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Why do I always make Mikey act like such a douche...

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hey guys,whats happenin?just gonna say this before I start:I wrote a little notey thing about Libya and just happened to mention some stupid thing about Ireland and the UK and someone responded badly.I have a weird sense of humor but she should've known that was a joke.I'm not gonna take it down,it's staying up.I have no grudge against the UK,they're cool.But don't you dare say you "did the right thing."Violence is NEVER the answer.You are obviously one of those people who believes the division between our countries should be made deeper.I ain't no RA-head but I'm proud of where I'm from,and I know our history.To say we'd be shit without you is a lie.Please don't review my stories if you're going to hate on me.Lauren.Thanks to FlyingSmoke,VendettaEmma,vampiresdontglitter,DeathCookie and ChloesGreenDay for reviewing.hands over cookie.

By the way,it's spelled "Ireland."Well done,troll.

"You sure it's that bad?"I ask Maria.
"Positive,"she says gravely,"poor guy can barely move."
I frown.This is our last gig of the Warped Tour and Frank is sick.
Really sick.
"Doctor just called,"contributes Ray,popping his head around the door,"and said he has all the symptoms of severe exhaustion.Not a hope in hell he'splaying tonight.Or any other night,that
Maria sighs heavily."Shit.How'd he take it?"
"I don't know.I didn't tell him."
"Are you going to?"
"He'd kill me!"
Mikey walks in,his bass slung across his chest."Or he could start crying.That'd be worse."
"I've got an idea,"Bob says,"Gerard should tell him."
They all look at me.
I groan."Guys,I don't wanna disappoint him like that."
"You won't be disappointing him,he'll be fine if you say it."The edge in Ray's voice is quite obvious.
"After all,"Mikey frowns slightly,"you two are fuck buddies."
They all crack up.Even Maria.
"Shut up,fuck face,"(this,again,is a reference to the movie Snatch)I say irritably,"fine.I'll tell him."I push past Mikey to get to the door.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"Ray shouts after me.
I hear them screech2 with laughter as I walk down the corridor.I make my way to our van and push the door to our van open.
"Frank?It's me."
The croak from the corner of the room scares the living shit outta me. (future Teenagers reference!!!!!)
"Yeah,baby,it's me,"I stumble further into the dark,searching desperately for the light switch."Where are you,Frank?"
"Over here."His voice is nearer now.
My finger finds the light switch and all of a sudden I am plunged into a violent light.I squint for a second and then settle my eyes on Frank,who is smaller than ever.His skin is the colour of gone-off milk;cream with a strange green glow.He's lying in his bunk,his eyes darkened by purple circles.It's only now I notice the bruises all over his arms and legs;the reward for his energetic stage moves.
How he appears like that and still looks sexy,I'll never know.
I sit down gingerly on the edge of his bunk.I see his eyes flutter open and then close again.
"Frankie?"I repeat."Are you awake?"
"Yes,"he bleats painfully,trying to sit up.
"No,no,"I say,gently pushing him back down,"don't do that,just rest."
"But we're going on in a few minutes,aren't we?"
I stay quiet.A slow build up of guilt lies at the pit of my stomach.
He sighs.
"I'm not playing,am I?"
I shake my head."No,baby,you're not."
"But it's Jersey," he whines,"and it's our last gig!"
"I know,I know,but babe,you're just too sick."He crosses his arms."If we did let you perform tonight,you'd collapse."
He turns his face away from me."Who said that?"
"The doctor."
"Stupid fuckin' doctor,"he mutters."What am I gonna do for the next two hours?"
"I'll visit you every chance I get,"I say cheerfully,planting a kiss on his pallid cheek.
"Really?"he perks up instantly."Promise?"
I laugh.He sounds like a little kid."I promise.Now get some sleep,Frankie.And don't you dare smoke while I'm gone!"
He smiles and closes his eyes."Alright,you foiled my plans.Now go,you'll be late!"
I turn off the light and mummer "I love you" into the dark,when I hear:
"You glove me?!"
"No Frank,love.I love you,you twat."
"Oh.Well,you're okay too."
"You fucker!"
"Say it!"
"Say what?"
"That you love me!"
He sighs."Gerard Arthur Way,you are the love of my life and we will be together til death do us part."
"That's more like it."
"NEW JERSEY!"I shout out to the crowd."HOW ARE WE FUCKIN' DOING TONIGHT??"
The crowd goes wild.After they quieten down,a girl near the front shouts,"where's Frankie?"
"Well guys,"I sigh melodramatically into the mike,"Frank's really sick and won't be able to play tonight."
The crowd groan.
"What are the rest of us,chopped liver?"I ask playfully,only for some douche-bag to answer "YES."
"Whatever,man.What songs you guys wanna hear tonight?"
"Demolition Lovers!"
"I'm Not Okay!"
The audience laughs.
"That ain't us,man,"I chuckle,"but Green Day are playing here in two weeks if you're interested.Here's Helena!"
We launch into the song.Helena is followed by Vampires,which is in turn followed by Drowning Lessons.I dedicate the first two to Frank,and the last one to Ray,who,after all,did swallow a jellyfish on our last beach-outing.
"We're gonna have a little break now,"I pant,"'cause we're tired as fuck.See you in a while!"
I sprint off stage.
"Gerard!Where are you-"
"Be back in a minute,Mikey!"I scream over my shoulder.I push the door open and peer at Frank.
He's asleep.Thank God.
I shut the door carefully and return backstage.
"Where were you?"
"Visitin' Frank,"I pant,my hands on my knees.
"Back on,guys,"instructs Maria.
We get back onstage and we start off I'm Not Okay.After that,it's the Ghost Of You.I'm at the back of the stage-near Bob-when I hear someone saying,"heart attack......not looking good.....really worried..."
"WHAT,"I yell,and drop the microphone.I run offstage and towards the van.I can't even think.I fling the door open and nearly rip it off in doing so.
"FRANK!"I scream into the darkness,"ARE YOU OKAY?!"
He sits up."Yeah,Gee,I'm fine.Is the gig over yet?"
Crap.I just ran offstage for no fucking reason.I must've looked like a physco.
"Um,no,"I admit,blushing,"I gotta.....get back now."
"Okay.See you later,"he says sleepily and lies back down again.
I leave the van,knowing the guys will kill me.They're all backstage waiting for me.
"Guys,"I pant-I must've lost about a stone from just running around tonight-"I'm really sorry.I heard Maria saying something about a heart attack and kind've assumed it was Frankie....."I trail off,looking at my feet.
"That wasn't me,"Maria says,"I was watching Grey's Anatomy and Meredith was talking about about a patient...."
Well.This is awkward.
"We looked so fucking stupid,"grumbles Mikey,"when you just ran off."
"Not really Mikey,it was towards the end of the song,and it was the last song of the set...."
Thank you,Ray.
"Anyway,it just looked like he was making a dramatic exit or something..."
Thank you,Bob.
"Or he was a junkie."
"Yeah,that too."
"That was so stupid of you,Gerard!"Mikey screams suddenly.
"Mikey,calm down,"Maria says in her smooth,motherly voice,"this was our last gig-"
"And it went shit!"
"-and now we're going to the bar to celebrate a great tour."
"I'm not going,"huffs Mikey.
Maria rolls her eyes."Fine.Whatever.I'm going,and whoever wants to come with me can."She slams the door on her way out.
"I thought she was straight edge?"
"She'll probably get drunk on Diet Coke or something,"Ray yawns,"let's go,Bob..."
They head for our dressing room.I'm about to join then Mikey slams me-really hard-against the wall.
"Ow!What was that for,nimrod?!"
He doesn't answer me directly,just mutters something about "destroying the band."
"That was just me fucking up,not destroying the band!Frank had absolutely nothing to do with it,you tool!"I try to get up,but he kicks me in the face.
I scream in agony,my nose throbbing.
He kneels down.
"I told you.I.Told.You.People dating within bands is bad.This won't work,Gerard."
I blink at him."Mikey,don't-"
"You'll find someone who dispenses drugs like Pez and go fuck them instead.This is gonna end badly and you know it.You're gonna kill Frank when you do that,you selfish bastard."
I'm crying now."I would never-"
"Oh,shut up,"he hisses,"you fucking disgust me."
He walks off,leaving me slumped against the wall.Blood drips from my nose onto my lip.
(Now this is what you call a chemical romance)
Oh,shut up,mind.
Now I'll just have a little faint.......

wow mikey was such a s.o.b in that chapter!0_0they just played Dani California on the radio and now I'm in a good mood.X)rate and review plz,they make meh happy!btw,half the chapter kinda inspired by this-,l.
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