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Birthday Party and a Compliment From HIM

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Ashkie POV

Earlier, before the concert, was a blast! Tiff and I were just talking and stuff when Pete asked us if we wanted to go see all the fans. We said sure and started to follow him when he handed us some tellatubby costumes and backpacks. Tiffany and I just looked at each other and said, "Fuck no! No way! We saw you do this in a video on youtube! This is gonna be crazy!"

As we put on the tellatubby outfits and backpacks when Tiff turned to Pete while saying, "You know Pete you are very sexy lookin as a tellatubby."

I like gagged as they started saying all this lovey dovey crap to each other. They both flicked me off and started to make out with each other. I just shook my head, put on my tellatubby head, turned on some My Chem music, and went out into the huge crowd of fans. They had no clue it was me so they were all a lil freaked out.

Pete and Tiff quickly joined me as we all walked around the Amway arena jumping around and having fun. Then as we made out way back to the buses we took of our tellatubby heads and I screamed, "FUCK YEAH!" All of the fans started freaking out as we ran by holding the heads and screaming shit. It was pretty fun but, the fun can never last or at least I think it can't.

As soon as we got back it was back to business. Ha ha, who am I kidding. Let me rephrase that… As soon as we got back it was back to partying and having a blast. Ha ha. Soon everyone had performed except for us and I was a lil nervous since it was my birthday and all.

-Halfway into our performance-

We had just finished singing Skylines and Turnstiles when Gerard looked out into the fans and said, "Hey all you beautiful motherfuckers! I bet you didn't know it, but today is Ashkie's 16 birthday! Can you fucking believe that! And all of you guys out there don't even think about it because she is taken!"

There was a lot of cheering, people screaming 'Happy Birthday', guys screaming 'I love you', and other shit like that. I laughed and said, "Thanks Gerard just let the whole world know it's my birthday? Ha ha. And that's right all you boys I'm taken. Frank and I are together so sorry boys. I still love you all."

It went silent for a while as Frank kissed me and then everyone cheered and the boys booed. Once it got quite one of the boys in the crowed screamed, "Ashkie you're my role model." I blushed a little and said, "Awe thanks. Okay now lets get back to the concert, eh?"

-After concert around 6pm-

After the concert I changed into some black skinny jeans with my masterpiece of a shirt on. On the tour bus I got bored so I made this shirt. It was black low-cut and covered in writing and drawings. I loved it so I decided to wear it. As I redid my makeup and hair Frank said, "Hey skittles wanna go on a walk? You look like you could use some fresh air."

I smiled and gave him a kiss while saying, "Oh you know I could veggie. Lets go." As we left I saw Gerard and everyone head towards the stadium and I thought "Shit I really don't wanna go in there again, but I know I'm gonna have to."

-About 30 minutes later-

Frank and I were semi-drunk when we walked back to the tour bus area hand in hand. We had had a lot of fun, but once again the fun can never last. I started walking towards our bus and grabbed me saying, "Oh no you don't. You're coming with me missy." I just smiled and followed him. I knew exactly where we were going and really wished we weren't. I mean I was drunk, but not too drunk to not know what we were doing.

As we started heading towards the Amway arena Frank and I just started talking. It was going fine until he asked me about high school.

He said, "Ashkie, you know you're only 16 and well you still have 3 years of high school left. I was wondering what you were going to do about it cause I think you should go to school."

I stopped smiling and looked at him seriously saying, "No, I will not go back to high school. You guys can't make me and I know Gerard put you up to this!"

He smiled at me and said, "Babe you have to! I'd go back with you, but we're gonna be touring!"

"But what about me? You can't just leave me here! Why can't I tour with you guys?"

"You know what I give up! I will not talk about this with you! Gerard can make Bob do it or better yet he can talk to you himself! I will not fight with my girlfriend. Let's just go in."

I kissed him quickly and laughed. Then I looked at the doors in front of us and signed. As soon as we walked in a light sprang on and the guys (just my chem) screamed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHKIE!" I hated all of this, but I just put it all beside and smiled saying, "Awe thanks guys! This is too cool!"

I watched as Gerard and the guys all game up to me wearing those ridiculous birthday hats. I gave them all a hug and looked around. This didn't seem so bad it wasn't a huge party, only the guys, and it didn't look like a bug deal. Then Gerard smiled at me and said, "Happy birthday sis, but wait until you see this."

He then snapped his fingers and all the lights in the arena flashed on. I looked around as I saw a ton of people, decorations, presents, and a huge cake! My eyes went wide as I thought, No fuckin way! Oh no! They…they….they actually threw me a huge party. Holy shit!

I was sort of freaking out in my head as I looked around. It looked like he had spent weeks playing this all and then hours putting it all together. It seemed like they actually cared about me, unlike all my other birthdays. Sure my other birthdays I did have my adoptive parents there and friends, but something was missing. I now know that what was missing was family. Corny, right? But fuck its true.

I smiled weakly at everyone and said, "Holy shit dudes! This is so awesome! Thanks and LETS GET THIS FUCKING PARTY STARTED!"

Music started blasting as I went around greeting everyone that came. I was definitely surprised when I saw all my friends from home there. They all ran up to me screaming and Taylor said, "Holy shit Ash! You really weren't lying about any of this! How crazy and happy birthday."

I laughed and said, "Yeah this is pretty crazy shit. I'm so happy that you guys are here though cause you do know that even rockstars need friends. Now you guys go have fun but…."

"BE CAREFULL!" we all screamed at once. That was an inside joke that we've had since like 7th grade. Ah, the crazy shit that goes on in my life is awesome. As they went off someone behind me said, "Hey. You must be Ashkie."

I turned around to find Andy Sixx just standing there. I smiled at him and said, "Yeah and you must be Andy."

He laughed saying, "Yeah. I saw you perform earlier and I must say you have an amazing voice."

I smiled and said, "Thanks. I've been told that a lot lately."

"Haha I would never of guessed. So how's your birthday been so far?"

"Well lets see…..awesome until I was told that I have to go back to high school."

He frowned and looked me in the eyes while saying "Oh, well it can't be that bad! I mean come on if you can survive all of this crazy shit I'd think you'd be able to survive high school and maybe even college."

"Haha. Yeah your right. Maybe I will go back. Who knows and who really gives a fuck besides my brothers apparently."

"Fuck yeah! You're an awesome person Ashkie. Here's my number, call or text me anytime sweetie . I'd most definitely like to get to now you."

Right then someone called Andy's name and said, "ANDY! We're going on soon. Come get ready."

I looked at him and said, "Well looks like you've gotta go get ready to play for everyone here. I'll see you around and you'll probably be hearing from me soon. I might need someone to help me ditch from school."

He smiled and said, "Yeah looks like it. And I will see you around."

We both started to walk away when he whipped around and said, "Hey Ashkie I forgot to ask you something. What's your favorite song by us?"

I smiled and thought deeply before saying, "You're really gonna make me pick. Well I guess it might have to be Knives and Pens."

He nodded and walked away smiling to himself. I continued to walk around until I came to the cake. This thing was fucking huge! My smiled grew when I saw Duff, Elena, and Katherine cutting the cake and passing it out. This was awesome I watched Ace of Cakes all the time and dreamed of meeting the creators behind the amazing cakes I saw. Well now was my chance.

I walked up to the three and said, "Hey. This is amazing and I just wanted to thank you for making it."

Duff smiled and said, "No problem. And I'm going to guess that you're the infamous birthday girl?"

I smiled my innocent smile that I sometimes do and said, "Yup that's me. Haha. I just wanted to let you know that this is huge for me. I watch your show all the time and I've even caught the guys watching it once in a while. So meeting all three of you right now is awesome."

He smiled and said, "Well thanks. That means a lot to us. And standing here meeting you and everyone is amazing to us."

I smiled as Elena said, "Hey Ashkie. Do you think we could get a couple of pictures with you and the guys?"

I laughed and said, "Of course. I'll go grab them now. Oh and you guys don't have to stay right here the whole night. You can go party to and have fun."

As I walked away to find the boys I ran straight into Pete. He had Tiffany under on arm and now me under the other. He looked at me and said, "Yo Ash. This party is the shit! This is amazing!"

I smiled and said, "Well thanks Pete. Now if you don't mind I need to find the guys. Any idea where they are?"

He thought for a moment and then pointed towards the center of the mosh pit. I shook my head and said, "Okay time to go crowd surfing. Pete would you mind lifting me up?"

He shook his head and immediately picked me up. Then he sent me over to the other person and next thing I knew I was crowd surfing. I was having so much fun I forgot that I was supposed to be getting the boys until I fell straight on Frank.

I got up and started laughing at Franks face. He had this look of confusing yet total amazement that just was too funny. Once I finally got my breathe back I said, "Okay I need you and the guys now. We've gotta go take some pics with the people from Ace of Cakes."

He nodded and tapped the guys on the shoulder and told them. They all nodded and started heading towards the cake. Frank looked at me and said, "Would you like a ride out?" I nodded thinking he meant crowd surfing, but he threw me over his shoulder and started walking out. I started laughing as he walked towards the cake still not letting me go.

Once we got over there he finally let me down. I just looked at him and then everyone saying, "Ok we're all here. Lets take some pics." Then we took a couple pics and went right back on to partying. We were having a blast when someone started strumming on a guitar somewhere.

I immediately looked towards the stage to find the curtains opening and Black Veil Brides standing there. I smiled and held onto Frank as they said, "Okay you guys as you know it's Ashkie's birthday and well we just wanna sing her one song. This song is called Knives and Pens and just so happens to be the birthday girl's favorite song. Why don't you come on up here Ashkie?"

I laughed and yelled, "How do I get all the way up there from here?" Suddenly I was lifted in the air and passed up to the stage. I laughed and said, "Looks like I won't have to worry about getting up since I'm here. Nice."

Andy laughed and started singing

"Alone at last, we can sit and fight.

And I've lost all faith in this blurring light,

But stay right here we can change our plight.

We're storming through this, despite what's right.

One final fight, for this tonight.


With knives and pens, we made our plight.

Lay your heart down, the end's in sight.

Conscience begs for you to do what's right.

Everyday it's still the same dull knife,

Stab it through and justify your pride.

One final fight, for this tonight.


With knives and pens, we made our plight.


And I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.

We tried our best, turn out the light, turn out the light.

One final fight, for this tonight.


With knives and pens, we made our plight.


And I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on.

We tried our best, turn out the light, turn out the light."

I smiled as they finished and blushed when Andy gave me a hug and whispered 'Your really cute'. I jumped back down smiling, grabbed a beer, and snuck away from everyone. This party was amazing, but I felt like I didn't deserve it. Don't ask me why I felt like that I just did!

As I sat outside in the semi-cold night I felt like someone was standing behind me. I turned around to find Frank just standing there. He smiled at me and asked, "Whatcha doing out here all by yourself? You should be in there, partying with me."

I smiled at him and shrugged. He gave me a hug probably guessing what I was feeling. I hugged him back and he said, "Come on. Lets go back inside. I think Gerard and the guys want to give you something."

I half smiled at him and walked back inside with him.
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