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Square One

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Don't start something you can't finish...

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The sink water was slowly becoming adark maroon as Alyn washed the blood off of her hands shakily. She tried hard to avoid Gerard as best as she could. He stood behind her, unaware of her state, smiling. He was having the time of his life watching her. He was proud, he felt accomplished. Watching her sense of power, after seeing her so submissive these months, was turning him on. He smirked, remembering her scowl, her hands gripping the knife, making her knuckles turn white at the force of her grip. His body felt hot, just imagining it again. Her being so powerful, made him feel even more powerful. Changing her the way he did, forming her into what she was. He bit his bottom lip at the thought. It was afeeling he got that was almost as if he had taken her virginity. It was something that he would be the only one to experience, and she had given it to him.

Alyn on the other hand, having totally different feelings, she felt sick and weak, powerless to her emotions. Her hands shaking, her lip quivering, her body felt cold. Her guts churning and clenching. The feeling of butterflies, but these butterflies were eating each other alive, ripping each other apart. She thought about how she had crumbled, just as Gerard wanted her to. He changed her and for a split second she was the monster that he was. Or was she always a monster. Those deep seeded thoughts raking over her brain, finally pushed back over the years of attempting to be like the other kids, carefree and full of life. She turned to see Gerard, almost feeling his heat radiate. She could tell he was turned on, not just by the growing bulge in his jeans, but his whole body had a hot glow to it. This glow soon dissolved when he saw her face, and saw that she was not feeling what he was feeling.

Gerard frowns hard, his eyebrows forming into that familiar style, knitted over his eyes in almost ascowl. He made his was close to her as she looked down, backing her way into the sink gently. He grabbed her hands, feeling how shaky and cold she was. She was continuing to look away from him, she didn't want to see his face. The same feelings of when she got here were flooding back. She let him break her, she was sick. She hated him, yet again. This time, for real, maybe even more than she did when he had her to begin with. Gerard turned her face to look at him as she had the look of the most disturbed woman he had ever seen. Her eyes dark, glazed with the potential of tears. Her mouth curled in a tight frown, her eyebrows completing the look with a angry, yet sad dip over her eyes. Then he realized that her being this powerful wasn't what he wanted after all. She wasn't the same, innocent, fragile girl he once knew. It almost kind of made him sick. He needed her to be innocent, and breakable again, to have that power over her.

“Alyn... quit that scowling, Sugar...” He had almost wished that just that one request would turn her back to the way she was. She continued scowling at him as she pushed him away from her.

“Don't touch me...” She stayed there, her face unmoving from the expression. Gerard raised his eyebrows some.

“Now, Alyn... don't start something you can't finish. He was reacting as if all the things he said to her before was just a dream.

“Shut up, just leave me alone!” Alyn shoved him one more time, this time Gerard did not stumble backwards. He lunged a hand at her, grabbing under her chin, his thumb and fore finger on either side of her jaw line, digging into it deeply.

“Me, shut up? I made you Alyn, don't even start with your tough facade with me. I can break you so fast you will be calling me daddy and doing what I want you to. I can take all of your, freedom, all of your dignity like I did before. It took you a year to earn this and you are about to lose it in about 5seconds.”

Gerard noticed Alyn reaching for the small knife on the ledge of the sink. He spun her around, switching their places, grabbing the knife for himself holding it to her face.

“I should just cut you from nose to navel for that shit Alyn. You just ruined everything I had thought about you. I am going to wear you down, and break you. I want to watch you crumble in my arms and cry to me to spare your life. I want you to beg like the very first girl... Beg, and scream. You ruined your chances...”
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