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Bittersweet Goodbyes

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Hand on the door knob he sighed before walking out of the room and out of Adam's life.

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A needy whine passed through Chris' lips as Adam's mouth latched on to his neck.

Nipping at the collarbone the taller Canadian ground his hips in a circular motion against Chris, who moaned in response.

A predatory grin gracing his face Adam stilled all movement, Chris whimpered softly at the loss of friction. Bucking his hips upwards he was rewarded with a sharp bite.

With out warning Adam flipped Chris over pulling him up to sit on his knees.

Chris hummed excitedly, he knew what was coming next and he wanted it bad. Teasingly he pushed his hips back to rub against Adam.

Licking his lips Adam thrust in to Chris unprepared.

A sharp hiss left Chris' mouth as he bit his lip to stifle the sob that threatened to burst forth. Exhaling he remained motionless trying to get used to the new fullness, but Adam had other plans.

The larger Canadian groaned at the tightness and rather than wait he roughly slammed into Chris.

The movement rocked Chris' body and he moaned as he began to rock back against Adam. He was a glutton for punishment, maybe that's why he stayed with Adam, getting off to the pain.

Adam gripped Chris by the hips, his fingers bruising skin as he thrust into Chris, never relenting in the pace. Hair plastered on his forehead a low growl emanated from his throat as he continued slammed into Chris.

Snaking a hand around front to his ignored member Chris began stroking in time with Adam.

Feeling Adam's grip tighten Chris knew he wasn't that far off from release. Head thrown back he groaned as he came, crying out, a name slipped past his tongue.

Chris followed suit but as the euphoria faded and he was left panting the name registered to his ears. It wasn't his.

Pulling out Adam fell to the side of Chris leaning to place a kiss on his temple.

Chris turned away moving to the edge of the bed. Frowning he spoke out evenly "when were you going to tell me?"

Adam propped himself up on his elbow, "tell you what?" he replied annoyed.

Chris turned back looking over his shoulder "about Jay."

Adam's eyes narrowed and he rolled off the bed grabbing for his boxers. "There's nothing to tell," he spat out.

Chris nodded his head and reached for his clothes.

"What are you doing," Adam voiced angrily.

Eyes blank Chris slowly began dressing.

"Answer me dammit! Where the fuck do you think you're going?"

Chris looked back at Adam eyes watering. "I'm leaving," he whispered.

Adam's eyes widened, running a hand through his hair he glared at Chris. Grabbing Chris' shirt he threw it at him. "What the fuck did you say? Filthy slut, need to learn your damn place," Adam yelled pacing by the bed.

Then whirling to face Chris he screeched "fine, get the fuck out of here! I don't need you."

Adam was livid shouting obscenities at Chris, but he barely registered them. Shut off from the yells, tears threatening to spill from his eyes he turned to the door.

Hand on the door knob he sighed before walking out of the room and out of Adam's life.
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