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Lovers Warmth

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Keagan raised her head when she heard Seth and Cassie. Well actually she heard Seth. 'Man that boy has a set of lungs. I could probably hear him in Scotland' She smiled at the thought.

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Keagan raised her head when she heard Seth and Cassie. Well actually she heard Seth. 'Man that boy has a set of lungs. I could probably hear him in Scotland' She smiled at the thought.

Cassie bounced up to Keagan grinning, “Ready to go shock everyone?” The Scot shook her head, “No but lets go.” Cassie grabbed Keagan's hand, “Alright!” She then tugged on Keagan, then looked at Seth, “Lets go people! I’m hungry. I would like to eat today.” Seth nodded, “Totally agreed. It sounds like I have to rhinos arguing over a dandelion in my stomach. Plus I can practically hear the pepperoni pizza yelling my name. You guys hear it? Its all like 'Seth, Seth, Come eat me!”

Cassie and Keagan busted out laughter. Cassie linked her arm with Seth, while still clenching Keagan's hand. She tugged both towards the cafeteria.

Upon entering the cafeteria, Seth pulled his arm from Cassie's, while pushing her closer to Keagan. When Cassie looked, questioningly, at Seth. He just grinned at her and gave her thumbs up. Seth then turned to go to the pizza line to satisfy his arguing rhinos, “Meet you guys at the table.”

Cassie pulled Keagan over to the main course line. She grinned up at Keagan then leaned into her, “What do you want Keagan?” Keagan looked at the food and then back at Cassie, “I am thinking the spaghetti. What about you Love?” Cassie blushed, “I was thinking a hamburger.” Keagan cupped Cassie cheek, “Why do you blush darling?” Cassie’s blush deepened, “You’ve never called me love before.” Keagan's face became guarded, “I am sorry, Cassandra, if it offends you I will not do it again.” Cassie quickly shook her head, “Its not that. I kinda liked it.” Keagan's whole body froze, looking at Cassie.

After a few seconds she realized what she said and Cassie's blush became even more rosy red. She contemplated hiding her face but settled for looking away. What she didn’t see was Keagan's small smile. Keagan reached over, grabbed Cassie’s chin, and turned Cassie’s face towards her own, “You like it?” Cassie nodded, nervously fluttering her eyelashes. “Well,” Keagan continued in a low voice, “I am going to have to come up with one just for you aren’t I?” Cassie gave a small shrug, “Why would you call me one? I’m just your friend. Don’t only significant others get pet names like love or darling?” Keagan gently stroked Cassie's face, “Maybe I want you to be...”

Just then Seth popped up beside them, slurping on a chocolate milkshake, “Why haven’t you gotten lunch yet? Better yet why is Keagan invading Cassie’s face space bubble? Are you ever going to get food? If so can I have some of your fries? Umm Keagan why do you look like your going to shove the Easter bunny down Santa Claus's throat? Err...I think I’m going to go to our table now. Don’t kill the innocent gay guy.”

Seth slowly backed away, holding on dearly to his precious food tray, “Oh just so you know the plan worked. Mr Forthwood is looking very pissed, like hes going to blow a gasket pissed.” He turned quickly and fled to their normal table, the one right next to the windows. Keagan growled at Seth’s retreating form.

She turned back to look at Cassie, who was watching Seth practically run away. She yet again gently took the tomato red girls face into her hand and turned Cassie towards her, “Where were we?” Cassie stammered and stuttered, “Errr.... ummm.... errr....” The whole time her face becoming more red than imaginable.

Keagan slyly smiled, “Oh that right, I remember.” She slowly brought her face closer to Cassie's, “You want a pet name, I think I can do that. How about A ghrá? Do you want to be my A ghrá? Well if you want it you have to say you want it.” Cassie look startled, “Hunh?” Keagan's sly smile grew, “You want it don’t you, Cassandra? Just say it and the pet name is yours.”

Cassie looked into Keagan's face, searching her eyes, she whispered, “I want it.” Keagan stood there for a moment, then her face light up, “You do know if you are to be my A ghrá you will need to be my girlfriend right?” Cassie nodded, whispering, “I know. I want to be your girlfriend.” Keagan grinned and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Cassie was shocked for a moment but quickly got over it. She gave Keagan a slightly longer kiss than the one she received, “Can we eat now?” Keagan just nodded, a grin on her face, and allowed herself to be pulled into the food line. She listened to Cassie ramble about random things, putting thing on her tray and occasionally Keagan's.

When they got to the register, Cassie reached for her wallet in her bag. The wallet appeared to not be in its rightful place. Cassie began frustratedly searching all of her bags pockets. She hang her head, “Its not here.” Keagan looked at her new girlfriend, “Whats not there, A ghrá?” Cassie looked at Keagan downtrodden, “My wallet. I must have left it at home in my jeans from last night.”

Keagan pulled out money from her cell phone pouch, “Its all right, I have it this time.” Cassie shook her head, “I cant let you do that, Keagan....Keagan are you listening to me?” Keagan looked at her and smirked, “Of course I’m listening to you darling, your my A ghrá. Why wouldn’t I listen to you?” She nodded at the cashier and handed Cassie her tray, “Plus its too late. I have already paid. Now go eat.”

Cassie pouted, “Fine then. I'm going to go stop Seth from ogling the captain of the football team.” Keagan nodded, “Yes that would probably smart. I do not wish to either listen to Sethrey whining about how cute that boy is and how he must be secretly gay because no one can look that good in those jeans and know he looks that good and still be straight or comfort Sethrey when Michael punches him because Michael caught him checking out Michael's arse.” Cassie agreed and started toward her flamboyant friend upon spotting him.

Keagan finished getting her lunch and followed Cassie. Cassie was startled when an arm wrapped around her waist. She turned slightly into the warm body and saw Keagan's smiling face. Keagan looking around the room with a slightly possessive expression, almost as if challenging anyone in the room to tell her to remove her arm from around her Cassie.

Her eyes narrowed on the detention teacher, Mr. Forthwood, growing a to a darker shade of blue. Cassie looked over at Mr. Forthwood, just as he was rising from the teachers table and headed towards them. The closer he got, the more red his face became. Cassie could see the veins bulging in his neck and forehead. “Hello Mr. Forthwood. How is your day going?” The detention teacher growled, “What do you think your doing Miss Morgan?” Cassie looked at Keagan, “Well, sir, I was heading over to my normal table to eat lunch with my best friend, Seth, and my girlfriend, Keagan here”

Mr. Forthwood shook his head, “I see that Mr. Mathews... monstrosity has rubbed off on you. I really expected more.” He stopped speaking and stroked his beard, “Perhaps I fix that. During the detention you earned this morning.” Cassie looked stunned, her shock quickly turning to anger, “His... his monstrosity? What does that effing mean? Being gay is not a monstrosity!...” The air around them started to warm, warm even for a high school cafeteria. Keagan looked around trying to determine the source of the warmth.

Cassie continued her rant, “...Being gay is perfectly normal and should be accepted, not insulted. It does not mean you are a freak, like as you so like to call people who happen to be gay...” The air got hotter and hotter. Keagan looked at Cassie, instantly clicking in her mind who was causing the change in air temperature, “Cassandra” She whispered and tried grabbing Cassie's arm.

Cassie just shook her off and continued chewing out, at one point, her one time liked teacher, “Seth is not a freak. And if he is then damn it, so am I. And you know what? I’m proud to be a freak.” The air around them was almost unbearable. Cassie threw her food on the floor, went to the closest table, pulled out a chair, and stood on it, “I have an announcement. I am a proud gay freak!” Mr. Forthwood's red face became purple. Keagan's face paled.

She grabbed Cassie's arm and pulled her off the chair, “Come on Cassandra. We are leaving now.” She pulled Cassie towards the door, grabbing Seth as he came near.

No one noticed as Cassie left the cafeteria the air went back to normal.
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