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"This is how life will go from now on..."

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A/N Hey there guys, I know this is so so so so fucking late, and I apologize for that. I hope I still have some readers left. Fingers crossed. As per usual, comment, lemmie know what you think.

Alyn woke up, she was sore. Sore from the murder, sore from just being alive. She made Gerard furious. She just wanted to hide forever in her little room, on her metal bed, away from him at least. Deep down, Gerard terrified her. Even when she tried standing her ground out there, she was scared of him. Just feeling his breath anywhere near her made her cower. She couldn't show it, she had to look like she had no fear. No fear. She felt so cold without clothes on, cold and ashamed. That's how he wanted her to feel. 'You don't deserve your clothes. I gave you everything, and I can take it all away.' He was making a point to her. A point that he was trying to make in the beginning. He owned her. She almost didn't care anymore.

Waiting was all she could do. She wanted to know what was going to become of her, was he going to finally kill her this time? Not like she would be scared. She couldn't be scared anymore. It was almost as if all her emotions left her body. She looked down at herself, seeing the purple veins come to the surface through her pale skin, they wanted to be warm. Looking down at her arms, she saw her scars. There were a few still noticeable. She remembered how she got them. Here. After a horrible nightmare, she couldn't take it anymore. She remembered all the emotions she felt. Now? Nothing. She was almost thankful that she was stripping herself of her emotions. Maybe if she tried to end her own life again, she would do it right this time. She laid back on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Trying to put her mind somewhere else, like she tried in the beginning. 'Come in here... Kill me, do it.' Why wouldn't he? She's messed up so many times already. He should have ended her so long ago. Now she's back to square one? There was no way she could handle all of this again.

Looking to the door, she heard a noise. Gerard must be coming back. She slid out of bed, her feet touching the cold floor as she moved to the door. She was careful not to touch her bare body against the almost frozen door as she looked out the little window. Shifting on her tip toes she watched as he came in. It seemed like just the sight of him scared her. Yet she couldn't look away from him. He was carrying something, what was it? Whatever it was it looked heavy. She tried to peek a little higher, putting her hands on the door to give her a little more height. She watched him drag it across the floor. Was it a dead body? Her eyes went wide as his eyes turned to look at her through the window. As he walked to the door, Alyn stepped back. You aren't scared, you can't be scared. No emotion. Right.

Gerard swung the door open, looking like even he had forgotten that he took her clothes away from her. He looked down at her body for a second before looking back at her face.

"Being nosey?" He stood in the doorway, his face turning to a cold expression.
"Curious..." She shifted from foot to foot, feeling uncomfortable being naked under his eyes.
"It's the same fucking thing. Poking your little nose where it doesn't belong." He leaned in closer to her as he spoke, holding up an accusing finger at her.
"What is that? Out there..." Her eyes glanced passed him out into the open room. All Gerard did was shake his head.
"When I said you were back to square one, It means that we do not have any of these talks. It means you don't ask questions. It means that you mind your own damn business." She just looked at him as he spoke. No fear, no fear.
"It is my business. I am here, therefore it's my business." Gerard chuckled a little, smirking.
"Oh, so you call the shots now? You are the boss?" He grabbed her arm pulling her into the front room, she struggled like usual, but there was no way she could get out of his grip. He sat her down in a metal chair, the cold metal almost burning her skin. Going to his desk he grabbed some rope, tying each of her feet to the two front legs of the chair. Looking up at him, she tried to get out of the ropes, but the more she struggled the tighter he knotted them. She could feel the twine chaffing her skin. Getting a pair of handcuffs from his desk he zig-zagged them through the slits on the back of the chair before cuffing her hands, making her virtually, sealed to the chair.

Walking to the bag on the ground, Alyn got a better look at it. It was a body, but she couldn't tell if it was alive or not. Gerard slid the bag over to her. It was a woman, her head was covered with a cloth and the rest of her was in the bag. How awful. Gerard pulled the bag off of her to reveal what she was wearing. Close to nothing, a sequined bra and matching panties and red heels, her ankles handcuffed. Alyn knew what kind of girl this was, but that didn't matter. He pulled the cloth off of the woman's head. Dirty blonde hair, high cheek bones, red lips with a gag in between them. Gerard lifted her up form under her arms, her hands also cuffed. Walking near Alyn, he pulled a hook from the ceiling, hooking it to the hand cuff chain on her wrists. Doing the same with one on the floor, to her ankle cuffs.

Gerard patted the girls face, three at a time until she woke up.
"Wakey Wakey..." He smirked at her as she squirmed, screaming muffled screams behind the gag in her mouth.

"Ooh, shh shh let's be quiet now, okay? You have to follow the rules. Both of you." He looked over to Alyn and then walked to the middle ground between them.
"We are playing a new game, so you both figure out how to follow the rules quickly. Alyn, when you disobey me, Little... Shane is it? Shane, will get hurt. When Shane doesn't obey me, you will get hurt. You got it?" He smirked as Shane began to squirm and scream again under her gag. Gerard then walked to Alyn, smacking her in the face hard, tipping her chair for a second.
"Exibit A, ladies." He looked to Shane who then quit screaming and looked at Alyn, as if she was saying 'Sorry.' Alyn sucked back her tears, feeling the warmth of where his hand was.
"This is how life will go from now on, because little cunts don't know how to behave!"
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