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Disaster Strikes

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres:  - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-03-18 - Updated: 2011-03-18 - 505 words

Ashkie POV

I sped off tearing down the street back home. I was almost there when I saw this one very creepy van, one that my friends and I would call a rape mobile, that sort of just kept following me, which freaked me out a bit so I took a side road down an alley. That was a pretty bad idea cause the van sped around me and stopped. "Damn it" I cursed silently under my breath as two guys jumped out of the van. I tried to turn my bike around, but one of the guys ran around the other side and said, "Where the hell do you think your going sweetie?"

I revved my engine and he looked at his partner saying "Oh I'm so scared" His partner laughed and walked towards me. I freaked and started fidgeting with my bike trying to get it to start, but while doing that I dialed 911 and hid my phone in my pocket. He grabbed my arm and pulled me as hard as he could off of my bike. I fell to the ground with my bike cursing; praying that they didn't have a gun or anything and that the 911 operators sent someone to help.

As they came towards me I curled up in a ball ready to attack. One of them, the one that laughed, reached down to grab me and i got ready to punch him in the face. He saw me do this and pinned my arms down.

I started cursing as he got down on me pinning me down. I squirmed trying to get either my legs or my arms free to try and get out. Finally I was able to kick the guy onto of me in the balls. He rolled off of me and I jumped up and tried to run. The other guy chased after me and tackled me. He leaned down next to me and said, "You little bitch! Your dead!" I spat at him and screamed, "Help. Someone help he's going to kill…."

I never got to finish because he put his hands around my throat and started to choke me. I struggled as hard as i could, but he would just press harder. Finally as i was blacking out i heard the sound of police sirens coming around the corner. Finally! I thought as they arrested the guys and the paramedics started to attend to me.

One of them, a guy, asked me what my name was and answered saying, "Ashkie Way. I just want my effin brothers! I just wanna go home. Just take me home. I want my brothers." The other one, a girl, said, "It's okay sweetie. Your brothers will be at the hospital when we get there." She sad something else to the guy paramedic but I didn't hear it because I started screaming in pain. I then screamed Mikey and Gerard's name as they injected me with a sedative I don't remember what happened next because i completely blacked out.
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