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Lets Get This Tour Started

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Gerard POV

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone beeping. I answered it saying, "Who the fuck is this?" I then heard someone say "Time to wake up asshole. This is for waking me up. Love you!" I laughed as she hung up. I've gotten Ashkie two times already, but i have to say that was pretty funny. She used *67 before my number so her number would appear restricted. I got up, went to Mikey's room, woke him up, and then went downstairs to grab some coffee. I walked into the kitchen to find Ashkie sitting there with two cups of coffee in her hand. She smiled and slid one down to me while taking a swig from her's. I smiled back and took a swig of mine.

Soon Mikey walked downstairs and said "Morning loves. How are you doing this fine morning?" Ashkie and I took one look at him and started laughing uncontrollably. Mikey just shrugged, grabbed some water, and walked back upstairs to get changed. I looked at Ashkie about to tell her to go get dressed, but she was already dressed. I smiled at her and she said "Like my hair?" I smiled, nodded, and said "Nice. Hair dye?" She nodded and walked outside. I didn't follow, but went upstairs to get dressed myself.

Ashkie POV

As I walked outside i looked down at my clothes. I was wearing black torn skinny jeans, a red Black Tide tee, a Black Veil Brides hoodie, and black converse. My hair was sticking up all over in a very messy way that still looked good in order to try and hide some of the bruises. In the makeup area i had on black eye shadow with mascara and black eyeliner. I looked pretty damn good i thought. Oh well we'll just have to see Frank's reaction. Ha ha! I can't wait to see his face.

Speaking of Frank here he comes now. I watched as he pulled up with the rest of the gang and get out of the car. "Hey guys. The boys are still getting ready," I said as Gerard and Mikey both yelled "We're coming!" I laughed and Frankie looked at me and said "You" I laughed again and said "You" Ray laughed and said, "No Ashkie you really do look great." I smiled as Gee and Mikey walked out carrying all of the luggage saying, "Okay enough of the compliments. Lets get this show on the road. Where's the bus?" Bob smiled and said "Its at Dan's place. He wanted to talk to us and meet Ashkie before we go. Oh and she has to make her mark on the bus."

I looked at them and said "What? What do you mean mark?" Gerard smiled and said "Get into the car and we'll tell you." I piled into the car sitting in between Frankie and Mikey. I smiled to myself as Gerard said "Okay now what they mean is you have to draw something on the tour bus. We've all done it. We actually do a new mark every time we go on tour and since this is you first tour you get the honor of making your mark first." I smiled a weird smile and said, "So i can paint anything i want up there that's related to My Chem?" They all smiled and nodded as i said, "Sweet. This'll be fun. On with the tour!"

The guys laughed as the turned the radio up and Down came on. I smiled and sang "The drops of rain they fall all over This awkward silence makes me crazy the glow inside her burns light upon her I'll try to kiss you if you let me (this can't be the end) Tidal waves they rip right through me Tears from eyes worn cold and sad Pick me up now, i need you so bad" I stopped when i realized that everyone in the car had stopped what they were doing and were now staring at me. I looked at each one of them and said, "You guys have got to stop doing that! Every time i start to fucking sing you guys all stop and like freeze! Your freaking me out!"

They laughed as Mikey answered saying "We can't help it. We've never heard anything like you." I smiled and said okay and went right back on singing until we got there.
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