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Cutler acts jealous...

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Cutler, for one, certainly didn't think so. He cleared his throat and said, "Jenna, we should be going now. We don't want to keep Mr. Mercer waiting now, do we?" That was a bad excuse on his part. I mean, why in the world would I care about making Ian wait? I would keep Ian waiting for an eternity if it were up to me. I would never forget the abuse he put me through.

Cutler seemed to realize that. He blushed slightly and looked at his feet as James and I parted. I gave James one last smile before moving to Cutler's side. Cutler put a protective arm around my waist and slid his arm down a bit lower, holding me against him in a possessive manner. We stepped out of the door and into the bright light. I blinked and tried to adjust myself to the lighting.

Neither of us spoke as we walked along. I was a little upset about Cutler for his comment about Ian and for trying to tug me away from James. Cutler looked upset about something as well, but I didn't see what there was for him to be upset about. After a while, I did have a question and so I looked up at Cutler and asked, "What is the Endeavor?"

"The Endeavor?" Cutler asked distractedly. "It's a ship. We're going to be staying there tonight. I have some business with Davy Jones I have to see to tomorrow morning." Cutler gave no more description than that and I didn't ask. He was already in a bad mood and when Cutler was in a bad mood, it was always just best to leave him alone.

In a few minutes, we reached the Endeavor. Cutler tugged me along behind him until we found Ian standing on the deck. Ian turned and looked at us, first at me and then at Cutler. My insides squirmed and I impulsively pressed myself up against Cutler's body. Cutler, still in a bad mood, ignored me. Ian pointed to something in the distance, "You need to see this, Sir."

Ian gave Cutler a spyglass. Cutler held it up to his eye and peered at something in the distance. If I squinted carefully into the distance, I could just make out the shape of two ships burning down while a large, crusty-looking ship sailed away triumphantly. Cutler looked shocked as he gazed at the ruins floating in the water and exclaimed, "Bloody hell! There's nothing left!"

"Jones is a loose cannon, Sir," Ian replied knowingly. Cutler sighed in annoyance and put the spyglass down. Ian took a step forward and said, "The governor has been asking questions about the chest." Chest? Another question automatically popped into my head. What was this chest? Cutler must know because he replied with a question, "Does he know?"

Ian and Cutler exchanged knowing glances. I didn't know what they were talking about, but I was getting a sinking feeling in my stomach. Cutler tapped his fingers on the spyglass and mused, "Then perhaps his purpose has wrong its course." Cutler turned to me and pointed behind me, "Why don't you go to our cabin, my dear? It's the first one on the left. You can't miss it."

I was kind of annoyed that Cutler was trying to get rid of me, but I didn't really like hanging out with Ian around. Sighing, I trudged away to the cabin. Cutler was right; it wasn't hard to find. I opened the door and stepped inside. It was quite nice for a cabin. There was a large bed, two desks, and a large wardrobe in the room. I had only eyes for the bed.

It was a very big bed with clean, virginal sheets and fluffy pillows. Excited, I started for the bed and then paused. Turning around, I went back to the door and locked it. I didn't want any surprise visits from Ian. Now that the door was locked, I was free to go to the bed. I jumped on it and buried my face in one of the big, squishy pillows.

As I lay there, an idea popped into my head. Cutler was in a bad mood, but I was determined to get him out of that bad mood. I sat up and stripped completely. Now that I was naked, I stretched out on my back and propped my head up on the pillow so I could wait for Cutler. I finger-combed my hair and hoped that I looked seductive and beautiful.

I laid in bed for a long time, getting kind of impatient for Cutler. After what seemed like an eternity, the door was pushed open and Cutler stepped inside the bedroom without looking at me. He slammed the door shut, obviously still in a bad mood, and asked, "What was that earlier?" I gave him a blank look, not quite knowing what he was talking about.

Still not looking at me, Cutler hinting, "You know what I'm talking about. You and Mr. Norrington, remember?" Sighing, I looked across the room at Cutler and said, "A hug doesn't mean anything, Cutler. I'm not sitting naked in James' bed, am I?" Cutler finally looked up and saw me lying there on the bed, waiting for him with a smirk on my face.

Cutler's anger kind of faded within two seconds. He looked me over quickly and groaned, "Oh god, you're fucking gorgeous." I flopped all the way onto my back and tossed the pillow aside. Raising my knees, I parted my legs slightly and murmured, "If you think so, fuck me then. I want you so bad. It's been so long. Please do it for me..."

Cutler didn't need any incentive. His eyes had gotten lusty and I saw him looking and my chest and my legs quite intently. He kicked off his shoes and swung up to the bed. Putting one leg on either side of me, he quickly straddled me and started rubbing my breasts around in circular motions. I squealed and helped him get that brown jacket off.

"You've gotten so beautiful," Cutler murmured, leaning down to suck a nipple. I wriggled around under him and pulled his shirt off. We were both very desperate from the lack of sex and something told me that this was going to be a rough encounter. Cutler squeezed my breasts so hard that it was pain and pleasure mixed before licking down my abdomen and belly.

I ripped the rest of his clothes off as Cutler licked around my pubic area and moved his mouth to the inside of my legs. He pushed my folds open and carefully rested a finger on my sensitive spot. He rubbed the pad of his finger over it and asked, "Does that feel good or does it hurt? I know that's where Ian cut you, but it has been a while..."

"It feels...more than good..." I panted as Cutler continued stroking the little spot. My body tingled and convulsed and I felt like I was going to have an orgasm just from him playing with the little button there. Abruptly, Cutler moved up my body and put his hands on my sides as he spread my legs farther apart and easily slid deep within my body.

"Mm..." I moaned as Cutler pushed into me. I suddenly stopped and frowned as something red spurted from my legs. Pausing, I watched as Cutler pulled out of me and prepared to push back inside. Reaching up to touch his cheek and to get his attention, I whispered, "Cutler...I'm bleeding. Look." I pointed to my leg where the blood was streaming.

Cutler's eyes were glazed and focused on my breasts, so it took a few minutes before he understood what I was saying. When he did, he glanced down at the inside of my thigh. A small smile formed on his lips as he murmured, "Ah, so I see you're healthy again. If you're bleeding, it means you aren't too thin anymore. You are even more beautiful now, you know. Your tits are to die for."

Cutler leaned back down and started suckling me. I liked the compliment, but he wasn't really paying attention to what I had just said. I whimpered as Cutler suckled my nipple and managed to get out, "But Cutler...we can't keep doing this! We're going to make a mess and get blood all over." To be honest, we already had made a bit of a mess.

Cutler looked down at his thighs as the sheets that were already stained. Raising an eyebrow at me, he murmured, "But we've already made a mess, darling." I frowned at Cutler and gave him a confused look, not getting his point. Cutler positioned himself over me again and said, "A little bit of blood isn't going to kill me. Besides, it feels really good in there."

I opened my mouth to protest, but then realized that he was right. So what if there was a little bit of blood? Neither of us really cared and we both wanted each other. I know this sounds really sick, but at the moment, it didn't sound so bad. Cutler slipped back inside me. Leaning up, I put my head on his shoulder and started kissing across it to give my mouth something to do.

Cutler wanted me badly and there wasn't going to be any sweet, slow love today. He slammed into my slick insides again and again while wrapping my legs up around his waist so he could get even better access to me. I licked across his jawbone until I reached his chin. Cutler continued those long, hard thrusts deep within me as I licked up his chin.

I was rising quickly as Cutler and I slammed together. Unable to contain myself, I reached up and attacked his lips with mine, needing something to let out pleasure building within me. Cutler kissed me back very passionately as he continued to pound into me. There was the loud noise of the bed creaking, the slapping noise of our bodies, and the constant murmur of our sounds of pleasure.

Cutler started panting as he did his best to bring us both to our peaks. My body was shaking and trembling, a sure sign that I was close to reaching my peak already. With a loud groan, I screamed, "Faster, Cutler!" Everything was building up inside me and I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand this. Sweat from Cutler's forehead dripped onto my neck, but he did his best to speed up.

Cutler sent me flying to a climax. I whimpered loudly and held onto his neck while my body froze beneath him. The knot of tension built up inside released and I sighed happily as Cutler continued to slam into me. Abruptly, there was a loud crack. Cutler, unaware of it, gave a few more hard thrusts in my warmness. Suddenly, we both felt ourselves flying through the air.

A loud smash could be heard as the two of us smacked the ground, tangled up in the sheets, blood, and Cutler's secretion. My head spun a few minutes before I released what had happened. The flimsy bed had broke into two and now here we were on the floor. Looking dizzy, Cutler blinked and crawled over to me, "Baby, are you alright?"

Still trying to get the world to stop spinning before my eyes, I nodded slowly and took a deep, calming breath. Cutler looked a bit embarrassed and flushed pink as he said, "I didn't mean to go so hard. Did I hurt you?" Cutler wrapped his arm around me and looked into my eyes worriedly. I quickly shook my head. The world had stopped spinning, but I was still panting slightly.

"Sorry for the mess," I told Cutler, blushing as I saw the blood sprinkled all over the place. Cutler rolled his eyes and interjected, "No need to apologize, my dear. It seems that I was the one who created most of the mess." Cutler leaned down and wiped some thick, whitish substance from off my abdomen with another blush. Now he was a shade of crimson.

Embarrassed Cutler was certainly not something you saw everyday. I leaned forward and used my tongue to lap up the substance on Cutler's finger. Cutler watched me with an amused smile before he pulled me into his arms. We lay down in the remains of the bed and cuddled together. Cutler yawned and tucked himself against me. It was cute how we could both tuck against each other since we were both so small. I curled up around Cutler and yawned widely, quite tired from earlier.

"Goodnight, Jenna. I love you," Cutler whispered in my ear as he closed his eyes to sleep. Smiling over at my lover, I whispered a goodnight to him as well and prepared for sleep. Suddenly, a thought came into my head. Cutler had never answered my question about whether or not he would be doing anything dangerous when it came to all this business with Davy Jones. To be honest, I was quite worried about it. I would make sure I remembered to question Cutler further about that in the morning.
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