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Ian sells Jenna...

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I woke up with sweat pouring down my body. Trembling all over, I flashed my eyes open and peered around the room. I was still lying in the bed exactly where Ian had put me last night. There was no sign whatsoever of Cutler and a knife. I must have been dreaming, but god, that had been a scary dream. Especially the part where he had slammed the knife up me.

Panting, I settled myself back in bed and realized I still felt a little weird. My whole body felt a little weird. It felt kind of numb to be honest. It was as if I couldn't feel anything at all. Everything was working really slowly as well. My brain was sort of foggy and it took me a long time to process information. It was like I was half-dead or something.

I sat up and propped myself up against the headboard. Surprisingly enough, I didn't even have enough strength for that. I slumped back in the bed wondering what had happened to me. Suddenly, I had a very good idea of what was going on. Ever since Ian gave me that glass of water, I had felt very strange. So he must've drugged me and put something in the water.

I sure as hell felt drugged by the way everything seemed to spin around me and the way my limbs felt so heavy and like they weren't even part of my body. Blinking, I lay on my back and stared up at the ceiling. Did it even matter that I was drugged? I figured Ian had done it to keep me from running off. But to be honest, I didn't see any reason to run anymore. I would stay put until I died.

So I just laid in bed very still and silent. Everything was good until the door opened. Figuring it was Ian, I closed my eyes and lay very still to pretend that I was sleeping. There was a jingle and a click. Something told me the door had been locked. That was a bit odd. I didn't see why the door needed to be locked. After all, with me drugged up, where would I be running to?

I continued to lay still in bed as I heard footsteps walking over to the bed. The creak of the floorboards was loud in my ear and soon I heard someone breathing over me. Feeling a bit nervous, I debated whether or not to open my eyes. I didn't want to let Ian know I was awake, but usually Ian just kicked me or hit me to wake me up anyways.

Two minutes later, I was still lying there silently and nothing had happened. It was weird. Why hadn't Ian kicked me awake yet? I felt warm breath on my cheek and figured it was time I open my eyes just to see what the hell was going on here. I opened my blue eyes and stared into a pair of dark brown ones. Surprisingly enough, this man was not Ian.

Very confused, I blinked up at him fuzzily and found the man looked remotely familiar. Ah yes, it was Ian's friend, Adam. I had met him at the wedding. What the fuck he was doing here in the bedroom was something I did not know. Since my brain was running so slow, I just stared blankly at him for a few minutes until I found my tongue and slurred, "Where's Ian?"

Adam looked down at me, as if he was surprised that I could speak. Shrugging his shoulders, he said, "Ian is in the living room." I didn't get it still. It wasn't like Ian to share his possessions. Very puzzled, I looked up at him and asked, "Does Ian know you're in here?" Adam nodded, eyes looking at the thin sheet covering my naked body.

Very slowly, Adam brought his hands to the edges of the sheet. I grabbed it quickly held it up, asking in a breathless voice, "What are you doing?" Adam looked at me puzzled and said, "Haven't you done this before?" Done what before? I was still confused. Was he asking if I had had sex before. Well, of course I had. But something told me that wasn't what he was asking.

"Hm?" I murmured. Adam took my hands firmly and pushed them away. He took the edge of the sheet and pulled it back to expose my naked chest. He hesitantly touched my breasts before digging his fingers into them and kneading them lustily. I frowned up at him and whispered, "What are you doing? My body isn't yours to touch. I belong to Ian."

"Yes, and I've paid Ian for this," Adam said bluntly as he leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth. I was able to distract myself from what he was doing to me with thoughts of what was going on. So Ian was making money by having men come and pay to have a fling with me. God, I hated Ian. That was what he meant by making money from me. Damn him!

Knowing that no way was I going to win this fight when I was drugged and locked in this room, I decided to do this without fighting. After playing with the lumps on my chest, Adam lowered the blanket all the way so I lay before him completely naked and completely helpless. Adam's eyes immediately went to the spot between my legs (no surprise there) and he leaned down to touch me.

Adam's hands worked over my thigh and he eventually spread my legs and looked in between them at my little slit. He touched me down there quite gently before leaning down and rubbing his finger against my entrance. It reminded me just a little bit of how Cutler used to stroke me. My eyes closed and I tried to pretend it was Cutler touching me and not Adam.

After I started dripping, Adam pulled away from me and undid his pants. I stared at him with horror. I knew he was a big man, but could someone really be quite this big? He was much larger than Ian and it was still a stretch with Ian. Adam seemed to be thinking the same thing. He looked down at the little hole before looking down at himself.

"Please...please be gentle with me," I begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes. Adam looked down into mine and in them, I did see a bit of compassion. Adam wasn't quite as cruel as Ian and for that, I was very grateful. Adam straddled me and positioned himself over me. I clenched my teeth together and tried to prepare myself for the following pain.

It hurt more than it had ever hurt before as Adam made his way inside my body. My mouth fell open and my eyes rolled back into my head as Adam pushed all of himself into me. I don't think he meant to kill me, but it sure hurt. I started panting and gasping as I wriggled around under Adam. I wanted him out of me and mostly, I just wanted to die.

"Calm down, little girl," Adam told me in an attempt to get me to stop wriggling around. I couldn't help it though. Wiggling was a natural instinct, especially when your body was in so much pain. For a few minutes, I longed for Cutler. I wanted his loving strokes in my body, not Adam's hard stabs that took my breath away and caused sweat to form on my entire body.

Adam didn't make it any easier. He kept going faster and faster until I thought I would die from sex if that was even possible. Soon, I couldn't stand it. Tears rolled down my cheeks and my breath got going so fast that I was soon gasping without even taking air in. Without air, you can't stay conscious. Taking one last rapid gasp, I hit the pillow and lay there very still.

I guess Adam finished raping me, because when I woke next, there was a sticky substance all over the insides of my thighs. After about a half an hour, Ian came in to visit me. He glanced around the room and came to sit next to me on the bed. In one hand, he had a glass of water and in the other, he held a wet cloth. Ian sat next to me and looked me over.

"You're selling me," I commented with glazed eyes, not really sure what else to say. Ian tried to think of something to say, but he couldn't really deny that he was selling my body to other men. Finally, he gently pushed my thighs apart and started wiping the sticky substance away. I guess I should be grateful to Ian for that. He could've left me all messy and gross.

After cleaning me back up, Ian combed the snarls out of my hair and put a little lipstick on my mouth before he pulled the blankets back up to my chin. He handed me the water and said, "Drink this." I eyed it suspiciously, but went ahead and drank it, pointing out, "It's drugged, isn't it?" Ian looked at me to the glass and finally nodded. So I was right after all.

"Kill me," I told Ian in an emotionless voice. I really had no reason to live. I certainly didn't want to spend the rest of my life turning tricks because I was drugged up and had no choice. Most likely, I would be used up within a year and would look old and tired. Ian rubbed my shoulder and soothed me, "Soon. Very soon. You just have a little longer to wait."

His words reassured me and helped me fall back into a drugged slumber. Luckily, I didn't dream this time. I just slept soundlessly. Over the next week, my life was pretty much a drugged blur. I remember going in and out of consciousness and most of the time, I woke to have a man touching me or riding me. It was sick how they fucked me when I was unconscious, but I supposed they didn't care if I was conscious or not. They just wanted a warm body with flesh to touch.

Thursday morning was when I was finally able to stay conscious for more than a few minutes. Ian hadn't drugged me lately and I managed to yawn and look around the room. I was so glad to see no strange men in the room. Pulling the blankets up over my body, I snuggled under them and tried to get cozy for a long sleep. I really needed it.

My body was achy and weary from all the men using me as their fuck toy. There had been so many men that I couldn't even count them. Just when I thought I was going to be able to fall asleep, there was a click as the door opened. Shit! I tried to pretend I was asleep. It hadn't worked with any of the men so far, but I figured it might work this time. Who knew?

Unfortunately, this was not a man who was going to let me sleep. He immediately pushed a hand under the sheet and touched all over my pubic region, making my eyes pop open as I tried to scurry away from him. Unfortunately, the farthest away I got was maybe an inch to the right. Yeah, that certainly wasn't going to do me much good in this circumstance.

The man looking down at me was rough and unshaven. There was dirt on his hands and his black hair was long and unkempt. His dark eyes glistened malevolently above me. Something told me he certainly wasn't going to show me any mercy. He slapped my cheek and hissed, "Quite bitch. You're going to be still and like this."

No way was I actually going to "like this", but the slap made me go still. The man ripped the sheet off my body to get a good look at my nakedness. He grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed it so hard that I gasped. The man gave me a funny look and said, "God, your tits are so tiny. I have no idea why I even paid for an ugly cunt like you. Look at yourself!"

He slapped my breast hard before sealing his lips around the little nub. It grew hard and perky under his saliva. Grinning up at me, the man suddenly bit down on my nipple. I screamed and writhed under him, tears forming in my eyes as he bit on the sensitive little area. The man didn't let go either. He dug his teeth harder into the pink nub until tears ran down my cheeks and pooled down around me. This man didn't really want to fuck me. No, he would much rather torture me.

Finally, he released my nipple and started squeezing the flesh around my pubic area. I turned my head so half of it was pressed against the pillow. I didn't really want to see what he was going to do with me. The man looked me over and commanded, "Roll over, bitch." I looked up at him fearfully, afraid to move. His eyes flashed as he yelled, "I said, roll over!"

When I refused, he tossed me so that I was lying helpless on my stomach. There was no way I could see what he was doing to me. Trembling I folded my arms around the pillow tightly so that I had something to grab. The man ran his hands over my hips. One still had the scar from where Cutler and I had peeled the wax away a while ago.

"Hm, you're all scarred up, you know that?" the man asked, clicking his tongue irritably. I made no answer. I knew that, of course I did, but was there anything I could do about it? No. Ian had scarred me and there was no going back. The man suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled them up. He yanked my legs apart and looked between them so he could see my privates. I trembled and shook, feeling completely powerless and helpless. Would I die during this? I could only wait and see.
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