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Well, she's on her period. After two kids it gets the best of ya.

"Um, Wow. I'm just gonna go know." I tell them. I don't want to stick around to be insulted anymore. I'm better than that.

"Bye Dylan!" Cathy said sweetly. I wave to her and gave her a smile. Bree just folded her arms over her chest and avoided my eyes. I shrug it off, not caring about that bitch.

I move through the wood trees and plants, looking for Aiden. I want to talk to him.

Aiden's P.O.V.

My hands are tightly wound behind my back. I pace back and forth. I can barely breath. I can't talk to him. I hate him and I hate my mother because of him.

Flash back

"Alfa Cetus? My father has to talk to you. It's about our packs." I call. I push away the shrub blocking his living space. At the first sight I screamed. Cetus...a-and my mother... To-together... I-In bed...

I push the shrub away, running away from that tramp.

End of flash back

The next day my father was dead. I stayed quiet until that faithful day when we ran. I screamed at him.

Flash back

"How dare you." I scream. "How dare you break my family!"

He smirks at me. "It's not my fault your mothers a skank and your father can't fuck her right." In lack of better words, I went off on him. To start off, I punched him. Right in the eye. He falls and I get a few more punches in before he threw me off of him.

His black eye stare me down. "Run." He hisses. I scarble to my feet and run as suggested. I run through bush after bush screaming to my pack. "Lupus pack! RUN!" I morph into wolf form. Running.

That was the begining of my running. I guess I regret it. I should have stayed and fought. My father would have. How could I do that to him? He was so good to me, even when I came out to him. All he did was explain everything to me. I was a horible son and now I'm a shitty Alfa.

"Aiden?" Her voice rang. She always calms me yet she also makes my heart race. I love her in the sort span of time that I've known her. I love how shes so fragile yet so strong. I want to hold her for the rest of my mortal life.

"Yes?" I ask softly, hiding my face from her.

"What are you going to do?"

"I donno. Just, please tell everyone to pack up and be ready at any moment to leave. Or ask Ron to do it." I ask her. I can't look at her. I must be such a coward to her.

I hear her foot step get closer. I feel her hand rubbing my back and her lips softly touching mine. "I will, don't worry." She leaves me with that.

I really don't know how I would keep my sanity if it weren't from her. I let out a sigh, getting up, ready to face my pack. I stand infront of them all. They were packing their things. I clear my throat loudly. They all turn to face me.

"Be prepared! We'll be leaving as soon as the last iteam is packed!" I announce.

"No. Your not."
Aaaaand scene:D Thank you thank you! So who do you think it is? How'd you like his little speech about Dylan? I must know from my all of two loyal fans : 3
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