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A quiet Adam was a time bomb just waiting to go off

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Adam had been quiet for the past hour.

That was never a good sign. A quiet Adam was a time bomb just waiting to go off, and now Chris felt like he was walking through a minefield blindfolded.

It was a simple question. "What do you want on your pizza?" but the response wasn't what Chris expected, instead Adam went off on him.

Whirling around pinning Chris to the fridge Adam glared at Chris. "Are you fucking Randy?"

Chris' head started to spin he couldn't believe Adam would accuse him of cheating.

"Well are you?" Adam repeated shaking Chris by the shoulders.

Trembling, a shaky "No" left Chris' lips.

"Don't lie to me you filthy tramp, I see the way you look at him," Adam spat out acidly glaring down at him, a jealous spark filling his eyes.

Chris' eyes watered "I'm not lying to you baby," he whispered looking up at Adam.

Snarling Adam pushed Chris to the floor, discarding him like a rag doll as he grabbed the car keys stalking out of the kitchen.

Chris slumped against the cabinets; he would never cheat on Adam.
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