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Two is Not Better than One

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Jenna wants James and Cutler...

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Overcome by too much built up emotion, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his neck. Cutler looked at me slowly, a smile curving around his lips. He sat back in his chair as I put my head on his shoulder and tightened my grip on his neck. Cutler reached forward and scooted my chair towards him so our legs were touching.

I brought my mouth to the side of his neck and started kissing it. Cutler sighed with desire and leaned forward to run his hands over the curve of my hips. He did it gently and hesitatingly, as if he expected me to jump or to try and get away from him. When I made no attempt of escape whatsoever, he tightened his grip on my hips and pulled me forward.

My lips slid down his neck and worked to his chest. Cutler gently pushed me away and onto the chair. Leaning down, he lifted my skirt again and pulled it up to my waist. His eyes glazed slightly at the sight of my bare thighs. Cutler lifted one of my legs slight, leaned down to kiss it, and then narrowed his eyes. He dropped my leg and gave me a funny look.

"What?" I asked, not seeing what I had done wrong. Cutler pointed to three reddish-purplish marks on my upper thigh. I followed his finger and frowned. The cuts I had given myself the night I went a little insane with the pistol had ended up leaving scars on both thighs. It was embarrassing really. I didn't know what to say, so I just kept quiet and looked at the floor.

"You cut yourself," Cutler said as a statement, not a question. Deciding there was no point in lying to him, I merely shrugged. Cutler sighed and looked hurt, saying, "Was I not enough? Did you feel like cutting was going to help you in some way?" Cutler's expression was a mixture of hurt and confusion. I guess cutting seems strange to people who aren't cutters.

"I had to punish myself," I explained, not meeting his eyes. "I hit you six times and so I had to cut myself six times. It was only fair. I did it the night I got the pistol." Cutler thought over my words and then nodded. He no longer looked mad. It was more sadness versus anger that filled his features. When he looked back at me, he no longer looked hurt either.

"My poor girl," Cutler murmured, lifting my skirt back up again so he could look at my thighs. He stroked one of them gently and tilted his head at me questioningly as he asked, "But why didn't you tell me? I could've helped you. I could've gotten them to heal. At this point, there's nothing to do. You're going to have scars on your legs for the rest of your life."

That thought made me sad. I avoided his eyes and replied, "But the point was not to get help. Don't you see? The point was to make me suffer and go through the same kind of pain that I caused you. That was the whole purpose. Although, I'm not exactly happy about the scars. They bother you, don't they? You won't want me anymore."

"Don't be ridiculous," Cutler looked up and frowned at me. "But yes, they do bother me. It bothers me that you hurt yourself over me. Promise you won't do that again? What if you had done into one of those seizures and couldn't have stopped? What if you had ripped your body apart and killed yourself?" Cutler gave me a very solemn expression.

"I wasn't going to do that," I protested. Cutler didn't seem to care. He just wanted my promise. After thinking for a few moments, I decided to make a bargain with him to see how loyal he really was to me. Tilting my head to one side, I proposed, "Alright. I'll promise never to cut again if you promise never to stop loving me and never abandon me."

I expected a hesitation or something like that, but surprisingly enough, there was none. Cutler immediately nodded and said, "Of course. Anything for you. Now, you better keep your end of the bargain, my dear. I don't take people going back on their end of the deal well at all." I nodded, meeting Cutler's eyes. He could see in mine that I meant to keep my deal.

"Good," Cutler murmured, turning back to my leg. He lifted it and brought his lips to my thigh. He kissed and licked up it before pulling my leg to the side so he had access to the inside of it. The lace I was wearing over my pubic parts was starting to get drenched as I started dripping like crazy. I wanted Cutler so bad. It had been quite a while since we had been together.

"Cutler..." I moaned, spreading my legs farther apart. Cutler looked up at me with a smirk on his face. He licked up to the lacy edges and dipped his tongue under it. Cutler dragged his tongue around the lace and knelt on the floor so he could easily lick around my sensitive areas while I sat on the chair with my legs parted. I shivered under his touch and grabbed the chair.

Cutler brought his hand up to my pubic parts and started kneading and rubbing through the lace. I started panting and convulsing as he teased my sensitive areas. The lace between my legs was soaked by now with my own secretion. Cutler lowered his hand and rubbed me some more, smirking, "Oh god, how wet are you? You want me bad, don't you?"

I moaned and nodded as Cutler slipped his tongue under the lace and rested it over my slit. Cutler closed his mouth around the lacy piece and tugged it down my thighs so he had a clear view of my intimate parts. He rested his head against the inside of my leg and licked around the edges of my slit, teasing me very badly. Another moan came from my throat.

"How bad do you want me?" Cutler murmured, lifting a finger to my entrance and rubbing the little folds gently. More secretion poured from me and I felt like I was going to go insane as I whispered, "Bad!" Cutler licked around my entrance some more to lap up all my juices. He whispered seductively, "Tell me just how bad you want me."

"Cutler!" I whined as he kept teasing me with his tongue. God, why couldn't he show me any mercy? Seeing Cutler wasn't going to let up, I groaned, "I want your big, fat cock in" Cutler's lips curved into a smile. He grabbed me, pushed me to the ground, and pinned me to it. Our mouths pressed together and Cutler was pushing my dress back up when...

Knock, knock, knock! Shit, someone had to choose right now to come to the office. Cutler and I both cussed. Tugging my skirt back down, Cutler sat me on the chair next to his and tried to look dignified as he sat back down next to me and called, "Yes, yes, you may come in." Feeling quick rifled, I tucked my hair behind my ears and hoped I wasn't sweating.

The door opened and Cutler picked up some shiny piece of silver that was lying on the desk and started twirling it around in his hands as if he was bored. My mouth fell open when I saw who it was in the doorway. It was Ian Mercer. It took all my willpower not to squeak in terror. Very slowly, I slid a little bit closer to Cutler, seeking comfort.

"Ah, Mr. Mercer," Cutler said with a nod. "What did you learn in Singapore?" Under the desk, Cutler tapped my leg with his hand and held it out to me. I quickly put it in his and held it tightly. Cutler entwined out fingers and rubbed mine very gently. God, I loved him. Ian was staring at me murderously with those pitch black eyes. He was really starting to scare me.

"Mr. Mercer?" Cutler asked again, looking the slightest bit irritated. Ian suddenly looked back at Cutler, expression changing. He tilted his head and asked, "Yes, my Lord?" Cutler really did look annoyed now as he rolled his eyes and asked again, "Singapore? How did it go?" He continued rubbing my hand all the while, keeping me from flying out of my chair and running away.

"Right," Ian said, now looking embarrassed himself. "I learned that the Brethren Court is summoned by the song as we expected. There are nine pieces of eight that must be burned in order to release Calypso." I stared at Ian very blankly, having absolutely no idea where this conversation was going or what it meant. Was this some kind of code?

I looked over at Cutler. He looked very thoughtful. Ian's words obviously meant a lot more to him than they did to me. Tilting his head, Cutler asked, "And did our friend happen to say where the Brethren Court is to be summoned?" I frowned and thought hard. But no matter how hard I thought, I just couldn't figure out what this "Brethren Court" thing was.

"No, unfortunately not," Ian replied. Cutler thought for a few more moments and asked, "Nine pieces of eight, you say?" Ian nodded firmly and replied, "Yes, our friend was very specific. It was nine pieces of eight." Cutler looked at the silver piece in his hand and mused aloud, "And what is the significance of that number, I wonder?" I wondered too. What were nine pieces of eight?

Ian apparently knew what it was. He shrugged and replied, "Does it matter? I think all we need to do is summon Jones and find wherever it is that the Brethren Court is meeting." At this point, it took all my strength not to burst out asking all the questions I longed to know answers to. What was the Brethren Court? What was the nine pieces of eight? And who was Calypso?

"Ah, Jones..." Cutler contemplated. "Yes, you are right. Go to the Endeavor. I'll meet you there in a minute, but there is something I need to take care of first." Ian nodded and gave a half-bow before exiting the room. As soon as he was down, I looked at Cutler and asked, "What's a Brethren Court? And what were you two talking about? I couldn't understand it."

Cutler set down the silver piece and gave his full attention to me as he explained, "The Brethren Court is a group of pirates. I plan to hunt them down and destroy their ships one by one. They know they face extinction. All that remains is where they decide to make their final stand. And Calypso...she is a goddess bound in human form."

"A goddess bound in human form?" I asked in confusion. All this was new to me. Sure, I knew there were pirates, but goddesses bound in human form? Cutler smiled down at me and nodded, "Yes, the Brethren Court bound the goddess Calypso into human form. They plan to release her back to her original form, which is the sea. I'm finding this to be a dilemma to my plan."

I didn't really care what happened to this Calypso or to the pirates, but I was worried about my Cutler. I put my head on his shoulder and asked, "You won't be doing anything dangerous...will you?" Some things I could stand, but one of the few things I couldn't stand was Cutler's life in danger. I loved him too much to lose him. Unfortunately, Cutler hesitated and didn't answer me.

Abruptly, the door burst open and a handsome man in a blue uniform stepped in. His face looked a bit pinched and sad as he looked at Cutler and said, "You summoned me, Lord Beckett." Cutler nodded and replied, "Yes. Something for you there. Your new station requires an old friend." Cutler pointed to a case lying on a table by the door.

Squinting at the attractive man, I suddenly recognized him as James Norrington. Unable to hide my excitement, I exclaimed, "James! It's so good to see you!" James, who had started opening up the case, looked up and smiled at me, "Jenna! It's great to see you as well. How are you faring?" He shot Cutler a sideways glance as he continued to open the case.

"Great!" I exclaimed. James opened the case and found a beautiful sword inside. He looked it up and down with awe. I smiled happily at him and said, "And how are you? How have you been?" James looked up and down the sword before smiling back and replying, "Just fine, thank you. I'm about to board the Flying Dutchman."

Cutler was looking a bit jealous as I talked to James. He abruptly took my hand and stood up, "Come along now, my dear. I have some business to do on the Endeavor." I, for one, didn't even know what the Endeavor was, but it didn't really matter. I stood up and followed Cutler to the door. James was also standing by the door. As I approached it, he leaned down and gave me a hug.

"Take care of yourself, Miss Cook," James told me, giving me a tight squeeze. I hugged him right back, "Alright. Now you be careful too." James nodded, but neither of us felt like breaking off the hug. We pressed our bodies together and I found myself looked at him through lusty eyes. Oh dear, I wanted him too. I couldn't have both him and Cutler...could I?
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