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Holy Shit!

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Tiffany POV

I still couldn't believe that Ashkie had gotten me a VIP ticket and she couldn't come! She claimed to be hangin with fam, but I didn't think she had any fam in New Jersey. Oh well, let's focus on Pete! I am finally going to get to meet him! I was so excited! Once I got dressed I ran to my car and sped off to the concert.

When I made it to the gate I got in line with the other people who also had VIP passes. "Hi! My name' Tiffany," I said happily to the other 5. They smiled at me and each one said their name. Once we started talking one of them, Jake, said, "Yeah I was so excited when I got the ticket. My Chem saved my life and now I finally get to thank them. I also heard that there was a girl hangin with them. I wonder if she's gonna be their and if she's hot."

The others and I nodded and Nikki said, "Yeah they saved me too, but I'm really excited to meet Blink-182. They are like my favorite band ever, besides My Chem of course. Yeah I sure hope that girl is there. I wanna see who she is." We all agreed and I thought, This is so cool! I still can't believe I'm here and these people are amazing. I can't wait to get inside!

It's like I thought the magic words because a big security guard came to get us. We, well all the girls, screamed as we followed him towards the line of tours buses and the bands. At first I just saw a coffee stand with whole bunch of tables, but as we got closer I saw people drinking coffee and talking. Then I saw the My Chem tour bus and people getting off of it.

I looked at the other guys with me at the same time they looked at me and said, "This is so cool! I can't wait to put these pics up on facebook!" They nodded and we waited until we were told what to do. Suddenly another security guard came up to us and led us to everyone at the tables.

We all freaking out and screaming until we got a little bit closer. I looked around and saw Pete and felt my heart pop out of my chest. I was so excited! There he was the man of my dreams right in front of me.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when Jake said, "So uh.. Where's this mystery girl? Who is she?" I looked around not seeing her, but seeing a smiling Gerard Way. Then from behind him I saw a girl that looked oddly familiar. She was whispering in Frank's ear and turned around quickly too look at us. I gasped and my eyes got wide. She smiled and I said, "OMG! WHAT THE FUCING HELL!"

Jake, Nikki, Lizzie, and Luke looked at me with a confused face and said, "What?" I started freaking out and screamed, "ASHKIE SAGE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Everyone looked towards Ashkie and I could hear Pete lean in towards her and said, "Is that Tiffany? I like her." She nodded and said, "Yeah. She likes you too. See if you remember this."

She looked at me and said, "Hey Tiff. Yeah uh I'll tell you after this I guess. Pete Wentz."

I smiled at her and said, "You better, Pete Wentz."

"I will I promise now can we just do it?"

I laughed and said, "Okay."

"I hate ice cream."

"Every flavor."

"I hate Santa Claus."

"I hate summer days."

"I hate emo people that admit their emo."

"I hate emo people that don't admit their emo."

Then she smiled and said, "Opposites Attract."

I laughed, moved my bangs to one side, and said, "Opposites Attract."

We started laughing and Pete said, "Hey! That's from that video thingy I did a while ago! YOU STOLE THAT!" I started laughing even harder and Ashkie said, "Well Well you stole.. You stole! Uh… Hey Pete catch this." She threw her phone at him and he caught it. Then she screamed, "WELL YOU STOLE MY PHONE!"

He threw her phone back and I fell down laughing, I'm pretty sure Ashkie did too. I shut my eyes enjoying the laughter and when I opened them back up I found Pete's face right in front of mine. I smiled and said, "Uh.. Hi? I'm like your biggest fan. You can totally trust me on that. Unless you wanna believe the stupid Internet then someone with the screen name peteypiecutie44 is."

He smiled and started laughing saying, "So I've heard and I think I can trust you. You know you're really funny. Wanna hang out later. Like after the concert." I smiled really brightly and said, "Yeah I'd like that."
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