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A Little Revenge

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Seth comes with a little plan for some revenge.

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So heres chapter 3. hope you like it. You can show me that you do by reviewing!!


Keagan stood outside the band room waiting for Cassie and Seth, playing with the edge of her shirt. She was released from detention early. Keagan snorted at the idea of being released, 'more like ordered out' she thought.

She stopped fidgeting and started pacing in the hallway. She muttered to herself, “That...arsehole calling me a freak! That kissing another girl is unnatural. He's damn lucky I didn't lose control. I could have accidentally thrown him through the wall or something. Then I was just meditating after a stressful event. And bam! I'm kicked out of the room. Its just...ugh!” Keagan threw her arms up then and slumped back against the lockers near the door of the band room, thinking she could really use Cassie and Seth to take her mind of the detention teacher.

She could faintly hear the director say, “Alright, lets go over that last song one more time then your free for the day.” Keagan pulled her cell phone out of its pouch. The current class still had 45 minutes til it was let out. She frowned, knowing that Ms. Summers never let the band out 40 minutes early. She groaned and threw her head back against the locker, she was leaning on. Sliding down to sit on the floor, she cradled her head in her hands.

Keagan listened as upbeat music flowed out of the room. She moved to sit Indian style and placed her hands on her knees. She let the music rush over her as she took a deep breath. Keagan worked on the technique to gain control she learned from her grandmother, imagining her energy being drawn into a glass ball. Just as she felt all her energy contained in the ball, Cassie came through the door.

Keagan raised her head and slowly opened her eyes to look at her friend, “Ello Cassandra, I didn’t mean to end your class early.” Cassie, looking confused, sat down next to the Scot, “What do you mean Keagan? How could you end the class early?” Keagan looked at Cassie, her normally sparkling blue eyes showing deep sadness, “Lets just say its possible. More possible than most would think.” Cassie’s mind raised at possibilities Keagan could mean, but decided now wasn’t the time to push.

She reached over and grabbed the Scottish girls hand, “Why are you sitting out here and not in detention?” Keagan sighed and hung her head again, “I got kicked out for meditating after of course being insulted.” Cassie wrapped her arms around Keagan, “Oh I’m so sorry! What a dick. He is not allowed to insult students. Don’t worry we will get him back. Somehow, someway he will pay.”

Both girls were startled by a male voice they knew so well, “What are we doing to the homophobe?” Seth plopped down on the other side of Keagan, “What did he do this time? Drop the fag word? Or the homo-freak bomb? Better yet the 'your a disgrace of nature' speech? I cant help but wonder if hes a closet gay will all the bull he spews.”

Seth pulled a chocolate bar out of his bag, splitting the bar in half then one of the halves in half again. He gave the larger half to Keagan, “Here this will make you feel better. Forget what he said hes an idiot.” Seth then gave the half of a half to Cassie. He stood up and looking down at the pair of girls, smirking, “Shall we go to lunch?” Seth offered his hand do Keagan, then Cassie to help them up, “Perhaps we should make a little show for the bastard?”

Cassie glanced at Keagan, seeing she was confused too, looked back at Seth, “What do you mean, Seth?” Seth's smirk grew, “Well Cass, Mr. Forthwood likes you but hates anyone with homosexual tendencies. So lets see what happens when one of his favorites has those tendencies.” A thoughtful look appeared on Keagan's face, “What did you have in mind, Sethrey?” Seth's smirk turned into a sly grin, “Well if Cass is up to it, I vote a little display of affection.” Cassie grinned, “I am so in. What do you want me to do?”

Keagan took a step back, holding her hands up, “Though I appreciate it Cassandra but I don’t want you getting in trouble. I really don’t care what the prick thinks or says.” Cassie took a step towards Seth, ignoring Keagan's protest, “What do you have in mind Seth?” Seth grinned, “I knew you would be game Cass, here’s what I’m thinking Cass and Keagan enter the cafeteria holding hands, acting all lovey dovey, hugging and all that fun stuff, even sharing lunch maybe.” Cassie was nodding, “That should do it.”

She looked over at Keagan, who was sputtering, Cassie leaned towards Keagan and poked her, “Are you ok Keagan?” Keagan looked at her poker, “You would do that for me?” Cassie looked shocked, “Well duh Keagan. Your one of my best friends, I would do anything for you.”

Cassie looked at her watch, “Well its still early. We have like 20 minutes til lunch.” Seth nodded, “Plenty of time to put our stuff away and to head out.” Cassie motioned her agreement, “Keagan wait here. Should only take a few minutes.” Keagan sighed, “There is no way I am going to talk you out of this is there?” Cassie grinned. “Nope!” She turned and pulled Seth into the band room.

Once in the room, Cassie turned to Seth, “Where did that plan come from Seth?” Seth looked innocently at his friend, “I don’t know Cass, sorta popped in my head.” “Right,” Cassie popped back, “And I’m going to be the homecoming queen. What gives Seth?” Seth turned to look at Cassie, sighing he said, “Fine remember how you said you were confused?” Cassie nodded, he continued, “Well whats a better way to figure it out then to sorta experiment with someone?” Cassie interrupted Seth, “But Seth, Keagan's a friend, one of my best friends, other than you. It could ruin it.”

Seth started putting his equipment away, “I don’t think it will. You guys just click. I’m sure if you just asked Keagan she would be willing to help you with anything.” Cassie nodded and picked up her case, “I know, I know, I'm just afraid it will blow up and I like hanging out with Keagan. I don’t want to lose that.”

Seth bobbed his head then motioned for Cassie to start to the instrument closet, “I know I like her too, just not in an icky way.” Cassie tapped Seth in the butt with her case, “Oh yeah you like her, to argue with her.” Seth squeaked upon being hit with an enormous case, “Hey! That’s how we get along. Its friendly banter! No need to assault me! I’m just the innocent gay guy.” Cassie rolled her eyes, “Right Seth your oh so innocent.” Seth look insulted, “But Cass I am innocent!” Cassie snorted, “Uh-huh. Whatever. Lets go meet Keagan. And get some lunch.”

Seth just smiled and followed his friend.
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