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Frank POV

She whipped around and said, "What!" I smiled and said, "Nice tattoo you've got there. You know the MCR one you have across you lower back. When did you get it and do your brothers know about it?" She just sort of looked at me and said, "Oh they don't know and i plan on keeping it that way. Eh..i got it last year. My friend Taylor and i both got one except her's says Demolition Lovers under it and mine says I'm Not Okay." She just sort of looked at me while playing around with her fingers. I smiled again saying, "Cute. Why did you get it, well how did you get it? I mean your 15."

She glared at me while saying "I got it cause i wanted it and i know people. Look you have tattoos so why can't i? Enough question i just wanna watch my movie and eat my skittles." I laughed at her and said okay. She then walked over and layed on top of me as the movie continued. I smiled to myself while holding her close. I still couldn't really believe that i was in love with Ashkie, but then again look at her. God, i have to stop thinking like this. This is Gerard's little sister we're talking about.

About mid way through the movie Ashkie said, "Open your mouth."


"Just do it."

I reluctantly opened my mouth to find a handful of skittles being dropped in. I smiled while chewing the delicious candy until it was gone. After a couple more minutes she flipped around so her back was facing up and her head was on my chest. She looked at me with sleepy eyes, yawned, and said, "Goodnight Frankie." She closed her eyes as i whispered goodnight and hugged her. I turned the movie off and then slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about Ashkie and what Gerard and Mikey were going to say when they saw us.

Ashkie POV

I think i might just be in love with Frankie. I mean it; i don't know why, but i just am. Now i was drifting in and out of sleep thinking about skittles and Frankie. All of the sudden i woke up remembering that Gerard would find us sleeping with each other, but then went back to sleep not caring.

Gerard POV

I woke up in the morning and went to downstairs to find Ashkie and Frank on the couch sleeping. I looked at them and basically screamed "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!" They both immediately woke up and Ashkie looked at me with a pissed off look on her face. She blinked a couple of times and said "What the fuck Gee! I was sleeping. I couldn't sleep last night so i came down here to watch a movie and found him trying to steal my skittles. Then i decided to watch the movie with him and i fell asleep on top of him. Now if you would excuse me i would like to go back to sleep!"

Frank looked at me with a sheepish smile and i pointed to the kitchen. He picked Ashkie up, layed her down on the couch, and walked into the kitchen. I looked him and said, "What the hell were you and Ashkie doing!" He looked from Ashkie to me saying, "She just told you. We were watching a movie and we fell asleep." I looked at him and said "Okay i just thought something else was going on."

He smiled as a very pissed off looking Ashkie came in through the kitchen door. She punched me in the arm and said "Thanks for waking me up asshole. Love you." Then she turned to Frank and gave him a huge hug. I laughed as she walked to the fridge and grabbed a Rockstar energy drink. She walked back over to where we were again, opened it up, and basically downed the whole thing in five minutes. Frank and I looked at her like she was nuts. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "What? I do that all the time. Get used to it." Then she waited for about ten minutes until she got really hyper and ran upstairs to go jump on Mikey. Frank and I laughed as she ran down the stairs and around the house followed by a very tired Mikey.

Mikey just glared at us and said "I don't get how that girl could have gone through that much pain and still be that hyper." I laughed while Ashkie jumped on Frank and started to wrestle him. I watched laughing as Frank got his ass kicked by Ashkie, but then stopped when i noticed a tattoo on her lower back. I looked at Mikey to find that he saw it too and said "Ashkie stop for a second i need to talk to you." After about a minute she calmed down and i asked, "Is that a tattoo?"

She looked at me with her mouth open and said "Uh...Yeah...don't freak though i got it last year."

"Oh really? And what made a 15 year old girl get a tattoo?"

"Uh.. I don't know. My friend and i got matching ones except her's says Demolition Lovers under it and mine says I'm Not Okay."

"Anymore tattoos i should know about?"

She sort of fiddled with her hands thinking and then said "Uh yeah. If you haven't noticed that i've like always worn gloves around you guys its because i have Halloween tattooed across my fingers like Frank." I looked at her hands and sure enough there's the word Halloween tattooed across her fingers. Frank looked at her in shock and said "You stole my tattoo!" She looked right back at him and said "Yeah well you stole my skittles!"

I left the kitchen leaving them fighting about skittles and tattoos. I still couldn't believe my little sister has two tattoos and doesn't care if people see them. I could still hear them fighting as i walked outside. I definitely think they like each other, but I sorta pray they don't. I wouldn't know what to think if my little sister and my best friend were going out.
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