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Mirror, Mirror

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Gerard tries to warn Adela about Eliza, she doesn't listen very well however.

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The next few days, I found that even more strange events occurred in the house. My mother didn't pay attention to them of course, but I saw them clearly and freaked out as they happened. It started with a few of our dishes falling over for no reason, each one just falling off whatever furniture it had been as if a mysterious wind had blown through the room. The next few times it was a loud thunk in the dining room, almost like something had fallen and landed on our ceiling. My mother had just marked it as plumbing problems and told me not to worry.

Of course, that just made me worry even more.

I was in my room on a Saturday night. I had just gotten back from being out with a few friends and was getting ready for bed. I hadn't told them about me living in a haunted house, but everyone at school seemed to already know that it was. I even had a few people come up to me and ask if I'd seen anything ghostly. I had lied and told them no.

Now, sitting on my bed, I wished I had told them. It would have given me a bit of comfort to know that some other people knew about my misfortunes. My own mother was clueless to my worries.

All of a sudden I really wanted a glass of water. I set down my book, Catcher in the Rye, it was one that we had to read for English class, and went to the bathroom. Carrying back a cold glass of tap water, I happened to glance in the mirror on the dresser. Gerard was standing in it, next to my bed, completely still with his head down and hair covering his face. He was in a black suit, the jacket off, and his tie undone. I jumped, dropping the glass and having water spilled all over the floor. Thankfully the glass didn't break on the carpeted floor. But that wasn't what had my attention.

Gerard's shoulders were going up and down, shaking almost.

I turned around and looked by the bed. Nothing was there.

I turned back to the mirror and Gerard was stilll there, shoulders still shaking, only know his hands were in fists and they were trembling as well.

"G-Gerard?", I asked tentatively. He glanced up, and I saw that he was upset. He was frowning, but it was twisted, and his eyes were crunched up.

"Why haven't you left?", a whisper, almost as quiet as leaves rustling on the ground, floated to my ears. Gerard hadn't spoken, yet I knew it was from him.

"Because I live here", I said dryly a smile on my face, despite his dismal appearance. His mouth twitched in a mock of a smile. Then a thought came to my mind. I had been reading about ghosts in my library, and learned a few things about them.

"Why haven't you left?", I asked as quietly as he had. The same upset frown came to his face.

"Because she'd kill you too", came the whisper. My eyebrows scrunched together.

"Who?", I dared to ask. Now there was almost a panic in his eyes.

"Eliza", it was one word and I barely heard it, but the name now rang in my ears. He said that he hadn't killed her, and here he was almost quaking in fear of something. Had Eliza killed them both?

"You shouldn't worry about me", I said, bravely. He chuckled, though there was no sound. Sitting down on the bed, he gestured for me to come and sit next to him. I turned away from the mirror hesitantly. His image still didn't exist anywhere but in the mirror. But I did as he asked, glancing back at the mirror every so often to make sure that he didn't disappear or something.

Sitting next to him was odd. I knew he was there, yet I didn't see him. And there was that freezing temperature that couldn't be helped.

"You're thinking about me too much", I glanced behind me and into the mirror. He was looking directly at me, observing my movements curiously.

"Maybe, but I do have a right to, I didn't expect to see ghosts when I moved here", I mumbled to him. Again he chuckled.

"Yes, but thinking about me gives me power, meaning you're giving Eliza power", he replied. I was confused.


He nodded in the mirror, "You believing in us, it feeds us, gives us more energy", he paused, "That's why I'm even communicating with you know".
I shook my head, "And how do I stop believing in something that's right next to me?", in the mirror he shrugged his shoulders, his eyes sorrowful.

"You have to, before Eliza gets any stronger, she can do terrible things to you", he told me, fear laced in his whispered voice.

"Like what?", I asked skeptically. I was surprisingly unafraid at the thought of an angry girl's spirit. Gerard must have noticed the condescending note in my voice because he got even more upset.

"You really don't realize what danger you're in do you?", the whispered voice got a little more lively and slightly louder, "She could kill you Adela!". The image in the mirror was agitated and he had his fists clenched even more. And then he started to fade. I reached out my hands, and with the mirror's help, tried to grasp his arm. Of course, I came up with nothing, just cold air, and he continued to fade.

"I've already used up too much energy, just please try to get out of here Adela . . .", the voice faded away before any more words could be said, and Gerard's image finally disappeared, leaving me alone. Slowly the temperature came back up to it's normal degree. I was slowly coming out of the shock, I had actually had a conversation with a ghost!

'Though I should have probably been used to it by now', I thought sarcastically.

Somehow, I felt drained and sleepy afterward, and after turning off my light, and letting my head hit my pillow, I fell asleep. And then the dreams started to happen.
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