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Razzies and Coffee

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Gerard POV

We were all talking at once when Ray said, "What are we going to do about the paparazzi?" I looked at everyone, signed, and said, "I don't really know. They're going to find out sooner or later so I say after the tour we should hold a press conference." We all knew that we would have to face the press sooner or later, but we didn't want to face it anytime soon.

As we pulled into the parking lot there was a bright flash from a camera. "Damn it!" Frank said, "Looks like the fucking paparazzi found us." Ashkie rolled her eyes saying, "Who really gives a shit? Let's go to the movie any way. Let them wonder who this girl that's hanging with My Chemical Romance is."

The guys smiled, probably thinking about how much they like Ashkie, as we got out of the car and headed towards the theater. The paparazzi mauled us as we slowly made our way into the large AMC Theater. The paparazzi was screaming at us saying "Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Frank, Ray who's the girl that is with you?" or they would turn to Ashkie and say "Hi their sweetie what's your name and how come you're hanging out with MCR?" Ashkie would just roll her eyes and keep walking.

Once we finally made it into the theater, with tickets in hand, we headed for the snack counter. "What does everyone want?" I said and Ashkie immediately answered saying "One large Mountain Dew and a bag of Swedish fish please!" I smiled as the rest of the guys shouted out their orders and we collected out goods. Then we walked into our theater as people looked at us with wide eyes. I smiled as we took our seats just as the movie started.

"Oh wow!" Ashkie said, "I'm pretty sure i won't be able to sleep for a whole fucking week because of that movie! I'm like scared shitless right now you guys." Everyone agreed as we quickly snuck outta the theater.

That night we hung out at our house until around 1am playing games and talking. The next morning when i woke up i heard Ashkie singing a Green Day song "Raise your hands now to testify Your confession will be crucified You're a sacrificial suicide Like a dog that's been sodomized Stand Up! All the white boys Sit Down! And the black girls You're the soldiers of the new world Put your faith in a miracle And it's non-denominational Join the choir we will be singing In the church of wishful thinking A fire burns today Of blasphemy and genocide The sirens of decay Will infiltrate the faith fanatics"

I smiled, but didn't go up to here room because she didn't expect anyone to be up. I walked outside and drove off to Starbucks to grab some breakfast.

Ashkie POV

I was a little amazed at all the paparazzi, but i knew i'd get used to it. That morning i had woken up around 9:30 even though i hadn't fallen asleep until around 4:30am. I knew that no one would be up so i started singing and stuff. I then heard the front door open and closed and i ran tom my window. I looked out and saw Gee climbing into his car and pull out.

I automatically knew he was going to Starbucks so i changed into my motorcycle gear and grabbed my keys to my motorcycle. I walked it out of the garage, got on, and sped of towards Starbucks. I knew that i would catch up with Gee sometime; actually i was hoping i would, but i didn't expect it to be right away. I saw Gee's black SUV and sped up until i was right behind it.

Next i quickly sped around his car so i was now in front of it. I then turned around, looked at him from behind my helmet, and sped off towards Starbucks. i wondered what Gee would say when he saw me there. Oh well i'd just have to find out when i got there.

Pretty soon i pulled in, parked my bike, and walked into Starbucks with my helmet in my hand. I ordered two coffees, one for Gee and the other for me, and sat outside waiting for him. Almost immediately as i sat down Gee pulled in and walked up to me saying "That was you on the bike!"

I smiled and handed him the cup of coffee. He smiled and said, "So how are you doing?" I smiled saying "I'm doing great besides the fact that we should leave now because i see a whole bunch of paparazzi coming this way, you?" Gee turned around and said "Awe shit! They can't leave us alone for 5 minutes! Ok well i'll meet you at the house Ashkie." I said ok and ran to my bike. Next i was surrounded by paparazzi and i turned my bike on. Finally they backed off once they realized i would run them over if they didn't get out of my.
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