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Had too....

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I spin around on my heels and gape. Cetus, not the surpirse, and my own mother standing with him. Or more like clinging to him. A smirk on her face as she rubed circles into his chest.

"M-Mother?" My voice cracks. I can't believe she'd go back to him. She said nothing in responce. Ignoring me.

"Bree I believe your brat is adressing you." Cetus murmured into her ear.

She stars me right in the eye. "He's not my brat anymore."

"Bitch!" Dylan coughed behind me. I resisted the urge to laugh. Bree glares at her and points. "That's his mate. Take her."

Cetus smiled. "Ari, take the girl." A big lug of a man came forward towards Dylan.

"No!" I shouted blocking her. I wasn't the only one who had spoken out. Ron was growling behind me. He was ready to pounce.

The man, Ari, pushed past us. I griped his arm. He shook his arm like I was a bug. I flew off after a few shakes. Ropn then took over, bitting on his arm. He tore his arm open. Ari didn't even flinch as Ron chewed on his flesh. That's when Dylan started to run. Ari leeped. He landed infront of her.

He grabed her by the shirt. Other members tryed to stop him but he swatted them down like flies. He moved up to Cetus and who is formally know as my mother, Bree. They each had an evil look on their faces.

"Come to face me, Aiden, or she dies." Cetus tells me.

I hear it with my eyes on Dylan. She had a smile on her face even though she was being captured. Then I see her twist her hand into a fist then cover it in her other hand. With one quick jab to Ari's stomach and she was free. She was running towards me.

"RUN! EVERY ONE!" She yells for me. I nod to tell them to follow the order. Blurs of brown flash past me. I tell Dylan to go on without me, she stayed.

I'm waiting for Grandmother. Shes glaring at Bree. "I TRUSTED YOU!" She bellowed. "I LET YOU INTO MY FAMILY! LET YOU MARRY MY SON! YOU EVIL BITCH!" Nicely put Grandmother.

Bree shruged. "Whatever you say you old hag. ALLISON! GET OVER HERE!" I spin my head to my little sister. I had forgotten all about her!

She had tears in her eyes, holding her teddy. "No!" She yelled at our mother.

"What did you say?!" Bree growled breaking herself from Cetus to face the small girl.

"I said no! You wanted to hurt Dylan! I hate you!" She barked.

I turn to Dylan quickly. "Please take her, run away with her. Please." She said nothing and nodded. She ran and scooped up Allie, heading the other direction. "GRANDMOTHER GO!" I bark at her. She morphs and runs.

"Well, well, well. The little Alfa desided to stay and not run for once." Cetus sneered. "You've desided to die."

I wentch. The thought of that hurt every part of my being. "No, I've come to fight. Alone." I glare at my moth- I mean, Bree.

"Fine. Bree, wait for me in my chamber. This'll be quick." She responded with kissing him and draging her hand on his chest. As soon as she was gone Cetus opend his arms. "Well, we're alone."

He was right. Then, I knew what I had to do. I lounge at him. He blocked me and threw me to the ground. He morphed in mid air. He landed on top of me, bitting at my left arm that I put up to shield me. I wrestle with him for a while before I was on top of him. I had hold of his head. I knew it was my chance. I jerk it to the side. A cry let out into the night air. I drop the non moving head.

I scrable off of him and run. Run so I could never look back.
Hey:D how'd you likey? Was th fight scene any good? Just wondering since I can't write those for my life.... Anyway I'm going to give Tomgirl567 a sticker for getting it right:D Cetus was the one to0 cut him off! Please comment:D
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