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You Guys Are Freaks

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Ashkie POV

As we walked out of the door, with our disguises on, on our way to the park Frank looked at me saying, "Skittles."

"Yes Veggie?"

"Are you okay?"

"I guess so. I'm still in pain, but you make me feel better."

He smiled and said, "Awe Skittles I love you."

I smiled at him and said, "I love you too. Now lets hurry to the park!"

With that said he threw me over his shoulder and ran towards the park. I laughed as he layed me down on the grass and said, "You are so cute right now." I smiled at him and said, "Thanks. Watch out I think I see Mikey." We quickly released each other and layed on the ground looking up at the sky when Mikey in fact came over saying "There you two are. We have to get packed for the tour. We leave tomorrow morning. Oh and we found out the line up. It's going to be Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and us. So hurry your asses home." I smiled at him and said, "We'll be right there i just have to call a friend. Oh can I have a VIP pass for one of my friends?" He said sure and turned around to walk home.

Once he was out of sight I kissed Frankie and then dialed Tiffany's number. I waited for her to pick up and put it on speakerphone when Tiff finally answered she said "Hello?"

I smiled and said, "I hate ice cream."

"Every flavor."

"I hate Santa Claus."

"I hate summer days."

"I hate emo people that admit their emo."

"I hate emo people that don't admit their emo."

"Opposites Attract."

"Opposites Attract."

I smiled at a now confused Frank and said, "Hey Tiff, how are you?"

"I'm good besides the fact that you just dropped off the face of the earth. Where'd you go girl?"

"I'm still in New Jersey just visiting some family. Sorry i left you."

She laughed for a while and then continued saying, "It's okay Ashkie. Did you here about the girl that's hanging out with My Chem!"

Frank and I both tried to hold back out laughs, but had no luck. We both started laughing uncontrollable until Tiffany said, "Hello? Ashkie? Hello? Are you with someone? Maybe a boy?"

"Sorry Tiffany. I got distracted." I glared at Frank as i finished that sentence and he just smiled.

"Oh okay. So have you heard! Apparently some lucky girl has been hanging out with the whole band and is staying at Gerard's house!"

"I haven't heard that Tiffany, but you know that there's a My Chem concert coming up in Belleville."

"Oh i know! I want to go so bad! Fall Out Boy is going to be there! I want to see Pete! I love him!"

I smiled at Frank and said "You are going to love me cause someone named Ashkie got you a VIP pass to the concert!"

We heard the phone drop and then someone scream really loud. Frank quickly kissed me before Tiffany started speaking.

"OMG! Are you serious! HOW! ARE YOU GOING?"

I smiled saying "Yeah I'm serious Tiff. What can i say I've got connections. Oh and no i'm not going. I'm hanging with family remember?"

"Oh thank you thank you thank you! I get to meet PETE WENTZ and GERARD WAY and and well everyone!"

"I have to go Tiff. The pass is being sent to your house as we speak. Have fun!"

"Oh thank you Ashkie! I'll do it! Omg i have to get ready the concert's tomorrow night! OMG!"

I hung up on her leaving her rambling on about what she should wear. I looked at Frank and sighed saying, "I think i just gave her the best gift ever." He laughed at me and said, "Okay now that was very interesting. I'd love to hear more, but as you heard we've got to pack for the tour. Oh and before we go one more thing." I was about to say what when he kissed me. I blushed, stood up waited for him, and then walked home talking about the concert.

As we walked in the house Gee looked at me and said "What in the world took you so long?" I laughed and said, "I called my friend Tiffany. She's like in love with you and Pete Wentz. Ha ha. So i gave her a VIP pass to the concert. She doesn't even know i'm related to you or going to be there. Man this is going to be good." I smiled this huge smile thinking about how great this was going to be. Gee just looked at me with horror on his face at the thought of a screaming fan girl coming to meet us. I laughed him and said, "This is for your own good Gee. You have to face your fear soon. Okay well I'll go pack now. See you Frank." I quickly ran upstairs to pack.

I threw a whole bunch of clothes into one huge (and i mean huge people) piece of luggage. Next i put all the make up i'd need in my littlish makeup bag and put that on top of my suitcase. Then i got out some red hair dye and highlighted my hair so it was now black with bright red highlights. Then i grabbed my laptop, notebooks, sketchbooks, ITouch, cell phone charger, and other things i'd need to survive in my backpack which i also layed on top of my suitcase. Finally i grabbed my special limited edition only one in the world A Nightmare Before Christmas guitar and placed it by my bags ready to go.

I was really tired so i layed on my bed and fell asleep only to be woken up about three hours later for dinner. It turns out that Gee was the one who had woken me up. I looked at his face and said "Asshole. Thanks for waking me up, again!" He just smiled like an idiot as i glared at him with sleepy eyes. Once we ate i walked back up stairs and once again fell asleep.
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