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Gerard POV

When we got there the paparazzi was swarming around the hospital. The guys and I quickly parked up front and ran as fast as we could to the front desk. Before i could say anything Mikey said, "Tell us where Ashkie Way's room is. Now!" The nurse quickly looked at her sheets and said "Room 404. It's down to the right." Frankie dragged us all the way down until we got to the door. I opened it and about died when i saw Ashkie.

She was hooked up to a machine and was covered in bruises. I walked up to the bed and fell down next to it. I took her hand and held it close to my face and cried saying, "I should of made her put her bike in my car and taken her home. It's all my fault. God, Ashkie please be okay." I was still crying when Mikey kneeled down next to me along with the rest of the band and said "Gerard it's not your fault. Things happen for a reason."

I just looked at him with sad eyes when I heard a groan and felt someone shifting in the bed. I looked at Ashkie to find her starting to wake up. I looked at the guys with hope in my eyes as i watched Ashkie awake.

Ashkie POV

I was falling down out of the blue towards a blur of colors and sounds. Once my eyes finally focused the first thing i saw was Gee's eyes staring straight at me.

I smiled and slowly sat up saying "What the fuck are you guys doing crowding around me? We have a fucking tour to prepare for."

They all looked at me with confused faces as Mikey said "But...aren't you like uh suppose to be like in a friggin coma?"

I laughed and said, "I'm fine except for a few bruises and needing to catch my breath I'm fine. I can go home today. Go ask one of the doctors if i can go." Frank stared at me and left with Ray to go and talk to one of the Doctors. A few minutes later they came back with smiles on their faces saying, "She's right. She's perfectly fine. She can go home right this minute." I smiled and said "Gee are you okay? Don't blame yourself for what happened. Could of happened to any of us." He smiled slightly and i hugged him as hard as i could. I then silently sung the song Cancer to him. He smiled and hugged me back. Then the nurse came in, unhooked me, and handed me my clothes to change into.

I got right on up, staggered a little, and then walked right into the bathroom to change. When i looked at myself in the mirror i winced. I had a black eye and a bruises covering my arms and legs. I was going to have to get used to seeing the bruises because they were going to last like 6 weeks. I rolled my eyes and walked back out to the gang.

Frankie walked up to me and hugged me whispering, "God, i thought you were going to die. I'm going to kill those effin bastards that did this to you." I smiled at him and said "Frankie don't worry the police got them." Then for the next twenty minutes the guys sat there with me and asked me if i was okay like every five seconds. Once they finally realized i was okay we made our way out of the hospital and through the stupid paparazzi. I hid my head in Gee's arm as he held me close while the paparazzi tried to get a picture of me. They had a pretty hard time since i was basically hidden in Gee's arm and the guys were surrounding us.

Finally we made it to the car still trying to free ourselves from the paparazzi. We all got in with Bob and Ray up front and Mikey, Gee, Frank, and i all in the back. On the way home the guys were all talking about what to bring and i was laughing at how girly they sounded. We were having such a great time until we got home and found the paparazzi surrounding our house. They still had no idea who i was or why i was with My Chemical Romance. As we got out of the car my head was once again hidden in Gee's arm with the guys surrounding me. Once we made it into the house Mikey went around shutting all the blinds and curtains while i went up to my room and sleep for what seemed like forever.
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