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A Little Bit Of Love and A Tattoo?

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres:  - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-03-18 - Updated: 2011-03-18 - 476 words

Frank POV

When i saw Ashkie on that hospital bed I just about blew it. I wanted to kill the fucking bastards that did this to her. I meant it to; i was about to walk out of Gerard's house except i couldn't leave her. Ever since i first saw her i felt something for her. I didn't want to leave her or see her get hurt again. I stayed the night sleeping on the couch not wanting to ever leave. I looked at the clock to find that it was 12:15 in the morning. I walked over to the pantry suddenly having a craving for skittles. As i looked for the skittles I softly said, "Skittles. Where are the skittles." Once i finally found them said, "Awe here we go. Finally found the skittles."

All of the sudden someone moved behind me and said "My skittles." I looked behind me to find Ashkie shaking her head and saying, "Those are my skittles. Give them." I just stared at her thinking about how hot she looked and then shaking my head when i realized what i was thinking. I mean come on this was Gerard's sister! Sure she's only three years younger then me, but still it's Gerard and Mikey's sister. I finally found my voice and said, "Aren't you suppose to be asleep?" She laughed saying "Right, I was for like 10 hours. I'm not sleeping any longer and I wanted to watch a movie. Any ways how could i sleep when a skittles thief was trying to steal my skittles?"

This time i laughed saying "How bout this. If i give you your skittles back i get to watch the movie with you." I watched her think as i kept thinking to myself how cute she was. Damn it i have to stop thinking like that! I was finally dragged away from my thoughts as she said "Fine let me set up the movie." Before i could even speak she said "A Nightmare Before Christmas. Skittles please." I smiled and handed her the skittles and layed down on the couch. When I handed them to her I noticed she was wearing fingerless gloves. I thought about and realized every single time I've seen her she's been wearing fingerless gloves. I stopped thinking about it and laughed to myself wondering how or if she even knew that A Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie.

As she bent down to put the movie in her shirt came up a little bit and i couldn't help but look. What i saw completely surprised me. There was a tattoo on her lower back that looked like it said My Chemical Romance. I looked closer and realized it did in fact say My Chemical Romance with I'm Not Okay written underneath it. When she turned around I said "Nice tat."
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