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Setting Up and Waiting Around

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Ashkie POV

"Awe, Jesus Christ today's my birthday," I sighed to myself quietly as I got up out of my bunk. I was officially 16 years old today and on tour with My Chemical Romance. As I silently got up I looked around at everyone sleeping and smiled, I love my life and I wouldn't do anything to change it. I sighed quietly and ran my fingers through my hair thinking, Another birthday, but not just any birthday. My sweet sixteen. Awe Jesus Chris, you know I think I'm gonna go dye my hair just cause I can.

As I silently walked over to the bathroom with all of my hair dye Gerard started shifting around in his bunk. I froze, not wanting to wake anyone, until he settled back down. Once he did I continued to go to the bathroom to dye my hair. I looked through the bag finding all sorts of colors like black, red, orange, brown, blonde, bleach blonde, purple, blue, green, and many many others. I looked at them all and then chose brown, black and red. I was going to dye my hair brown and then do black and red highlights.

After a couple hours later I finished and looked at the finished product. I smiled at myself and said, "Damn. What a good way to start my birthday. Ugh, I hate birthdays." It wasn't the fact that I hated becoming a year older its just that I hated celebrating it. I've just had some bad times on my birthday and just don't want that to happen again. I'm not going into detail because there's no way in hell I was going through that again.

As I walked out I saw Gerard up with his boxers around his ankles. We just stared at each other in horror until I screamed, "Holy shit! I'm blind! I'm blind! Please please put some clothes on!"

He quickly threw some clothes on as the guys woke up screaming, "What the fuck is going on?" I decided not to tell them as Gerard said, "Uh….nothing. Just caught Ashkie of guard. By the way Happy Birthday and love your highlights." I smiled at him as he left me with the guys.

Frankie came up behind me and gave me a hug while saying, "Happy Birthday Skittles. Ya know what? Gerard is right your hair is awesome. Would you mind given me some red highlights?" I smiled while giving him a kiss and said "Sure veggie. Just follow me."

Gerard POV

As I walked to get coffee I thought about what had just happened. I had thought that Ashkie was still getting ready when I woke up, but she wasn't and walked in on me changing. Well not really walked in on me, I mean I was sort of changing in the wide open. Oh well time to get the party ready. Yup, her Sweet Sixteen and I can't wait to see her reaction.

As I walked back from the coffee tent Tom stopped me and said, "Hey what do you think about our present for Ashkie?" He held up a bag full of fan clothes and a new wicked sweet guitar. It was a black B.C. Fly Warlock in a casket case. I was amazed that they would go completely out of their way to get Ashkie such an amazing gift. I nodded and said, "Damn, she will love it. I know that for sure. Okay you guys might want to hide that and to start to get ready for the show."

They all nodded and left leaving me to my party planning. Oh god this is pretty weird for me to do. I'm not normally a huge party planner or a planner of anything really, besides gigs. I sighed and called everyone that I had invited. I just wanted to remind them about the party and make sure that all of her friends could make it. She didn't have many friends, which reminded me of myself, so I made sure that all of them could come. I would send a jet to go pick them all up later so they could come.

As I came to a stop in front of our bus at 10am everyone was up and moving. Ashkie and Frank were…. guess what? Yup, making out again. I shook my head and sat down next to Billie.

Pete POV

So today was Ashkie's birthday. Hum, I know what I'm going to do till the concert. I just needed 3 tellatubby costumes, 3 of the backpack with the built in speakers, Tiff, and Ashkie. We were going to go all over the Amway to go see all the fans lining up to see the show. It would probably be tons of fun especially with Tiffany and Ashkie. Oh god I gotta hurry up and find everything in the bus and the get Tiffany and Ashkie.

-20 minutes later-

"Hey Patrick?"

"Yeah Pete?"

"Where are all of the tellatubby costumes and backpacks with the built in speakers?"

"Uhh….. Did you check under the bus?"

I scratched my head and said "No, not yet. I was gonna look there next."

Patrick nodded as I walked outside and opened up the storage compartment. Sure enough, laying right there, was all of the things I needed minus Tiffany and Ashkie. I quickly ran and got both of them and told them my plan. They both started laughing as hard as possible and agreed to do it. So we all put on our tellatubby costumes and backpacks and went out to check out all the fans.

-After Concert around 11:30pm-

Gerard POV

Ashkie was out with Frank and I was freaking out. I still had to get the cake in place wherever it is and figure out where we should all hide. About 30 minutes later everyone from Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and all of her friends had arrived. Her friends were very surprised at all of this and I'm pretty sure a little starstrucked.

Finally someone told me that the cake had finally arrived and was on it's way in here. Everyone was helping us to set up all the decorations and everything. We were all very excited to see her reaction. As we were getting the last decorations set up the cake finally arrived and it looked amazing!

Duff and the other two girls set it all up and I said, "Oh my shit! That is so fucking awesome! Thank you guys so much! She is going to love it! You can meet her in a little bit. She's going to be walking in here in like 10-15 minutes. Just hide over by the cake."

They nodded as we all hid and waited…
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