even my private places ugly. It hurt...bad. It felt like a big slap in the face. Nobody had ever gone that far before by calling my intimate parts ugly. And he was right; I had responded to his touch. Why? Why had I done that? I didn't want him...did I? What the hell was wrong with me? I lay on my belly in confusion, my head cloudy and muddled. I didn't know what had happened to me. I didn't know what kind of life I was living. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even think straight. With a sigh, I let my brain shut down and let everything shut down as I fell into a very restless sleep.

After several hours passed, Ian finally decided to wake me up. He shook my shoulders gently and turned me onto my back. I gazed up at him with glazed eyes and parted lips. My throat was parched and dehydrated from crying so much and not having anything to drink. Ian had fed me over the last few days since he know I wouldn't eat on my own, but he had neglected anything to drink.

Ian ran a hand over my side and disappeared. He disappeared and said, "Just lay still while I do all this to you." I felt him touching my privates, but I was used to people touching down there by now and it was no surprise. I closed my eyes and somehow, fell asleep. It must have been the drug because normally, I would never have been able to fall asleep.

When I awoke again, Ian had shaved my pubic hair away, making me look like a little girl. I raised an eyebrow at him and croaked, "What's that for?" Ian grabbed a bottle and opened it as he replied, "It'll give the men easier access to you." He let some of the bottle's substance drip into his palm. I peered upwards, trying to see what it was.

Ian started rubbing it over my body. It was like some kind of oil apparently. Ian rubbed the oil over my legs, belly, and over my breasts. He stood back and nodded with approval before fetching something else. When he came back, he told me to close my eyes. Ian applied makeup to my pale, pinched features and then brushed my hair out.

"You look perfect," Ian said with a nod. He slipped a hand under my body and helped me to my feet. "Come along." Feeling just like a whore, I blinked up at Ian through thick, dark lashes coated with makeup and asked, "What's going on? What's going to happen to me?" I trembled and stopped moving, looking up at Ian fearfully. I wasn't sure what more he could do to me.

"We're having a party. I expect you to serve as entertainment for my guests," Ian said a-matter-of-factly. Not liking the sound of that, I squeaked and stopped moving. Ian put an arm around my shoulder and whispered, "If you get through this tonight, I'll go ahead and kill you after this. That's what you want, isn't it, baby girl?" I nodded with relief. I wanted to die more than anything. If Ian really would kill me after this, then it would be worth it. I just had to get through tonight.

Ian pushed me out of the bedroom and into the parlor where lots of men were sitting around eating and mostly drinking. When they saw me, they all turned and stared. I stared out at the crowd with blank eyes. By this time, I was used to walking around naked and having people stare at me. Ian pushed me into the center of the room where everyone could look at me.

"This is Jenna," Ian said a-matter-of-factly. "She'll be your entertainment for tonight. You can do what you like with her. She won't resist." Laughing, Ian went to sit down and started slugging down wine. I continued to stare at the men blankly. I looked just like a doll: cold, emotionless, and very numb. It didn't take long for the men to react to me.

A large group started arguing over me. Three men didn't even bother to engage in the argument. One man unbuckled his pants and laid down on the floor, yanking me down on top of him and pushing my hips into him. He burst into my little tunnel of warmth, causing me to cry out. Another man pulled his pants down and got on top of me. He positioned himself above my little hole and smashed himself in there. That hole was much tighter than my slit and hurt much worse.

I whimpered in agony, but that wasn't it. Another man knelt in front of me and yanked my mouth open. He pushed himself into my mouth and commanded, "Suck it." So here I was being shared by three men at once. One was pressing down into my ass, one was continuing to tug me down on him over and over again, and a third was thrusting down into my throat.

I couldn't breathe let alone move. Splitting pain erupted through my body and I started gasping for breath. Nothing happened. Nobody came to save me. The man in my mouth kept thrusting deeper and harder, helping me on my way to suffocation. He was the one who came first. Of course, he didn't choose to cum in my mouth, oh no, it had to be worse. He yanked out of me at the last moment and spilled over my face. I got a big lump of shit right in my face. Nonetheless, there was nothing to do about it.

The man on top of me was holding my hands behind me as he thrust into my ass and the man below me had no intention of letting me go anytime. Fortunately, at least I could breathe now. After what seemed like an eternity of torture, both men finished. I immediately wiped my face and fell to the floor as if I were dead. I lay there slumped and unmoving.

"Oh, come on, Jenna," Ian's drunk voice slurred. "Let's how 'em what ya got, hm?" Ian stumbled towards me with a drunken smile on his face. Grabbing me roughly, he asked, "Who wants to go with me?" Oh shit, so he had to make it a threesome again. My eyes grew watery as I looked through the crowd until my gaze fell onto three familiar faces in the corner.

Groves, Gillette, and Cutler were all standing in the corner looking down at me in horror. Embarrassed, I wished they would leave. I was totally caught off guard when Cutler responded to Ian's question before anyone else could, "I will." My eyes widened as Cutler weaved his way through the ground to where Ian and I were lying on the ground.

Ian laughed and nodded, "Of course." He waited for Cutler to unbuckle his pants and then shoved me down on top of him. I stared down at Cutler with closed off eyes, betraying absolutely no emotion on my face. Ian yanked down his pants and got on top of me, stabbing into the little hole and causing me to flinch at the stretch. I needed something to grab. That was Cutler.

My fingers dug deep into his shoulders as I rode him against my will. I wasn't forgiving him and I didn't think he was forgiving me. However, just one quick gaze into those blue eyes told me that he had forgiven me. He was looking up at me with all the sadness and horror in the world. He arms wrapped around my back and he pulled me down to him.

I didn't dare look at Cutler again. Tears dripped down my face and onto his chest. All my movements were jerky and unnatural. Cutler pulled my face down and pressed tender, loving kisses to my lips. As much as I tried to stay cold and unfeeling, I ended up responding. I took his lower lip into my mouth and kissed it passionately.

As Cutler and I kissed, I forgot about Ian jabbing into my ass and about anything else for that matter. I tried to tell Cutler I was sorry and about all that had happened to me over the last few weeks with that single kiss. Surprisingly enough, Cutler seemed to understand. He moved one hand to my breast and stroked it lovingly. I hadn't been treated like this for so long.

Desperate for more love, I pushed my tongue into his mouth. Cutler immediately responded and laid his tongue over mine in a comforting manner. Ian had long since released and was merely sitting on me as Cutler and I continued to love each other. Eventually, Ian got tired of our lovemaking and grabbed me. He slapped my cheek and hissed, "You are coming with me."

Ian dragged me away from Cutler and into the bedroom. There was nobody in there except for him and me. Ian slammed the door behind him and hissed, "What the hell was that?" I looked at him blankly, going back into my dead-like state. Ian pushed me onto the bed and slurred, "I expect you to show preference to your master, not someone you've never met before!"

He grabbed a knife from his pocket and waved it around in my face as he informed me, "I was going to take it easy on you and just kill you with a single shot. But you brought this down on yourself. You're going to have a nice, slow, and painful death." Ian smiled at me diabolically and pushed my legs apart. He pushed my folds open for the last time and looked down between my legs.

"How should I kill you?" Ian mused allowed. "Is it sensitive right her?" Ian pushed his fingertips into my sensitive spot, causing me to squeal and wriggle around. Ian smirked, "Apparently so. That's where I'll start then." Ian pressed the knife's tip to my clitoris and started sawing back and forth as he cut into the tender bundle of nerves. Screaming filled the air and I felt myself together as if I was going to fall apart. Blood spurted everywhere and all I could hear was Ian's cackling and my own screaming as I faded away.
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