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Eliza makes an appearence!

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Subconsciously I knew I was asleep. That didn't comfort me as I felt something start wrapping itself around my legs. I could feel myself under my covers, in my own bed, but this foreign thing felt just as real. It continued to wind up my legs, reaching my hips and going further up until it was around my torso.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't move to push the thing off me, I couldn't even look to see what the hell it was! I had to endure it inching up my body until it reached my shoulders where it stopped. It stayed still, until I felt it do something else, it tugged me out of my bed. I hit my floor on my side, making a shock of pain go through my hip bone.

"Te he he", someone was giggling evilly. It sounded like a woman's voice, high pitched and squeaky. I started freaking out in my head, my body still immobile.

'Stay calm, nothing can happen to you, you're asleep, nothing will happen', I told myself, creating a mantra as the giant tentacle thing started dragging me somewhere. The lady's voice was still cackling away as I was moved. I hit my leg off a door as it took me through a door way. I knew I was now in my closet, I could feel the walls around me, and suddenly the lady started speaking.

"You should have listened to him little girl!", I hardly had a chance to process her sentence before something happened.

There was a sudden flashed of pain on my shoulder and I groaned involuntarily, the first movement and sound I had made since this started. It felt like a knife had gone through my skin, and I could feel something warm flowing down my arm and into the carpet.

The woman was now openly laughing, cackling as the flash of pain started to deepen into a throbbing as I started losing more and more blood. Now I was beginning to panic, if she could make me bleed, then what was stopping her from killing me?

'She's a crazy ghost, I'm going to be killed by a ghost', thoughts started flashing through my mind, 'My mother's going to find me in my closet, cut up, dead and lifeless, and she's going to have no idea how I got that way', I started laughing in my head at the absurdity of the picture I had thought of in my head.

Another flash of sharp pain when through my thigh. The lady's laughter hit another peak as the unseen knife sliced through me. Who was she? The question caught my mind and pulled it out of the many pictures of my body it had made up.

She had to be the girl, Eliza, that Gerard had warned me about. She had finally gained enough power to harm me, all because I had to look up that stupid website and intertwine him and her into my life.

'That's it!', I thought excitedly, 'Not only had I brought Eliza back with thinking about her, Gerard had been revived with her, if I can get him to help me, maybe I can get out of this alive'.

As Eliza continued belting out laughter at having me captive in a closet, I started shouting Gerard's name in my head.

"Gerard! I don't know if you can hear me, but please help!", I yelled mentally. It felt stupid to be asking for a ghost's help, but I could hear Eliza's laughing slowing down, she must have been getting ready to hit me with the knife again.

I waited in suspense to feel the cold slice of metal somewhere on my body. It didn't happen, instead my body flinched as I heard the door slam open. My eyes were still closed, but I could hear Eliza hiss in defiance as someone entered the room. The coldness in the room increased as I realized that Gerard had actually come to help me.

'You're already so weak Eliza, I don't think you can put up much of a fight, you've already used up so much energy doing this little stunt', I heard his voice, same as before, barely more than a whisper. However, he sounded solid as he walked over and stood in front of us. Eliza growled in response next to me. Then I heard her stand up along with him.

Eliza said seductively, "I'll leave this time, hopefully she's smart enough to leave, if not, then I will come back".

There was a whooshing sound and suddenly I was in a pair of cold arms. I was still immobile and was fearful of what was happening. When I heard a small sigh from the person holding me, I realized that it was Gerard. But he was a ghost! He couldn't 'hold' anything, let alone a hundred pound person.

But I guess I was wrong as he carried me out of the closet, hearing him close it quietly as he brought me out. I felt him set me down on my bed. The cuts I had on my shoulder and thigh were starting to hurt.

As soon as I thought of that, there was a cool sensation on them, almost like someone had put a cold compress against them. A few seconds later, they felt normal, a little chilly, but I couldn't feel any pain. I could feel myself lulling back to sleep.

The bed beneath me was feeling very comfortable as I started to fall back asleep. Suddenly I felt an arm slip under my stomach and another wrap itself around my waist, pulling me against something. Instantly my mind was on red alert, what the hell was going on?

'It's okay it's just me', Gerard's soft voice floated into my ears from somewhere near my head. No it's not okay, I wanted to tell him, I didn't want to be held by a ghost in my bed!

'Shush, just go back to sleep', I was going to argue with him, but I had already started to feel drowsy again. Besides, Gerard's ghostly arms and chest seem safe and comforting, almost making it impossible not to give in to his order.

'I never said I'd lie in wait forever', I heard him start to sing softly, I was a little surprised at feeling his cold breath brushing my forehead.

'If I died we'd be together, I can't always just forget her, but she could try', he trailed the word off, and I fell asleep, listening to him whispering the mournful song to me. I was already asleep when he finished his song, so of course I didn't feel his icy lips brush my cheek.

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